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The Fall of Gaia, Inc.

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The Fall of Gaia, Inc. – David Wilcock’s Resignation Letter, Intellectual Property Theft, Hostile Work Environment & Corey Goodes impending 50-million-dollar lawsuit!

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 The Fall of Gaia, Inc. FLLGINC

Since I began writing my investigative reports and articles, such as Meet the Board of Directors of Gaia, Inc., and MK-Ufology, Inc., a number of ufology community members, public figures, and individuals close to Gaia, Inc. employees have approached me with more information and details surrounding the events over the past year. I was also contacted by a person who claims to have closely worked with members of Goode’s Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) and Full Disclosure Project (FDP) teams. Some in the community still wonder whether the claims presented in David Wilcock’s resignation letter are true and if the rumors of Gaia, Inc.’s harassment and blacklisting of Goode are accurate.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-7-22-03-pm
Corey Goode & David Wilcock 
Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia, Inc.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. 368c2e2f-d2c7-4227-8270-a565aadfa063
Gaia Inc.: Financials –
{Update 12/13/2018} I have just received the following article from an anonymous insider about Gaia, Inc. that I thought was very interesting: Are Insiders Purchasing Their Own Shares of Gaia, Inc?
{Update 1/12/2019} Our investigators have discovered that a major law firm appers to be preparing a class action lawsuit against Gaia, Inc., on behalf of shareholders for possible financial fraud. This investigation and class action lawsuit preparation appears to have been ongoing on since 2016 and is expected to be filed this year.
We have investigators are that are looking into the possibility that Gaia, Inc., is an upside-down triangle scheme, and they are looking into reports from former subscribers who claim Gaia, Inc. automatically provided free extensions to their memberships when they canceled to artificially boost their subscriber numbers for misleading shareholders. My team and I amidst preparing an article about this interesting new development, and we will be publishing it very soon. 
We have also reached out to someone who retired from the Securities Exchange Commision (SEC) to verify if there is a current SEC investigation. If so, we intend to share the wealth of information our investigators have collected on this company’s history of unfair business practices with the SEC and law firm that is building the class action lawsuit against Gaia, Inc.
Gaia, Inc.’s financial success in the past three years is a direct result of the Cosmic Disclosure series and the Secret Space Program (SSP) insider Goode’s testimony. Gaia, Inc.’s dramatic drop in stock value after Wilcock and Goode’s departures make it very difficult to argue otherwise. 
Between 2015-2018, quite a few former and current Gaia, Inc. employees moved to Gaia, Inc.’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado in support of Goode and his Full Disclosure Project. In retrospect, it is no surprise then that in July 2018, seven months after Goode’s locking horns with Gaia, Inc.’s CEO, Jirka Rysavy, a group referring to themselves as the Gaia, Inc. Employee Movement (GEM), would emerge. GEM served the purpose of alerting the public to the highly toxic culture at Gaia, Inc. through various online venues and alternative media journalists, investigators, and YouTube personalities.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-25-03-pm
Watch Video Here: David Wilcock slams GAIA for promoting “Luciferian” worship with Ancient Civilizations broadcasts
It appears that GEM was initially composed of up to fourteen well-meaning individuals attempting to inform and garner public support at large in order to inspire their own leadership to make the necessary company course correction in the positive direction. Unfortunately, the anonymous nature of GEM made it easy to hijack the group by the leadership and fame, money, and power-driven individuals within Gaia, Inc. who already had personal issues with Goode and Wilcock. These individuals appear to have worked closely to oust Goode and Wilcock from Cosmic Disclosure series by any means necessary.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. C14ac88e-0c18-459c-8c4b-85a36ae341b1The Fall of Gaia, Inc. 12c1bf2b-3144-4ba6-aa28-51f5db2684beThe Fall of Gaia, Inc. A3f3aec1-5205-4e3b-b764-6dfdb691e96f
According to certain employee reviews, it appears some of the allegations by GEM of employee mistreatment could be valid?
