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Introducing AstroZen – Astrology for Lightworkers

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Introducing AstroZen – Astrology for Lightworkers


Friday, October 5th, 2012. Filed under: Activism Alternative Knowledge Amazing Universe Astrology Consciousness Esoterica Inspiration Spirituality The Awakening

Introducing AstroZen – Astrology for Lightworkers Sun-chart

By Robert Hitt

Very recently I had the extreme good fortune to come
into personal contact with Zen Gardner.. This occurred as a result of
my attempts to stimulate a blogger movement to hold a “non of the above”
debate which would get men like Gary Johnson and Merlin Miller in front
of enough eyeballs to give voters an actual choice. After numerous
discussion of numerous subjects large and small he suggested I write up
some astro information relevant to his readership.. A bit humbled to
say the least because over the past 40 years I have become an astro-geek
and have written mostly for a very small audience of so called rocket
scientists since 1996 who work at the top of financial trading.. So
here goes. Since none of you Zen readers know me I have to start with a
get to know you write-up. BTW I am very shy about my writing skill so
forgive my spit it out style.

Introducing AstroZen – Astrology for Lightworkers Bob

Robert Hitt


I turned 21 in 1973. (you do the math).. I was at
Woodstock a month before my 17th birthday (ya I am a Virgo sun) .. That
event was the single biggest influence on my life.. I saw the power of
love was going to change the world and I have never stopped intending to
see that through from then on.. My path led me from this first
awestruck glimpse of truth to wanting to apply all of the emerging
spirit science I was being exposed to for the practical implementation
of the knowledge.. Occultism.. theosophy Be here now.. Time space and
beyond.. Silva mind control.. Seth material.. LOLOL ya we did have some
good stuff to work with back in the day but it was all in BOOKS.. It
took a heck of an effort to find you actually had to go to a book store
. My quest for a “practice” that suited me eventually lead me to
astrology in 1972.

Up until I was exposed to it I was like most people.. I
did not believe in fate and so astrology was not that interesting. I
was into “magic” not fate. I also saw astrology as a LOT OF WORK and was
focused on the easy way of direct intuition. As fate would have it a
tiny astrology book store opened up in my suburban Philly town and I
volunteered to man the store for a few hours a day just to hang out
there.. The guy who owned the store claimed to have worked for the
government in WW2 working with others attempting to figure out what
Hitlers astrologers were telling him to do.. Hummmm.. NOW THAT SOUNDED
PRACTICAL and after about a week I was hooked and surrounded by
astrology books 5 days a week.. I had found a rabbit hole as deep as the
grand canyon. 40 years later it is just as fascinating as it was then.

Back in the early 1970s the hippie movement I was so in
love with began to degenerate into drugs for drugs sake and not as a way
of enhancing ones spiritual understanding. I was getting frustrated by
the lack of credibility of the movement and also the lack of actionable
expressions of spiritual sciences outside of rock and roll and after
taking a lot in decided I would take on the task of predicting the stock
market.. A rabbit hole within a rabbit hold indeed.. This was not an
easy study.. No computers.. Stacks of tables and books.. I found one
book by a guy named Commander Williams called stock market cycles
that rung true but resigned myself to having to do this research on my
own. I also realized I had to make a living so my research was limited
to my spare time. My quest was to PROVE ASTROLOGY WORKS FOR PRACTICAL

Fast forward to 1996. 22 years in and I had spent 10s of
thousands of hours on research. The young internet had finally jail
broke out of America On Line prison and I put up my little tent outside
of that walled in space and called it AstroEcon. I was so excited I had a
place to post my findings. No thought of the internet ever making me
money I was just happy I could get a few people to notice the work I put
into it. Little did I know at the time how AstroEcon would take off as
if it had a mind of it’s own. By mid 1996 I was generating a lot of
traffic.. I became aware that I was one of the best in the emerging
astro trading field and had the advantage of 22 years thinking about it
based on empirical research.. Humm I began to charge a bit for weekly
then daily then twice a day predictions and the harder I worked the
bigger it got.. OMG .. I was already running a small biz and now I had
two going.. 80 hours a week and still not enough time. In 1998 the
biggest MSM dog in the lot a pundit named Jim Cramer called me the new
Nostradamus because I was warning people the 2000- 2012 period was going
to be a depression.. HAHAHA.. You can still see Jim on CNBC to this
day doing a show called MAD MONEY.. He has a decade long rep for being
wrong wrong WRONG. Guess he should have adjusted his thinking back in

