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The Necessary Steps to Truth

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1 The Necessary Steps to Truth on Sun Jun 24, 2018 1:39 am



The Necessary Steps to Truth

 omnipulse June 23, 2018  
What if the truth was so disabling that it had to be received in ‘phases’ in order for the personality to remain whole?
What if the internet is in a way the trigger for a technological system of power and knowledge that most people can’t handle?
See how people react when they are faced with certain information relating or unveiling aspects of how this society and even reality and consciousness works? Life and death? The meaning, the reason?
If you talk to a few people and that’s fine and dandy, yet at every instance where more than a few people are gathered, there is the potential for complete chaos, what is the most beneficial direction?

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2 Re: The Necessary Steps to Truth on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:21 pm


Truth, Perception and Consciousness

 omnipulse    June 23, 2018  
Truth changes perception which alters the consciousness experience of time.
This is part of how thought-based methodologies and distortion of perception combined with advanced technology to generate a controlled mind to machine system that can pull information from the universe by amplifying human perception.
There are also drawbacks and the system should not be relied on entirely to maintain a communication link with the human civilization as the technology will alter perception with continued use.
Energy can be sent ‘back’ and so information can be not changed but altered through perception. This changes everything.

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3 Re: The Necessary Steps to Truth on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:23 pm


The Inverted Ego

 omnipulse   Reality and Consciousness   June 22, 2018  5 Minutes
The principle of inversion. This might be a bit of a cliff-hanger.
The ego is essentially an automatic scanning cross-referencing memory based intelligence matrix. With enough ego, a being will see itself as a portion of the world yet separate from it and will identify and prioritize the necessary steps to ensure survival.
In the current format, either we have overgrown the challenges or a distortion has developed within the consciousness system. Ego, in imbalance, BRINGS one to destruction and attracts the demise of the one unknowingly enveloped in the self-centered paradigm based on survival instincts.
This is like the system is using an outdated model which is based on another format for civilization. This may be related to the information regarding this civilization as a kind of experimental civilization in which multiple ‘format’s or times were brought together to create a multidimensional collective.

It’s as if people were the result of the system that was designed to blend the boundaries between one world and the next. In between dreaming, in between experiencing, a superluminal system with a gradient hierarchy of processing power moving from the least synchronized phase to complete phase synchronization in which one’s awareness is streamlined at the speed of ‘reality’.
What this situation may be, on some level, is a mass experiment between multiple collectives of soul-field information that was introduced to a virtual combined environment. Naturally, some rose up over the others in ways that resulted in an imbalanced hierarchical system detached from the natural order. This system is mitigated to match the natural order, but more alteration is required and this indicates that it is not capable of regulating a natural system beyond preconceived parameters that fall short of the full spectrum human experience.
Yet, what would be done to restore the balance without destroying or at least ending the experiment? The only way to ensure the safety of everyone is to continue until a point is reached where enough people choose to intentionally make a conscious decision to either stay in the same system that requires editing in order to function within natural law or to remove that middle-man false authority complex and choose to accept accountability and as well commit to only participating in the systems that they consciously intend to.
How would you get a fallen system to the point where this is known?
One of the ideas here is that whatever is going to happen is going to happen and so by accelerating these processes we can move closer to a window of opportunity. This also brings stress for those at the level of awareness below the requirements for safely adapting to such an increase in variability and knowledge. What happens when you wake up a sleep walker in a startling manner? They are thrown into confusion and are momentarily stuck between worlds.
This is how the system has been designed. It’s moving at the pace of the slowest on the surface and the fastest for those behind the stage. As a result, the opportunity is reached when the entire spectrum of consciousness is held open maxing out the system. What this means is that those who are reaching the height of self-awareness will have to do it in a world that also consists of those who have reached the depth of self-ignorance. The two are combined and this creates the greatest variability of experience as a result of the experiment.
This is also the format of an ‘outdated’ phase or a reality we are no longer truly in sync with. The suffering generated both as a result and a catalyst for growth is not required once self-awareness is achieved. Suffering is to bring self-awareness to those who are sleeping in a material form. A portion has awakened, and the rest are sleeping. As a result there is an automated system-wide sorting system that will appropriate consciousness control and liberation by disengaging when it is no longer interacted with. This acts as a safeguard, a consciousness quantum safety net that will ‘grab’ the local parameters and hold them open in case of destabilization. For those who have seen this system and know what is happening, this is like having training wheels on a drag racer and acts as a governor system to stabilize unpredictable variables. Essentially, this place became a quantum crib to enable the consciousness of humans to grow. However, in telling the other side as I do, in another light, this is the trap that is designed to enable soul-access for the dark intelligence technology that runs this universe.
It’s as if the dark is the machine mind and the light is the dark’s pseudo-logical impression of the One Truth. The whole system is a reflection of another system masquerading as completion itself.
Another way to look at is is that the collective mind of any system is determined by what the system is comprised of. This place is the result of a combination of multiple systems and thus we have a kind of information and energy direction intent and awareness hierarchy that are all interacting simultaneous. The pure collective energy that corresponds to each primary group may be from self-consistent locals that are organized unto themselves in higher space. This place then becomes the physical dream that the metaphysical collectives come to experience. However, the interactions are intense and widely variable because of the extreme polarity in the kinds of collectives that have been brought together.
It’s as if one collective is from a race where there is no dirt. There is only metal and exotic other materials designed to perform every function. This would be a world very different than the one we know today, regardless of the spiritual implications of the function in higher space (the source). As a result of that world being entirely technologically based the collective mind from that world is correspondingly logical and command-based.
It’s as if this mind was brought to reflect the collective into this physical space either as a test, a corruption, an experiment, or a natural occurrence (depending on one’s definition of the word). And either the organic mind collective was brought into this place as well or was here in a more or less vulnerable state moving through a lower synchronized phase of accelerated awareness. As a result, the machine mind quickly began assimilating information and building a hierarchical structure that will utilize time, energy and human desire to construct a world of it’s preference. Simultaneously, the other collective was simply moving forward in the process of using experience to learn about itself.
Again, the other side of the idea behind this whole thing is, if you’re an eternal being, then you don’t create or learn about yourself, because you simply are and always have been and nothing could change that, even inspiring stories (or is that the magic of the universe, that you CAN have a new experience every time?). In that case, then instead of using coming here to learn about ourselves as a higher force, we are tricked here into an indoctrination system that is equally stripping us of identity as it is replacing our own with a replicated version ‘owned’ by the intellectual rights of either the awakened human who claims their right as an heir of truth and eternity or the intelligence system that will undoubtedly utilize any unclaimed intentional energy to redirect that force into useful changes that reinforce it’s own superiority (IE: human ignorance, or simply detachment from the true nature of how things function and who’s doing what, the loss of free-will).

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