Employee Reviews
Increasingly, in the early part of 2018, the viewers of Cosmic Disclosure series noticed a negative shift in the quality of the show production value and a decrease in a number of episodes featuring Goode. According to Gaia, Inc. insiders, An alleged ‘military black project’ insider Emery Smith, aka “Paul” one of Wilcock’s insiders and the most notable subject of his published books, was rumored to be Goode’s replacement on Cosmic Disclosure, which was produced by Jay Weidner, a former Senior Director for Content Production. Goode was slated to have his own show on Gaia called ‘Above Cosmic Disclosure’, which was supposed to air in January 2018. Gaia, Inc. customer service would not answer any questions regarding the airing of Above Cosmic Disclosure, which needless to say, never occurred. Any questions and comments inquiring about GEM, Goode, and Wilcock were promptly removed from the Gaia platform.
The explosive confirmation about GEM’s claims of a toxic work environment at Gaia, Inc. came in the form of an alleged Wilcock’s resignation letter, in effect making his personal reasons for leaving Gaia, Inc. public.
The letter alleged that David Wilcock resigned from Gaia, Inc. due to a highly hostile and abusive work environment, promotion of Luciferianism, and manipulative business practices. Several weeks before the alleged Wilcock resignation letter was leaked, Goode was rumored to have been fired from his position as co-host of Cosmic Disclosure series after taking his first legal action to protect his intellectual property. However, at this time, the timing and reasons for Goode leaving Gaia, Inc. remain unclear.
Neither Wilcock or Goode made public statements on the heels of this leak, which prompted investigations by citizen investigators and journalists as well as reporting by YouTube personalities to explore longstanding rumors regarding Gaia, Inc., and claims in the alleged resignation letter circulating in Boulder and on social media and online forums.
At this time, neither Wilcock or Goode knew how the alleged letter was leaked. Neither did the original GEM.
According to insider testimony, both Wilcock and Goode are now aware that Emery Smith was responsible for leaking the alleged Wilcock resignation letter. It appears that Smith was working with Weidner behind Goode and Wilcock backs on permanently replacing Goode as the co-host of the Cosmic Disclosure series while still working with Goode and Wilcock on other projects such as the movie Above Majestic.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-54-21-pm
Emery Smith
Emery Smith on David Wilcock’s Resignation
It is widely known that a world-renowned crop circle researcher and journalist, Patty Greer was one of the multitudes of public individuals initially contacted by GEM. Greer is a well-known and in-the-know fixture in the Boulder community, who incurred tremendous financial losses and emotional pain and suffering due to Gaia, Inc.’s unethical business practices and suppression of her crop-circle films. It is critical to add that Weidner has been public about his contempt of Greer as documented in online rants and witnessed by current and former Gaia, Inc. employees and talent. As a well-established journalist and a YouTube personality, Greer shared with the public all GEM emails which were sent to her anonymously. As a consequence of her fearless exercise of free speech and Gaia, Inc.’s management’s enmity toward Greer, Gaia Inc. currently has a one-million-dollar lawsuit against her for slander.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-7-07-09-pm
Patty Greer
Patty Greer – Crop Circle
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.23.27-amThe Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.25.43-amThe Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.26.53-am
Gaia Hits Filmmaker Patty Greer with an Old School Weapon A Lawsuit
Gaia TV Imploding What’s Next?
Gaia Sues Greer for Slander; Employees Claim Gaia Promotes Lucifer
This lawsuit was filed not only as an attempt to silence her but as a warning to our community that if anyone else speaks negatively about Gaia, Inc., they too will face a lawsuit.
