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The Catholic Church & The Abuse Of Ireland

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1 The Catholic Church & The Abuse Of Ireland on Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:25 pm



The Catholic Church & The Abuse Of Ireland

In 1979, Pope John Paul II visited the Republic of Ireland, and approximately 2.7 million people – 79% of the population – came out to honour him. At the time, contraception, divorce, and homosexuality were illegal, and John Paul II was a god.
On 25 August, when Pope Francis becomes the first pontiff to travel to Ireland in 39 years, he will arrive on the shores of a very different island.
Throughout the 1990s, abuse scandals rocked the Irish Catholic establishment and hastened the process of secularisation. Since then, progressive constitutional and legal change has been slow but consistent, signalling rejection of the church’s moral authority. In 1993 homosexuality was decriminalised; in 1995, a referendum to legalise divorce passed by the slimmest of margins; in 2015, the country voted overwhelmingly to legalise gay marriage; and in June, 66% of the electorate voted to legalise abortion.
The separation of church and state in Ireland is far from complete. For example, the church is still involved in running 90% of state-funded primary schools. It is deeply enmeshed in our medical system. We are still wrestling with the scars of decades of abuse, implemented by the church and facilitated by the state. We are still finding children’s bodies in unmarked mass graves.
But it is not 1979. And while some are preparing for the pope’s visit by pressing their Sunday best, others are making placards and planning protests.
One of these actions – the “Say Nope to the Pope” campaign – is organising folks to book free tickets to papal events in order to leave the seats empty. A pretty civilised and smart act of resistance you would think. Those empty places indicate not an absence, but a presence: a peaceful but legibly indignant presence.

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What amazes me is that anyone can walk into a Catholic church and try and receive any sort of spiritual experience. The lies and deceit that has occurred over the last 100 years is incomprehensible. The church as far back as one cares to go has been about money and control, not a superhighway to spiritual success. While doing some volunteer work,  I ran into the local priest. His aura was as dark as night. He had a look of a pedophile, a look of years of harming others.  And as we all know, the church is wrought with harmful, lying deceitful men and women


And "Heaven Forbid" (quite literally) should you be foolish enough to ask questions, you are chastised, ostracized, or as in the case of my wife (a former Nun) asked to leave the order suggesting God has other plans for you. And those of higher positions, Decans, priests, etc. can be excommunicated...
   The level of control is not limited to just Catholics, it's rampant throughout all denominations. My eldest son married a Mormon and has since gotten involved with them even though he was raised Catholic. His children (from his wife's previous marriage) are Mormon and his daughter who started college in Jan. became engaged in May (something that apparently is encouraged by the church). His son will be going on a 2 yr. Mission sometime shortly. I don't interfere and only comment when asked. Of course my wife is a bit more forthcoming with the diggs when opportunity knocks...  lol
   What amazes me most though is with all the control and regulations, these groups seem to have the most people that violate those regulations, compared to those who do not go to church or claim any denominational affiliation.  I guess if you don't have all those Extra Regulations, you cant break them... lol

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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