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Ok, since we've already had too many posts this week, here's one more. We'll put this here and trust that those who need to find it will. It's a serious one.

We've been concerned, of late, with the current... well, MESS... that everything's in, even more so than usual. Please don't panic, but we sense an actual revolution is brewing, esp. after the latest Alex Jones censorship thing. Note that Alex Jones works as *controlled* opposition, but the recent censorship feels like he went too far (shared a little too much truth) so the PTW shut him down. It's increasingly alarming how the PTW are censoring conservatives yet the alt-left can do and say what they want. This has become a cause for concern, as a revolution could be coming sooner rather than later. People have grown sick of the MSM lies and the unapologetic control of social media (it's like they don't care what happens), not to mention lying and sidestepping the huge mountain of past PTW  transgressions. We know it's all an illusion, but we still have to negotiate it.

"R" is for...  Falls
Stream: Hi, Rock! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!
Rock: Is someone talking?

So, what should we do in the meantime? Be the rock in the flow. Get your Zen on.

People should meditate and send out love and healing light. Another important thing is to focus on your own inner peace and letting go of negativity. When the time comes you don't want to be weighed down with low vibes. Don't actively try to stop the revolution, just let the stream flow around you. Many times good things happen from a major change, so... revolution may be necessary for the 3d world to move on. Allow things to happen as they must, and focus on yourself and those around you. But note that things might get bumpier than they were. And you might get your paws wet.

"R" is for...  Red_Cat
Paws wet! No like wet paws. WET! PAWS!

We bring this up as we saw The Event happening *in the midst of revolution* (though the revolution we saw was mild as revolutions go). Anyway, watch your step. Peace will return, along with SOURCE; peace is SOURCE's natural state. Fall is coming, and it's going to be a good one.

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 at 8/10/2018 12:19:00 PM        

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