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N. Korea Isn’t What you Have Been Told

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1 N. Korea Isn’t What you Have Been Told on Sun May 27, 2018 9:45 am



N. Korea Isn’t What you Have Been Told

May 27, 2018 Ines Radman

I don’t know where the idea came from that North Koreans are starved. For someone who has never experienced Communism, they have no idea what  it is like to live in a Communist Country and for those that were born into it, they don’t know any better.
North Korea is a Communist Country, just like China is. Why isn’t China demonized? North Koreans are not hungry, in fact, there are more hungry Americans than N. Koreans.
Watch this documentary and then decide for yourselves. I’m not saying this doc is truth, but it will give you a different perspective.
I grew up in a Communist country former Yugoslavia. Although my parents immigrated when I was a young child, we did move back and forth between Canada and Yugoslavi, a few times. How communism works is that if  you’re not a Party Member, you’re not entitled to good doctors, good education, and perks that go with having a good life. Yugoslavians were happy, had secure jobs, didn’t work too hard and felt safe and secure. Sure, the one that that they yearned for the most was freedom and freedom of expression. Speaking against the leader landed you in jail or being tortured, but look at our so called Democratic Countries, are people not being killed and tortured?
This demonization of N. Korea is for purposes of propaganda, nothing else. Communism if exercised properly is a good thing, but in a material world where you are judged by how much you have, it’s unthinkable to live in a society where everyone is the same and has equal in terms of standards of living. Problem is that Communism was not used correctly therefore, only those that were Party Members prospered which I don’t find such a bad thing. If I can live a good life and have all the perks of a decent standard of living and send my kids to University; I can give up my freedoms. In fact, most Croatians today say they wish they were back in Communism because the quality of life was much better. Little did they know when they overthrew Communism that it would be worse and I’m sure if they knew, they would have left it alone. Let’s face it. Nobody has any freedoms or privacy, so to say that Communism was restrictive is a joke in comparison to what we experience today in our perspective countries.
What good does it do us to stand up or say something against our governments? None. North Koreans are not poor, not hungry. Sure, there is poverty but there is poverty in every country. So, look at Cuba. An Embargo was placed on Cuba and thus the extreme poverty and poor living standards, but N. Korea and China are very modern and developed countries. If you even bother to look at some Videos of N. Korea, you will see that they too have buried their electric infrastructure. While, America looks like Thailand and impoverished countries.
What is wrong with controlling your people so long as you can give them a good life? Who are we to judge? Look at us, living in a so called Democracy. My government drives around in Expensive BMW’s with their own personal drivers, they get incredible pensions after leaving their positions and yet our people are hungry and in bad states of health. Where did this Democracy take us? NO PLACE. Things are worse now than they were during Communism. I’m not for Communism, but if I have to choose the two evils, I would go for Communism this time because I don’t give a damn about the crooks in government and even if I did, nothing I do or say will change anything.
My prediction about N. Korea and the prospect of Peace? There will be Peace and if the US idiots try to start a war, China and Russia and Iran will step in and annihilate the US in a few days. This is all about keeping the Military bases in that region, this has nothing to do with N. Korea rather China. N. Korea is a nothing burger, and it’s being used to achieve the goals of the US governments/ Cabal. Unfortunately, all Empires fall and this one is already crumbling and in it’s last throws before it dies. There is nothing Americans can do at this point, it’s too late.
After the storm, the sun comes out. After an apocalypse, people come out from the underground and start over. Problem with humanity is that until now, we keep repeating the same mistakes, so will we learn from our most recent mistakes? I doubt it, but don’t fret folks, we will ascend into a new reality and leave this grave behind. Yeah right, and I’m Jesus Christ disguised as Ines.

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