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SaLuSa 10-October-2012

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1SaLuSa  10-October-2012    Empty SaLuSa 10-October-2012 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:09 am



It is relatively plain sailing now, although you will
have difficult periods to cope with. However, they will be short lived and
having anticipated them we will ensure that they cause the minimum of inconvenience
to you. Our allies are aware of how near they are to accomplishing their
objectives, and as always we are behind them. You might reflect on the fact
that the physical changes on Earth have been nowhere near as catastrophic as
was prophesied. Some may point at the Fukushima
incident, but that was not natural but a false flag attack. In fact although
there have been numerous earthquakes which is quite normal, none have had what
you would call really serious consequences. We have all along closely monitored
such occurrences, and have minimized the after effects.

We are still very much involved with Disclosure, and
already this year you have seen much more proof of our presence than
previously. It is opening the way for full Disclosure, and it will come about
before the end of the year. That will mark a massive change in your collective
consciousness, and take you into the New Age. As you know, we have much to
share with you that will move you ahead in leaps and bounds. It will be an
exciting time for us all, and the illusions that you have been living under
will be swept away. From various contacts with your people over the last 60
years or so, we have gradually got you to become more aware of us. Now our
presence is widely known, and there can be few people that have not heard about
our craft visiting your Earth.

When it is seen that we come in peace and to help
you, the last obstacle to accepting us will have been removed. The frightening
images of us deliberately conveyed to you to leave you in fear, will no longer
carry any power. We already know which world Leaders can be trusted, and Barack
Obama will lead the way. It seems we cannot say it enough times to convince
some people, but he is a highly spiritual soul simply waiting his opportunity to
begin his real mission. He will re-unite the world in peace, and set the scene
for our coming. The doubters will not have long to see that what we say is
true. Once we can address you and explain our tasks to get on track for the
benefits of Ascension, your dreams will come true. Duality will become history
and a wonderful new life will be yours where peace and harmony reign.

So you are now in the time of great expectations, and
these will be fulfilled as you have been promised. Your present governments
still stick to the usual policies that deny what you know to be true, and the
media still follow suit. However, that will all change before very long, and
the truth will come out. Many have sold their souls to hold onto their jobs and
simply do as they are told. You should really be able to enjoy free expression,
and not be subject to unfair laws that are used to keep you quiet. In the near
future there will be a reappraisal of your laws and those that are unjust and
outside of your rights will be removed.

As you can imagine there is so much to be done, but
we are fully prepared for it all. We already know where the action needs to be
taken, and there will be no delay in getting things moving. You of course will
be very much involved in our joint activities, and be assured that we know who
we can call upon for help. By that time the dark Ones will have been removed,
and the work can go ahead unhindered. Different languages present no difficulty
to us as we read you telepathically, and that is our normal form of contact
with our people. In time you will also became efficient at telepathy, and the
spoken language will disappear. Past evidence will show that we have known your
questions as they formed in your mind, and answered them before they were

Your future is to be like us, and you will become
Galactic Beings with all of the attributes that we now display. For example we
do not experience tiredness as you do, because we are in the higher vibrations.
However, we can take measures to rejuvenate ourselves if so desired. We also
have drinks that are a source of energy, although we do take it from the energy
source around us. In fact, in a lighter body you will have no need for the
intake of heavy foods, and eat quite lightly as much for relaxation as anything
else. We have what you might consider to be fruit drinks that are very
nourishing, but no alcohol. We see it as a poison and you will not find it in
our level of existence. In fact you will have no requirement for heavy foods at
all, and we certainly do not eat animals.

As in the higher dimensions you will enjoy total
health, you will understand that you will not need drugs or medicines, or even
surgery as our methods are so more far advanced than yours. We use color and
sound to heal which is much more effective and without the side affects your
treatments often involve. Wait until your Cities of Light appear on Earth, and
you shall experience for yourself exactly what we have described, and even
more. We are so excited for you and what you shall enjoy as we make our
technologies available to you. Life will be vastly different from what you have
now, and it awaits you now.

We would naturally have liked to have been much
further forward than we are now, and would use one of your expressions that
"the best things in life are worth waiting for". On Earth you
experience so much stress due to the obligations placed upon you, and the pace
at which life progresses. All that will disappear and just does not exist in
vibrations that bring constant peace and harmony. There are no "jobs"
such as you describe your occupations, but more of doing what you enjoy to
contribute to the benefit of everyone else. You will find that you have even
more freedom to decide what to do with your lives, and because of your higher
levels of consciousness will choose responsibly.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speak for all of our
members of the Galactic Federation of Light, when I wish you all a happy
transition and a wonderful experience through the process of Ascension. The
whole Universe will be watching and sending you immense love to help you on
your journey. In time you will meet your friends and families from afar for a
great re-union.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.


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