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Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) - "Good Vibrations" - Royal Rife?

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Jerzy has sure taken an interest in the works of Royal Rife and has indicated that all over his website.

A cure for cancer it what is claimed through electromagnet frequencies and a "Beam Ray".

Aren't there claims that living under or around power-lines cause cancer? LOL

How about cell phones?

Jerzy wrote:Royal Rife devices are available now from many manufacturers, but widespread use has not become prevalent because of obstacles from the regulatory medical community.
The Rife devices will become part of the treatment option in all DragonsHeart medical initiatives.

Jerzy's Future Cities wrote:Royal Rife and other frequency based medical technologies will be utilized in this environment, inclusive of sight/sound treatments that have shown remarkable healing properties, such as the whale frequency heterodyned onto a blue laser carrier.

Jerzy wrote:The medical applications that are of the greatest immediate benefit in the frequency based technologies, inclusive of all the available data on the Royal Rife frequency list (not included here as this list is over 400 pages), are of primary focus in this area of medical device deployment, and research and development...

Jerzy wrote:
The current eBeam technology will be replaced with Rife device interferometers at first opportunity. Rife devices do the same job as eBeam without any other effects that are still plaguing the eBeam irradiationsystem, advanced as it is.

Are you impressed? LOL

The device was invented a century ago by Albert Abrams (1864-1924), an American physician who became a millionaire and was branded by the American Medical Association "the dean of gadget quacks". His theory was that every medical condition was caused by an organism that had a specific frequency - by building a machine to generate and beam that frequency back into the body it would be destroyed, much as an opera singer can shatter a glass.

Donald Brandt treated the man, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer, for more than a year. The man's physician recommended immediate surgery to save his life. After refusing surgery and spending several thousand dollars on the device treatments, the man died Dec. 14, 2004, of cancer, leaving a wife and three young children.

Myers used the EPFX to scan and analyze Burggraf’s body. Burggraf watched as the monitor displayed bright-colored graphics representing parts of her body that Myers said were unhealthy.

Then, Myers recounted, she set the EPFX to “zap mode” and transmitted imperceptible, low-level frequencies through the electrodes and into Burggraf’s body.

She and her husband, Jerry Burggraf, owned a successful cleaning and restoration company in Tulsa. He developed leukemia and underwent chemotherapy. In 2004, he began EPFX treatments, hoping to stop the disease.

He died in March 2005 at age 59.

You can find more on Rife Machine Fraud with a simple google search:

The technology claimed is nothing more than a device producing frequencies that are in the audible range.

It seems listening to music would have the same effect, yes? But not that crazy stuff that your Mother told you not to listen to, because it kills brain cells! LOL

If you really stop and think about Jerzy's vision for his future cities, why would you want to live in an environment where you are bombarded by light and sounds that he dictates?

What happens when these devices, that claim they vibrate certain cells explode, kill the bacteria that is beneficial to life?

How does a compromised immune system handle the claimed exploded cancer cells?

What happens when the claimed frequency, that targets a certain disease, was a typo? Nothing wrong with losing a few more brain cells, right? LOL

Jerzy, "The Jobless Internet Panhandler", is doing nothing but promoting a fraud, to constantly serve his own needs.

Keywords: Dr, Jeff, Wooler, Allan, Halina, Wolfleg, Royal, Rife, Susan, Miller, Wilson, Patrick, Bellringer, Venetta, David, Crayford, Neil, Keenan, Rob, Christopher, Frederick, Neilan, Seebach, Archer, Poland, Hobie, Carlton, Wingett, Mervyn, Maastricht, Carl, McYearwood

Tags: Humanus, Fraud, Scam, Prosperity, Packages, Farm, Funds, JAH-D'ORAH, Zero, Point, Energy, quatloos, RMN, Dinar, Chronicles, Fogbow, Fukushima, Agokan, Investment, AmerIndian, Genesis, White Raven, Ventures, Cattle, Oriental, Development, Management, Ltd, Zeta, Global, Clear, Metroplexx

Other references:


A landmark U.S. government study has concluded that there is “clear evidence” that cell phones cause cancer.
According to the scientific peer reviewed study, radiation emitted from cell phones dramatically increases the risk of a person getting brain cancer.

"Clear Evidence" Cell Phones Cause Cancer, US Gov't Study Concludes


Nash wrote:Then, Myers recounted, she set the EPFX to “zap mode” and transmitted imperceptible, low-level frequencies through the electrodes and into Burggraf’s body.
That in itself sounds like a scam, ZAP mode....
Call me a coward, but I wouldn't trust anything with the word "ZAP" in it.


Does that include "zapper" aka hobie? LOL


I asked Hobie about this and he responded that he had the nick name zapper about 10 years before ZAP did.


Jerzy's not the only one pushing these devices...

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