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Adam’s Calendar , Stonehenge ,The Hopi Medicine Wheel

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Adam’s Calendar , Stonehenge ,The Hopi Medicine Wheel

Pic: .Bala
We’re proud to bring you this fascinating article speculating about
the possible significance of one of our oldest monuments – Stonehenge.
Thomas believes that along with many other circular alignments across
the globe, Stonehenge shares a powerful message for us all. Over to
Thomas:-At the present time, there are many theories, speculations, and
thoughts about the true meaning of Stonehenge.
To my knowledge no one has ever given an explanation for the number
of circles, the numbers of stones in each circle, what the complex was
positioned for or why it was built. Many say that it is lined up with
the equinox, the solstice, or the moon cycles, but they never really
shown a diagram to prove their point. So, I do not believe I am out of
line by saying that at the present time no one really knows when it was
built, what it represents, or the reason for its construction.

Stone Medicine Wheels

When I ask my Elder Native American friends “What are these stone
medicine wheels I hear about all the time?” Their response is usually
the same, “They represent our astronomical cycle of life or our pathway
of life, the Earthʼs delicate balance in space.” When I ask “Why arenʼt
we building any new ones?” They say “The time is not right yet, everyone
will build them towards the end times.”

When I look at stone circles around the globe including Stonehenge, I
would have to agree. Stones, arranged in circles, have been found
around the world in Turkey, England, Israel, Africa, Egypt, Mexico and
the Americaʼs. They have been built at different periods of time in
Earthʼs history by everyone, in many different locations, using small
stones, huge stones, pyramids, and observatories. What could the ancient
ones have been trying to tell us about Earthʼs delicate balance and

In the Americaʼs, stone circles have been given the name “Medicine
Wheels” and there are many different reasons given for their
constructions. Some say they are places for healing, medicine, sacred
ceremonies, spiritual guidance, magic, and even some sort of secret
technology. But all I really see, are piles of stones arranged in the
same circular pattern. Thousands of people have visited these sites and
nothing has ever happened to them, no magic, no medicine, or secret
technology, nothing has ever embraced them to my knowledge.

It is the Hopi belief, based on their Creation story,
that east has not always been located in the same position as it is
today. They believe that our planet has shifted on its axis at
predetermined times account the twin polar ice caps departed their post
or melted and the loss of this weight caused the planet to teeter off
balance, spin around crazily, and then roll over twice.This is the third
time that this shift has occurred and the North and South poles were
located in different locations in each of the three previous events or
Bighorn National Forest
Wyoming Medicine Wheel
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 1
Charles Hapgood wrote a book called Path of the Pole in 1958, with a
foreword by Albert Einstein, he speculated that the earthʼs crust can
rotated or slip above the inner core, like the skin of an orange, and he
calls this event earth crust displacement. On his climate change chart
for the last 100,000 years, he carbon dated thousands of core samples to
conclude that this slippage has happened at least three times in that
time period or exactly the same count as the Hopi elders have been
saying for many hundreds of years.

The Hopi version is based on a verbal story passed down from
generation to generation and Hapgoodʼs version is based on the data he
collected around the planet in his scientific study.

The Hopi Truth Wheel

In order to prove the Hopi and Hapgood, and find out the truth about
all the stone circles, I have come up with a simple tool that I call the
Hopi Truth Wheel or the Hopi Wheel of Truth.

Hopi Truth Wheel
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 2
The equinox, the winter solstice and the summer solstice are very
important events to the Hopi. Many of their most important ceremonies
are based on these occurrences. The equinox, which occurs twice a year,
once on March 20th and then again on September 21st or 22nd, when the
earthʼs axis is straight up, not pointing towards the sun or away from
the sun and therefore the day is split equally into two equal halves, or
half daylight and half darkness; the perfect balance.
The summer and winter solstice take place 28 degrees north or south
from this point of the equinox, so the halfway mark would be 14 degrees
on each side or the cross-quarter mark. All five of these measurements
are very important and used by the Hopi throughout the year.

I have divided the circle into 12 equal pieces by using the number 30
instead of the number 28 to work with whole numbers in our system of
mathematics. I believe one would get the same results with what ever
system of mathematics you use account of the way the stone circles are
designed. If it takes the earth 72 years to move just one degree through
the procession of the equinox, and in our system there are 360
degrees in a circle, then it would take 360 x 72 or 25,920 years to
travel the whole circle, using our system.

A person using this tool, at the time of the equinox, facing east at
sunrise would have west directly behind him, north would be to his left
and south to his right, and by using this tool he would have at least 14
points of reference (similar to a gyroscope) to measure the earthʼs
delicate balance or its orientation in space.

I have learned that having two or three points of reference is very
important. For example, when building a fence over a long distance, if
you put the first and last post in place, then a person standing in the
middle, can move a marker back and forth between the two, and then
someone standing behind the first post, can line them up
perfectly straight between the three points and make a very straight
fence. Two points will not work.

Stonehenge’s Orignal Alignment

Two archaeologists, Thomas Darvill and Geoffrey Wainwright, have been
working at Stonehenge for many years. They believe this is what the
complex looked like when all the stones were in their original place,
Figure 3. This is also Stonehenge present orientation to the four
directions, north, south, east, and west.

At the present time the complex does not line up with the
equinox, the solstice or any planets, stars, or events. Therefore, at
the present time, no one has any idea what the complex was really used
for or when it was built.

Stonehenge Original Alignment
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 3
If we turn the structure and the earth to face true east,
Stonehenge Original Alignment
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 4

Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 5
And then add the Hopi Truth Wheel. See Figure 5.

You would see that the sun on the morning of the equinox would enter
the complex between the exact center of two large stones, split one of
the smaller center stones into two equal pieces and then pass through
two of the large stones in the center and depart the complex between two
more large stones in the back of the circle at true west.

