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Out Of Mind » UFO RESEARCHERS - SOME ARE CREDIBLE BUT MOST ARE NOT » DAVID WILCOCK, COREY GOODE & THE BLUE CHICKEN CULT » Corey Goode | Update and Public Statement on recent events

Corey Goode | Update and Public Statement on recent events

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Corey Goode | Update and Public Statement on recent events: Mass Meditation on Nov 11th, Personal News, Response to David Wilcock Resignation, Dimensions of Disclosure

07/17/2018 By Stillness in the Storm 

(Corey GoodeUpdate and Public Statement on recent events:
We are looking forward to settling back in at home after a little over a month of travels.
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SourceCorey Goode Facebook
by Corey Goode, July 17th, 2018
We enjoyed a week in LA at Disclosure Fest where we also had meeting with a number of people and groups discussing working together in big ways.
This includes the plans for a Mass Meditation event in Washington DC on 11/11/2018 during the military parade.
These meetings should also lead to some very exciting announcements that will benefit our entire community and help us come together for our common goal of Full Disclosure.
These announcements will completely displace the volume of upsetting and stressful evets that have popped up over the last week or so.
After the week in LA we then flew out to Maui for 17 days.
Thanks to our close friends Amy and Jamie who live there, we were able to stay with them and have an epic adventure on a shoe string budget.
Maui ended up being the perfect place for an unplanned sabbatical.
I was able to have time to slow down and reflect on the incredible amount of stress, abuse, personal ‘dark alliance’ attacks, 3 deaths in the family in the last 19 months, my Father in Hospice and not doing well and the incredible weight of the responsibilities laid on my shoulders over the last 3 years were all crushing in on me.
Those are just the things we can make public… So MUCH has gone on that we cannot talk about.
Thankfully I had an opportunity to address most of these traumas to some degree and am feeling much better as a result.
Now, it is time to get back to work! These distractions can no longer delay this important mission.
Over the last 3 years, I have also had to deal with a number of individuals that have taken a very unhealthy personal interest in me to a point of having to obtain protective orders for my protection and the protection of my family.
The feeling of having someone strongly pursuing you based on fantasies or delusions is a creepy and sickening feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
As all of you are aware… While Stacy and I were in Maui, another public controversy arose with the unauthorized release of some alleged personal information and correspondence that has since gone viral.
Since then I have received a constant and steady stream of emails and messages on Facebook asking me to make a public statement.
The only statement I can make right now is that “Legally, I am unable to publicly comment at this time”.
What I can say is that I am responding very strongly, privately and in an ethical and legal manner.
I hope to be able to make more of a public statement in the near future.
I understand and appreciate how upset and confused many in the community are right now, rightly so.
It would be wonderful if we could focus on Unity and working together for Full Disclosure until more clarity can be given on these issues.
This will be our main focus at our upcoming Dimensions of Disclosure event here in Colorado this August.
We appreciate the huge amount of support that those in the community have shown over the last week.
The letters of support and donations have assisted us greatly both energetically and financially.
We also appreciate the energetic work many of you have been doing on our behalf.
We are under major spiritual and energetic attacks from very dark forces who are panicking at the notion of being exposed.
This is the time of the “Great Revealing”. Nothing will remain hidden and everyone will be seen for who and what they really are.
Please continue the strong prayers and protective energy work for my family and those working closely with me.
This stuff is very real as are the dangers to my family and those around me!
Thank You, from my whole family and those working closely with me!
I hope to be able to say more soon.
Stay tuned for some of the other announcements I alluded to in recent weeks during the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Loveland, Co in mid-August.
This event is turning into a major summit for our community that will determine how we move forward with these major plans.
We cannot wait to see you there!
Tickets are selling out fast! We are happy to be able to provide a streaming option for those who cannot attend.
I also appear at ECETI Ranch for Soul Tech the week prior.
Corey Goode
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