By the time 2000 rolled around my web site was
formidable.. One of my fellow web-sters Mike Rivero was born very close
to my own date of birth. We have the same work ethic. A motivated Virgo
will outwork and bury the competition.. In my field I had no
competition that could keep up with me. The site had grown to a point
where I was forced to shutter my other biz.. Then disaster struck and my
now ex wife cashed in the chips on her side of the table… As fate
would have it I ended up starting a gig as a consultant for a London
investment bank the day after the divorce was final in fall 2001. I am
not sure put I think I was the highest paid astrologer in the world from
2001 – 2006.. I slowed down the web site to a slow boil during that
time and posted mostly for free when I felt like saying something.
After due consideration I have not been as keen on saying as much in
public since 2001 because it came to my attention how astrology is not
always being used for the good.. I am not going to help the very people I
swore to transcend in 1969.

My web site as of today has gone from caterpillar 1996-
2006 to pupa stage 2006 – 2012 and maybe it will turn into a butterfly
from here on. Who knows..
I find it is disorganized at present but I was told by a fox that lives
behind me to be crazy like one.. Most of the 30K pages I have posted
over the years are not accessible .. consider it a project for someone
young to get out a shovel and open the mine shafts back up to find the
veins in the silver mine..

My goals now that I am an OLD GUY are not to be famous
but to be an elder. That just occurred so forgive me if I don’t know
how to act.. The body of knowledge I have acquired since 1972 is NOT
just about prediction of the future it is about understanding how we are
CREATING THE FUTURE. The timeline is NOT fate.. The more you
understand the more CHOICE you have.. The better you understand your
self as a PERFECT EXPRESSION of the entire universe the more effective
you will be acting in the drama for the greater good.

” But life’s not a wheel with chains made of steel.. so BLESS ME..
come the dawn.. come the dawn… come the dawn” …………….. Richie Blackmores Rainbow vintage 1974.

Mr Zen has inspired me to come out of my bunker here on
Mount Nebo and start to share more and hopefully by doing that I can
inspire some younger people who will follow me into the astrological
wonderland. WARNING.. Once hooked you are hooked.

Introducing AstroZen – Astrology for Lightworkers Astrology-chart

Post Empire Reality

Reposted from my astroecon site
Hope you like this.. ya I know it is geeky..

A theory I developed in the 80s and 90s was that the big
picture astro cycles indicated the USA was at peak empire in 1996-
1997. The specific cycle was the midpoint relationship between Saturn
Uranus and Pluto. The longest period astro relationship was Uranus
landing on the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto.. I wont get into
delineations except to say that Uranus is CHANGE and Saturn Pluto is as
repressive as astro can get.. So in reality this is a cycle of breaking
down of repressive structures. The exact points on the more recent
timeline when this relationship was exact is 1776-1777…. 1852…. 1929..
As you can see just from US history … Revolutionary war.. Civil war ..
the 29 crash and depression.. and the peak of USA world dominance..
This cycle is world wide not just USA centric. Back in 1996 when I
first posted my findings on this cycle I noted that it seemed the power
of dominance was rotating around the world from east to west every 70 or
so years as sub cycle of a three part grand master cycle of about 210

So if the USA was at peak dominance in 1996. The post
1996 period for the USA was due to be a decent into IRRELEVANCE lasting
into the 2050 – 2065 time frame. ..
To the WEST is CHINA so the power was due to rotate from the USA over to
China which would be due to experience peak dominance in the 2050 –
2065 time frame…

When I proposed this cycle in 1996 it was before China
was remerged with Hong Kong.. My idea was ignored at best then and
ridiculed by some who could not imagine a day the USA was going to sink
into irrelevance. HOWEVER if the power is rotating from east to west
we can look back in time at the previous cycle looking to the east and
see the British empire peak in 29 and as a result see the 29- 42
DECLINE OF EMPIRE. We see that the UK did indeed sink into unthinkable
IRRELEVANT STATUS by the time the USA peaked in 1996.