In addition, Jay Weidner and other Gaia management employees have reached out to various high-level news and radio outlets effectively blocking Greer from participating in any events. This tactic has been employed with Goode as well and continues to this day. Why would event organizers not invite back a speaker such as Goode who has consistently sold out their events and produced a current hit documentary? Many UFO researchers, who now plan to boycott Gaia sponsored events, claim to be very disappointed with how their colleagues and event organizers have buckled to Gaia’s blacklisting of insiders, whistleblowers, and researchers due to personal bias. This preferential treatment has left the Ufology field in a state of close-minded hive control and under the influence of those with the most financial resources to control the individuals and the narrative they favor the most. If we allow free speech and whistleblower experiences to be manipulated this way, ufology and the disclosure movements will forever be stuck in the Dark Ages of intellectual, scientific, and cultural caveman mentality.
{Update 12/16/2018} Breaking News – It has been brought to my attention by an anonymous source that the slander lawsuit, Gaia, Inc. vs Patty Greer, has been dismissed by the judge as of December 14, 2018. 
{Update 1/11/2019} Gaia, Inc., refiles slander lawsuit against Greer. Read here:  Is Dark Journalist aka Daniel Lizst Connected with the Dark Alliance, Illuminati Ball & Deep State? Gaia, Inc., Refiles Lawsuit Against World Renowned Crop Circle Journalist & Researcher, Patty Greer
An excellent example of Gaia, Inc.’s influence in our community is the apparent control Jay Weidner and Gaia Inc. exercise over the host of Fade to Black Radio, Jimmy Church and his wife Rita Kumuryan. Per witness testimony, both Jimmy and Rita have been heard criticizing Goode and Wilcock’s character and testimony in front of attendees at various events. Church has been serving as Gaia Inc.’s unofficial ambassador by promoting the company’s shows and whistleblowers and yet has not had Goode back on his radio show since Goode’s departure from Gaia, Inc. Furthermore, Church has managed to interview everyone in Ufology who opposes Goode’s trademarks but refuses to air Goode’s side of the story publicly. 
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. C82a5229-b087-4306-b5d3-c1e805b56fccThe Fall of Gaia, Inc. 80842da9-5bcc-4006-aafc-de622bd97fbe
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-7-10-22-pm
Jimmy Church with Wife, Rita Kumuryan
KGRA RADIO – Fade to Black with Jimmy Church
As most of us in the community who follow Goode were under the impression that Church, Goode, and Wilcock were close friends, the realization that Church and his wife could be opportunists with no backbone was difficult to comprehend. Hindsight is always 20-20.
During 2017, Goode is said to have approached Gaia’s upper management and executives on multiple occasions to complain about the hostile work environment created by producer and content director Jay Weidner and the company’s CEO Jirka Rysavy not honoring verbal agreements regarding Goode’s role and contract at Gaia, Inc. Over a span of approximately six months, Goode was reassured that all of his concerns would be addressed and resolved, however, just the opposite occurred.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-53-02-pm
Gaia Inc., CEO – Jirka Rysavy (Center)
CBS Celebrity
According to witnesses, Rysavy is known for his tyrannical and dictatorial micromanaging business executive style and does not like his authority challenged, even when he is in the wrong. As Goode persisted with his claims, Rysavy initially started attacking Goode indirectly through Gaia’s loyal employees and proxies including Jay Weidner whose vicious, nefarious, antagonistic and belligerent behavior and attacks toward Goode dramatically increased.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-7-04-14-pm
Jay Weidner 
Meet Jay Weidner – Gaia
Due to outward displays of deceptive attitudes and mannerisms toward Goode and out of fear for his and family’s well being, Goode began making audio recordings of conversations with Gaia, Inc. management and executives during face-to-face and phone meetings, in which it was revealed that Gaia was intentionally seeking and lining up impostor “insiders” also known as live action role players (LARPs) to keep the Cosmic Disclosure series alive for as long as possible. These recordings allegedly include obscene rants by Weidner launching invectives at both Goode and Wilcock. At the same time, Goode was becoming increasingly worried and uncomfortable about the aggressive pursuit by management for his participation in interviews with LARPs, which he kept refusing.