The sun on the morning of the summer and winter solstice would split
the next two stones on each side of this center stone and land on two of
the large stones in the second ring of stones where both of these
events could be marked and measured for reference when the equinox

There would be four more points of reference between the remaining
eight large stones that could line up with four different stars at that
moment. The stars would change as time went by account of the procession
of the equinox, but the location of the stars would mark the exact time
that the complex was used. Astronomers can move the procession forward
or backward and calculate the exact time and date. This might be one
more reason for the complex and the reason the builders used such large
stones, that could not be moved.

Balancing the Planet

The complete complex would be a very effective way of showing our
balanced planet at the time of the equinox, or it would have been an
excellent tool to do the job of balancing the planet if it was out of
balance or orientation in its orbit for some reason.

With east in this direction everything starts to make sense. The
eight large stones in the middle of the circle would act as a type of
gun site allowing the light of four stars to meet in the middle of the
circle. The north-south lines that were not needed would not go through
the circle nor would the four unneeded lines that complete the twelve
divisions of the circle.

If a person was standing at the center of the circle the morning of
the equinox they would see two points of reference to the north and two
points of reference to the south. Then the sun would rise in the
direction of true east between the two large stones in the outer circle
and split the small center stone in the ring of 60 stones and then
pass through the exact center of the two large stones and out the
opposite side of the complex. This would give the observer six points of
reference to the earth delicate balance and I do not believe you could
get the same result by shifting the complex in any other direction. This
might be the reason the complex was built. There is no
other explanation that I can find. The Creator of the complex needed the
sun and the stars to find the earths perfect balance in space.

The North Pole 17,000 Years Ago

Stonehenge in Google Earth
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 6
The complex also tells me that the Creator of the complex used a
stele as a reference point to block the suns rays at the time of the
equinox. That he needed at least six points of reference and that he was
very worried about the Earths delicate balance at different times in
our past.If you follow the direction of the north line northward, it
takes you to a location at 60 degrees north, 73 degrees west which is
the exact location that Charles Hapgood suggest in his book, The Path Of
The Poles, as a location of the north pole at around 17,000 Before
The only location I have ever been in my life where the equinox, the
solstice and the stars are measured for a worldly event, and objects are
arranged in a broken circle (Kachina Dancers) is a Hopi Plaza or a Hopi
Kiva, their underground ceremonial chamber. The Hopi truth wheel works at Stonehenge in my mind.

In 2003, 150 miles inland from the port of Maputo,
Southeast Africa, Johan Heine was searching for a plane that had
crashed. He passed over thousand of stone circles that he thought were
cattle pens that the natives had piled together for corrals and finally
landed at a place he named, “Adams Calendar” a stone circle on top of a
high ridge.When I place the Hopi Wheel of Truth on the site:

Adams Calendar, South Africa
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 7
and if you follow the north line with google earth:

Which according to Hapgood, would date the site to around 75,000 years ago.
Adams Calendar, South Africa
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 8
The Gobekli Tepe Stone Circle

Hopi Truth Wheel at Gobekli Tepe,
South Eastern Turkey
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 9
In 1964, in Southeastern Turkey, the University of Istanbul
discovered a stone circle the called Gobekli Tepe. When I place the Hopi
Wheel of Truth on the site:-This rock was placed to pinpoint the
equinox. A similar structure was built at Monte Alban in
Southern Mexico called building “J” to pinpoint the solstice.
Monte Alban, Southern Mexico

There was not enough room on top of the pyramid for an
observatory so the location of the Solstice was pinpointed on the
ground with this building. Building “J”.I believe that many of the Mayan
Temples were built to complete the same task as Stonehenge, Adams
Calendar, Gobekli Tepe, and the American Medicine Wheels. When I place
the Hopi Wheel of Truth on the Mayan Complex of Monte Alban in Southern

Monte Alban, Southern Mexico
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 10

Monte Alban in Google Earth
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 11
And if you line up the Avenue of the Dead with google earth you see
that it lines up with Hapgoodʼs north pole location of 12,000 BC.
The Mayan Complex of El Tajin and the Wheel of Refaim

El Tajin with Truth Wheel
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 12
And on the stone circle located on the Golan Heights in Israel called the Wheel of Refaim.Golan Heights, Israel
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 13
Our present pole would correspond to the ancient site of Tiahuanaco located in Western Bolivia.

Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 14

And the ancient temples at Baalbek in Lebanon would correspond to Hapgoodʼs pole location of 50,000 years ago.

Baalbek, Lebanon
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 15

The whole pyramid complex in Egypt could be the largest
of our stone circles and indeed show our pathway of life and the
astronomical cycle for our planet, just as the elders said.

Pyramid Alignment
Pic: Thomas O. Mills, Figure 16
Many stone circles all around the globe, were positioned in-line with
the equinox and the two solstice but the earth was rotating in a
different position during those times. Iʼve mentioned only a few and
hope others will use the Hopi Wheel of Truth in their search for the
truth, in the future.

Will we, as a civilization build stone circles in the end times, to
try and find the earthʼs delicate balance after our polar ice caps melt?
Only time will tell.

Thomas O. Mills
The Book of Truth, A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story & Stonehenge If This Was East (Amazon UK)

The Book of Truth, A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story & Stonehenge If This Was East (Amazon US)

*Footnote: Stonehenge gives us the numbers 432 & 4,320.
The Great Pyramid uses the scale of 1: 43,200 to give us the dimensions of the earth.
Pyramids height 481.3949 X 43,200 = 3938.685 miles Polar radius of the earth 3949 miles.
Pyramids perimeter at the base 3023.16 X 43,200 = 24,734.94. Equatorial circumference of the earth 24,902.

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