The interesting thing is the other third of this cycle
involved the CIVIL WAR themes we last experienced in the USA in the post
1852 period.. This is where EUROPE is right now and it is no surprise
that about the same number of years has passed since 1996 to the present
day CIVIL CRISIS in the EU.. The problems in the EU right now are two
divergent economies north and south being forcefully combined.. HISTORY

In my writings in the late 1990s it was obvious to me
that a current dominant empire would always have the power to lay off
its problems on others right up to a breaking point.. In the case of the
USA I determined that breaking point would be 2012 when Uranus and
Pluto would form a square to each other. That would be a war similar to
WW2 but the USA empire would have to be “saved” from it’s breakup by the
new dominant power which in the current cycle would be CHINA had
clearly passed them by. KEEP IN MIND.. the USA won WW2 because it
refrained from early entry into the conflict. Seems to me China is doing
the same now.

Ya ya I should have gotten a Nobel prize for coming up with this.. LOLOL


The current Uranus Pluto Square

This is a very long cycle of a longer duration ..
Uranus and Pluto are outside the boundaries of unaided visual which is
limited to the orbit of Saturn.
The changes generated by Uranus and Pluto relationships is the HIDDEN
HAND of history having to do with NON PHYSICAL PERCEPTIONS.
The Uranus Pluto conjunction that started the current cycle occurred in
the Mid 1960s and peaked during the 67-68 period.. LOLOL yes indeed we
can see in hindsight this inner revolution is still alive and NOT A
COINCIDENCE that the Uranus Pluto SQUARE (90 degrees) that started in
2010 and lasts into mid 2013 has brought a renewal of themes from the
60s. The Uranus Pluto cycle has everything to do with SOCIAL and
PERCEPTIVE REVOLUTIONS. We do indeed have a battle of ideas do we not?
The late 60s perception revolution just will not go away and for good
reason. LOLOL the hippies were right the whole time.

The danger of war at present

This is the FIRST time in known history that the
dominant power in it’s decline phase has the ability to destroy the
entire planet and all life in it’s attempt to remain dominant. If we
take a look at larger cycles we see that the start of WW2 took place
about 12 years after the peak of the previous cycle.
1929 – 1942 ………… 2000 – 2012.
YES this is why I am so uptight at present about what is going on with
the madmen with nukes using nuclear blackmail to get what they want.
The worst of the bunch seem the most likely to actually use them.

The Uranus Pluto paradigm busting is running right into a peak war cycle as of this time.
I believe if we can get past the mid 2013 period without using mass
destruction that the REAL revolution can take hold and by the time the
Uranus Pluto squares are completely over in 2015 the IDEALS OF THE 1960s
will become a way of life at least in the post empire North American

So if Americans can get over their egos and realize that
history always plows empires back into the dust we can also see that
the aftermath of the American empire has it’s benefits. After the
Uranus Pluto squares end in 2015 the USA will grow into the spiritual
leadership of the entire world. And what that means is the Americas
will be the cutting edge in SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY.. We will not need
war.. We will lead by example. And the rest of the world will marvel at
how utterly civilized we have become.

The 2012 – 2015 period

I do not know if the world of humans can survive as we
know it today.. The choices we make NOW will determine that.. If nuke
war can be avoided into mid 2013 then it seems we will have made it past
the highest risk window when many cycles converge into one time
period. I think Americans will find it difficult to live through the
last few Uranus Pluto squares as they are weaned from exploitation
economics. The 1960s hippies showed the way.. back to the land..

[More from Robert at AstroEcon]

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