Several witnesses confirm that Weidner covertly attempted to remove Goode from the Cosmic Disclosure series for over a year and had recorded LARP impostors and other insider guests with Wilcock and himself as hosts behind Goode’s back. Reportedly, when Goode confronted Wilcock about this, he confirmed that Weidner, specifically, was leading the charge to squeeze Goode out of the series. Despite Goode receiving multiple assurances from Gaia, Inc.’s management that Cosmic Disclosure was HIS show and that he had full rights to determine the guest line up, Weidner produced dozens of Cosmic Disclosure episodes with alleged insiders including Emery Smith without Goode’s knowledge or consent. Goode then allegedly confronted Rysavy and another lead executive about Cosmic Disclosure episodes being taped behind his back with a lineup of LARPs and was told this behavior on Weidner’s part would cease. But, it never did.
At this point, Goode declared that his testimony was his intellectual property and began to trademark his testimony to protect it from Gaia, Inc., and LARPs who were brought in to replace him as the co-host of Cosmic Disclosure.
Following the confrontation with Gaia, Inc. executives, Dr. Steven Greer, a leading UFO researcher and father of the Disclosure movement was planned to appear on Cosmic Disclosure specifically to denigrate and discredit Goode’s testimony. Rysavy wanted to bring Greer on to attack Goode because he was seen as a threat to Gaia being able to continue using Goode’s intellectual property, which had brought Gaia all of its recent success.
After confronting Gaia, Inc. executives, Goode’s attorney sent a cease and desist letter to the company regarding the use of his intellectual property. Gaia is said to have responded by pressuring Smith and Wilcock to ignore the legal letter and to continue covertly shooting additional episodes of Cosmic Disclosure behind Goode’s back. Goode then sent cease and desist letters to Smith and Wilcock to prevent Gaia executives from threatening them into taping episodes. This was a plan that Goode, Wilcock, and Smith reportedly came up with because the CEO was threatening to fire them if they didn’t begin recording episodes immediately. In the meantime, Gaia started airing covertly taped episodes of Cosmic Disclosure with a LARP Jason Rice and Jay Weidner as host. Gaia insiders report that both Goode and Wilcock refused to appear with Rice, knowing his testimony was clearly false.
{Update 1/11/2019} I have just received word from an insider that claims to be close to employees at Gaia, Inc., that Weidner has been fired by Gaia, Inc. and rehired back on as talent under contract to avoid legal issues. Weidner is now interviewing ufologist, Dr. Steven Greer on their latest series of Disclosure on Gaia, Inc. Dr. Greer has been an outspoken opponent of Goode’s work and claims that he was the person that coined the disclosure term and concept. My team and I will also be investigating allegations that Dr. Greer and CSETI may have connections with the deep state and we will be reporting our findings in an upcoming article on this blog.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.48.53-am
Dr. Steven Greer
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.47.48-am
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-12.43.05-pm
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-12.50.49-pm
OCSETI – Targeted Individual: Emery Smith
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-12.47.59-pm
SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer – Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!)
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.41.31-am
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-12.11.40-pm
Secret Space Program Disclosures & False Flag Alien Events
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.42.47-amThe Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-11.42.54-am
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-59-23-pm
Jason Rice
Jason Rice – A New Insider
It seems that a large portion of our Ufology community intuitively knows that the Rice testimony is fake and their disinterest in LARPs is shown by a massive drop in Cosmic Disclosure viewership. However, if you are interested in dark satire, there are rumors from Gaia insiders that producers are hiring actors to discredit and contradict the details of Goode’s Secret Space Program and extraterrestrial contact testimony by channeling Blue Avians and possibly other extraterrestrials from Goode’s testimony in the upcoming episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.
After all, we have learned from insiders on both sides, It appears now that the only reason Goode pursued to trademark his testimony as his intellectual property was due to Gaia’s attempts to take control of Goode’s testimony. According to my research, Gaia, Inc. has claimed they own the Blue Avian trademark and even legally challenged it with a dispute with the US Patent Office (USPTO). The company also allegedly utilized its board director who once worked for Marvel Comics to instigate Marvel to challenge Goode’s trademark of ‘Return of the Guardians’ comic novel.
