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Expressions Of The Infinite

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1 Expressions Of The Infinite on Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:06 am



Expressions Of The Infinite

December 25, 2018

by Stephanie MacDonald,
Guest writer,
There is one Consciousness or Prime Creator and that infinite, eternal energy became Manyness. While we appear separate and individual, we all came from this one Source. And that Source is experiencing itself as Infinite Manyness. We are many facets of one diamond (universe) of endless innumerable others! Through experience we evolve “our personal point of awareness” at different rates and each have our own unique vibration/frequency. This is very similar to how and why we each have unique fingerprints! There is no such thing as “good versus evil” as ALL originated from Oneness itself. We contain both “the demon and the angel,” we are both “the light and the dark,” the yin and the yang, and it is ultimately a choice what we decide to manifest while we are here.
On Earth the only real difference between “a loving act” and “a hateful act” is a person’s level of AWARENESS. Humans have very much over-complicated things and have utterly confused the traditions of men as being from “the divine.” There is no “God” outside of us as we are the very expressions of it! The word God is 100% a man-made term going back to the Anunnaki of ancient Sumer. The idea of gods was used as a tool of control to keep us in fear and feeling inferior or “less than” when that is not the case whatsoever! All those “gods” originate from the SAME one Consciousness as everyone and everything else, yes, including us! All is an expression of limitless potential itself. Despite appearances here, there is really no such thing as authority or hierarchy however the masses have been programmed since Sumerian times to have this cattle or slave-like mentality which has been our ongoing demise, the walls of self-limitation.
Programmed to believe we must follow the paths of those before us in order to keep us dumbed down and limited, thinking we need a Savior or God from somewhere “out there” when we are the saviors and we are here to save ourselves. At the center of everything we’ve been taught to beLIEve there contains a lie. Partial truth everywhere but WHOLE truth nowhere, and THAT is the design of this corrupt demiurge we currently find ourselves in. But at the same time remember, all is Maya = Illusion.
Every single thing and person you see is composed of atoms and if one were to look inside of an atom you will find basically nothing because they (and everything else) are nearly 100% empty space; and there are things even smaller than atoms as the underlining fabric of everything is consciousness itself. This universe highly resembles a holographic system or a simulation. In fact, Quantum physicists have found computer code in the universe: 0’s and 1’s.

We are gods of ourselves, we are sovereign, but we have been made to forget that we indeed are each “god sparks” in order that we serve the elite’s agenda to keep us as primitive workers to serve as the batteries and pawns and energy/money providers to keep those on the top, on the top! And the “shiny” things and gadgets are just distractions and tools of surveillance and control.
All organized religion is based on the original Anunnaki gods! And the “New Age” stuff is the same basic thing with a different face, ALL designed to keep you following, keep you misinformed and asleep or at the very least worn down, too tired from work, chasing paper, and too stressed out to rediscover the power you really have. The power you already are and always have been!
There is nothing more freeing than seeing this game for what it is and remembering that this body is only a meatsuit and the spark within is ETERNAL. We lose fear of the illusion of death, we see through the veil, we stand in our own truth, our own power and we clearly see there is NO path to follow because YOU are always the path of yourself! You are EVERYTHING expressing itself as a human being for a little while and “God” is a man-made biological physical tool of control. You don’t “become” spiritual, you ARE spirit (Consciousness) which cannot be destroyed only transformed.
One’s beLIEf in religion, gods from books, and self-limitation create their own “cycles of Reincarnation” on this planet of control and forgetting. The masses have been blindly powering a battery, keeping this corrupt demiurge going. People have PURPOSELY been led astray from remembering the actual amount of control they have over themselves and this space/time we find ourselves in! This is our adventure here! That which had been hidden is being brought to light and there is some serious experience and growth to be had because of it! We can think in terms of having our “crowns” so-to-speak taken away and our memories wiped again and again in order that we reclaim our thrones next to the “Tree of Life” inside the kingdom that is only found WITHIN ourselves.
It’s a game where there is no clear winner, it’s just spiritual evolution and expansion and there are many “play-traps” or “side-games” along the way… Once a human understands and claims their spiritual sovereignty back, the lessons of forgetting and repetition become null and void and we simply move on to experience more and other dimensions/realms of existence. There is NO END to infinite manyness and hence there is no end to us… and the Earth is set up for us to ultimately remember that in our own versions and Illusions of time. There is no one above us. There is no one below. We are already THAT.
How else do you expect That which is omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient to spend ETERNITY…? THIS! Exactly what we are doing now.
We are simply the awareness behind it all. This temporary body is ultimately just a vessel for the formless to experience itself in a tangible form. We are all cut from the SAME fabric of conscious, just at differing levels of awareness. The same unlimited potential is contained with all because we are the very expressions of All That Is. And by having all power, knowing all things, being in all places, it gets boring very, very quickly. You can’t play hide and seek if you always know where everything is hiding.
This is energy, vibration, and frequency “come to life.” We are It.
Thank you for reading!
About the author: A free-spirit and free-thinker, but really just another you. Here riding and experiencing the spiral of life from this corner of the fractal, sharing what’s discovered along the way. Come follow me on Facebook at  or on my blog: – Much love!
Image: Pixabay

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