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Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Dragons Pipe-(Dream)" - What A Mess!

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How does Jerzy plan to keep the fish-life out of the suction stream? Is this dream contraption even dolphin safe? How are the sea turtles going to escape the vortex they are going to be put through?

Jerzy has certainly taken some artistic liberties with a drawing from a "MATERIAL DEWATERING APPARATUS" by Christopher Frederick Neilan Seebach and then claimed it could be used to remove the plastic debris from the pacific gyre.

With the 10k liters per minute flow advertised for each one, Jerzy plans to have a cluster of them (DragonsClaw), and put clusters of those on a large ship or barge.

That would certainly suck, especially for anything living, when his target is plastic, and other debris. Wont the seaweed get stuck in this fancified salad spinner? LOL

But Jerzy doesn't stop there.

Jerzy, the self appointed protector of humanity, wants to grind up fish, and other sea inhabitants, with the plastic, freeze that mess with nitrogen, then gasify a portion of it to use as fuel to power the ship!

What was Jerzy smoking the day he dreamed all that up?

Jerzy certainly doesn't have any concept of what the power demands are to drive the ship and all the contraptions for his hair-brained idea.

Bent pipes are also resistant to flow. And Jerzy is an engineer??? His degree must of come from a box of Cracker Jacks!

Jerzy wrote:DragonsPipes

The unique design of cyclones is produced in a remarkable pipe, aptly described as “twisting Dragons” known as the DragonsPipe. This unique pipe (which is the very heart of the DragonsHeart ATMD) produces an unparalleled level of energy at more than twice the speed of sound with a residence time of two seconds, which has the effect of “drying” the liquid without the associated side effects of odors, emissions, and heat. The DragonsPipe is made of aluminum or other electro chemical combination of metals and alloys, and has numerous subsidiary applications as the flow patterns create ionization that purifies and energizes water while in friction-free transit.

With all the experts and scientists in the world, that Jerzy just can't conceive of, they haven't figured all this out yet? LOL I'll just bet they are too busy laughing at his ridiculous notion.

Hmmm...How did Jerzy's name get onto this LinkedIn page? LOL



Christopher Frederick Neilan Seebach


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This is what a REAL ocean clean up organization looks like.

Thanks Nash for proving yet again what a colossal dbag scammer Ghoulkowski is!!!



Nash wrote:Jerzy, the self appointed protector of humanity,

But ZAP and his "team" can handle it, or can they?


PurpleSkyz wrote:Thanks Nash for proving yet again what a colossal dbag scammer Ghoulkowski is!!!

Wait! There is more to come!

Did you know that Jerzy has over 100 webpages to his site?

Jerzy's fantacyland has fallen way behind as technology has passed his now extinct whacked out ideas.

Other methods are now being funded and employed for some of what Jerzy took from others, and branded them as his.

Jerzy is not the original one who came up with some of the concepts. Quite a few were thought up way before Jerzy came onto the scene.

LOL!!! Let's do a little math. Jerzy was born in 1955:

Jerzy was CEO, Chairman, Desk Jockey, Mailboy, or what ever at Victoria Engineering in 1970. That was when he was 15 years old! LMAO!!!

"XXXXXX Babkowski 's husband was hunted by the security services for AK activities in the Augustow region. Together, they decided to flee to Canada. There, they founded a thriving architectural and construction company.

- The choice to leave the homeland was not easy. However, we had no other choice. Our luck was that my husband's brother already lived in Canada. He invited us to himself and additionally he paid the whole trip. The appearance of the whole family meant that many Poles who already lived in Canada suspected us of being sent by the communist Polish services - said XXXXXX Babkowski ."

Jerzy's Mom and Dad fled in the 70's, not 1970. How did Jerzy finish high school and go to Simon Fraser University AND run an engineering company?

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