Marvel Comics Oppose Trademark From Alien Conspiracy Theorists
I have been in contact with several insiders who admit to selling their flourishing spiritual businesses to Jirka Rysavy only to be forced to shut them down shortly after acquisition. After they were given a decent sum of money to hand over the rights to their business, they had to sign draconian non-disclosure contracts that prevented them from warning others that Rysavy was in the business of buying followers rather than businesses. Apparently, Rysavy has a long history of employing this strategy with multiple businesses under his, friends’, and attorneys’ names.
I will include my research findings of all these businesses and individuals with direct connections to Rysavy in future articles in my series on the infiltration and control of Ufology by the Deep State by using corporations and NGOs as proxies. As demonstrated in my previous article, Ufology Inc. – MKUfology, Ufology is now a billion-dollar industry and is predominantly controlled by Deep State corporations and NGOs.
**A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.
If the CIA uses religious leaders and journalists to psyop the public why wouldn’t they use corporations to do the same in the UFO community? Individuals working for these corporations as independent contractors and employees are used and abused without regard for their health, safety, and welfare. It is obvious that those who dare to speak up are silenced by dragged out frivolous and meritless lawsuits designed to bankrupt the whistleblower as well as cause emotional and mental anguish.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. 1127
CIA’s Use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations
I think every individual in this community should ask themselves if all these allegations are true, could Gaia, Inc. do the same to my story, testimony, or intellectual property? And if so, will they try to destroy me if I stand up for my rights?
The answer is a resounding YES!
The most powerful motivator in life is FEAR. Nothing makes us more uncomfortable than our own fears, most of which are etched into our subconscious psyche and deeply repressed by our unwillingness and inability to face them head-on. Were you aware that FEAR is a common and most effective marketing, advertising, and sales tactic used today? Fear of financial loss, fear of not being accepted or liked, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of illness or disability are just some examples of fear an average normal individual faces on a daily basis. But what happens when an organization and its leadership become the constant cause of FEAR for their current and former employees?
It is simple – the organization deteriorates. If the person in charge is in favor of terrorizing and fear-mongering his employees and opponents, they will respond at a primal level with a fight-or-flight response or in the case of competitive sycophants, join the company leadership and mimic their behavior. In the case of Gaia, Inc. and its CEO Jirka Rysavy, he is said to be directly responsible for unethical business conducts which have had adverse business-related impacts on personal rights and dignity of individuals in our community. He has failed to provide a fail-safe check system from the top of the corporate ladder to protect his employees from negative impacts on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being through strategic corporate bullying and harassing.
An insider who claims to have worked closely with the Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) and Full Disclosure Project (FDP) teams claims to have witnessed in person what other insiders from within Gaia, Inc. have previously disclosed. While attending a public event and visiting the bed and breakfast where Goode was staying, this insider was laying on the couch in the room next to where Goode and Richards were on a conference call with their attorney playing excerpts from the audio recordings Goode had recorded at Gaia for over a year. Neither Goode nor Richards knew the witness was in the room at the time. In one recording, Jay Weidner was overheard screaming profanities and cussing at Wilcock. In other recordings the witness heard Rysavy in what sounded like a meeting room discussion; and one of the female executives threatening Goode on Rysavy’s behalf on a phone call. I was advised that these audio clips were pretty disturbing, and quite clearly demonstrated a hostile work environment.
One of the most sobering revelations has been the depth of deception and hatred captured online in form of comments from the Gaia, Inc. employees who have served as Rysavy’s and Weidner’s proxies. One of those individuals has been Janet Shapen, a close friend of Sid Goldberg, a creative director, and producer at Gaia, Inc. both of whom along with Weidner and Rysavy seem to have created an abstract support group for the haters of Patty Greer. At this point, it is difficult to establish the president of this support group, however, it is obvious that Greer’s infinite lack of regard for sycophantic behavior did not provide them with the necessary attention so they focused their attention on Goode and Wilcock.
As several insiders have independently attested, these and a handful of other Gaia, Inc. employees are allegedly directly responsible for contacting the group Goode refers to as the Dark Alliance, who attacked Goode mercilessly last year through cyber and in-person harassment, stalking and doxxing in an attempt to completely destroy his reputation in the UFO community. This conspiracy originated and was coordinated at the very top of Gaia leadership including the Gaia, Inc. CEO Jirka Rysavy who has encouraged and required employees to harass and blacklist Goode from the entire UFO industry. Several employees have quit over these requests and are extremely upset over the manipulation tactics used to control the general public and their opinion in our community with a single goal in mind – to exterminate those like Goode, Wilcock, and Greer.
** Doxxing is defined as a search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-41-13-pm
Conscious Life Expo allegedly blacklisted Goode from their event because Gaia Inc. purchased a controlling interest in their streaming rights shortly after Goode’s resignation. When CLE organizers were asked about the blacklisting they replied with emails denying Gaia manipulation, acknowledging their new partnership with Gaia and claiming disturbing information about Goode will soon come out. 
Conscious Life Expo
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-6-34-01-pm
Daniel Liszt aka Dark Journalist is an alleged member of the Dark Alliance, with connections to the Deep State and is allegedly a current Air Force Civilian Employee (undisclosed by Liszt).
Goode is said to have also hired a new law firm to assist his current attorney in filing lawsuits and criminal complaints against members of the Dark Alliance and Gaia, Inc.  Several insiders claim Goode is expected to file multiple lawsuits in January of 2019, against all parties involved in the alleged conspiracy to commit character and brand assassination against Goode and his intellectual property. In particular, he is allegedly about to file a lawsuit against Gaia, Inc. for fifty-million-dollars for intellectual property theft, a hostile work environment, breach of contract, and slander.
An insider close to Gaia, Inc. employees claims he has recently given written statements to Goode, Wilcock and their attorneys and has organized a handful of other witnesses to provide their startling experiences and details regarding the lack of business ethics by the entire corporate structure of what is claimed to be a ‘Spiritual Company’. The same insider has reached out to Greer and a few YouTube show hosts who covered the alleged Wilcock resignation letter and plans on coming out in the near future to give their testimony on camera. All of these witnesses and insiders have told this writer that they have agreed to go on record and testify in court if needed.
Several Gaia, Inc. insiders have told me that Wilcock is currently fighting a ten-million-dollar lawsuit after his alleged resignation letter was leaked. Rysavy is forcing Wilcock to publish a retraction and to publicly disavow Goode by making negative public statements against him and announce that Wilcock will be coming back to Gaia TV. This is not the first time Wilcock is being forced to disavow Goode and it makes one wonder if Rysavy is linked to Wilcock’s Rothschild insider ‘Daniel’ who threatened Wilcock last year during the first round of character assassination attempts. While Wilcock has been attempting to navigate the lawsuit in a way to protect his reputation as a New York Times best-selling author, his close friend and the subject of his several books, Emery Smith, seems to have damaged his credibility.
Smith has slowly emerged from Gaia as a questionable individual with the history of alcohol and substance abuse with multiple criminal arrests and offenses involving credit card fraud, cyber-stalking, including a major lawsuit for business fraud and drug possession arrest in 2018.
{Update 12/15/2018} Since the original publication of this article, some attendees have reported that Smith appeared intoxicated at Contact in the Desert, Conscious Life Expo and at the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Loveland, Colorado, this past year, and several people complained about his public inebriation.
Some also allege Smith appears impaired in this interview with Paola Harris. 
Emery Smith Interview with Paola Harris at StarworksUSA 2018
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Es1128
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Es8 Emery S. Smith
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. Screen-shot-2018-11-27-at-3-42-05-pm
[url= AM]Sherriff Boco Solutions[/url]
It has been challenging to understand and reconcile Wilcock’s inability to accept the documented evidence of Smith’s behavior as the truth.  The only logical explanation is that Wilcock maybe worried about Smith being labeled as fraud further damaging his credibility.
Unfortunately for Wilcock and Smith, there are local witnesses in Boulder stepping forward, claiming Smith is a con artist who swindled them for large amounts of money and expensive gifts. In addition, a witness claims to have overheard an inebriated Smith boasting how he outsmarted Greer, Goode, Wilcock, Weidner, and Rysavy and how he will now become the host of Cosmic Disclosure or end up with his own show altogether. Smith also claimed he convinced Rysavy that Goode’s legal threats were bluffs and said it was time to sit back and watch the fireworks.
On the other hand, upon finding out that Smith leaked Wilcock’s resignation letter and started secretly shooting more Cosmic Disclosure episodes with George Noory behind Wilcock’s back, Goode removed Smith from his new movie, Above Majestic.
Just as a dictator is unlikely to become a great leader in a democracy, a leopard will never change its spots.
What we have learned from this past year is that nobody is too big to fail, even Jay Weidner who was allegedly fired by Rysavy in the midst of Goode, Wilcock, and Greer lawsuits. Weidner, who has been cited by Jimmy Church on Fade to Black Radio, as “the smartest man in the room” had become a liability rather than the greatest asset to Gaia, Inc. Workplace harassment of employees by other employees is an increasing source of business liability for employers. The harsh reality is that every business today, no matter its size or culture, is at risk from people like Jay Weidner who can adversely impact the company’s financial bottom line by 1) dragging down workplace morale through misogynists acts, 2) harming company’s reputation via lashing out publicly with inappropriate, condescending, judgmental and overall unintelligent remarks, and 3) affecting day-to-day operations by degrading, bullying, and harassing employees. In addition, poor handling of an employee issue by the company executives themselves can shatter managers’ confidence and further deteriorate relationship between employees and managers as it appears to be the case with Gaia, Inc.
Another thing we have learned is, as W.G. Trotman says, that “Revenge can only be found on the road to self-destruction”. As a highly negative emotion, individuals prone to using revenge do so by their limited mind to protect and defend their perceived personal failures. It has been verified by several insiders and YouTube personalities who are in contact with Weidner, that he continues to reach out to and manipulate individuals in our community in an attempt to vilify and denigrate those he hates the most.
I urge our community to turn away from any negative attacks by any public figures and YouTube personalities. Negativity is an addiction that is difficult to break. It kills creativity, personal progress and most definitely is a barrier to the disclosure initiative started decades ago. People who project negativity typically have low self-esteem and their outward burst of disdain and rage are a reflection of those feelings. If you find yourself attracted to negative polarity, asks yourself why? Is it because it is familiar? Does it help you fit in? Are you trying to protect your ego? Do you feel validated more in being negative? What happens if you try shifting into the observer role?
I encourage more witnesses to come forward with their personal stories and evidence. Your non-disclosure agreements and names will be kept anonymous, and I only intend to report on the details of your testimony. 
Witnesses very close to both sides and the community are openly calling on Gaia, Corey Goode and David Wilcock to make public statements to inform the public of what is going on. If a public statement is made that is sufficient then there is no reason for the citizen journalists in our community to keep focusing on Gaia, Inc. and they can then refocus their investigations into credible information about Ufology and the Deep State.
Author: Mr. Crown
Contact: Email
Mr. Thomas Crown – YouTube
The Fall of Gaia, Inc?
Disclaimer Notice: This article is based on the testimony of multiple people who claim to be insiders on both sides and is not verified. These are all alleged activities until proven true. If Gaia, Inc., Goode or Wilcock or any party mentioned in this article would like to dispute the details of this investigative report they should make a public statement that clarifies information presented herein. This article falls under the Fair Use (in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

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