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A Case for Costa Rica Island by TS Caladan

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A Case for Costa Rica Island
by TS Caladan
 A Case for Costa Rica Island by TS Caladan 54434242_10211792675847117_355058203261665280_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

A fantastic learning experience happened when I found a lot of residue evidence for the island of Costa Rica, especially in the video: 'The LOST island of Costa Rica – my trip to Costa Rica.” by Enrique C.
     “It was early 2016, when I found out about the Mandela Effect. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. It was almost like I had woken up in a new world. So many memories I held dear to me, suddenly, wasn't true anymore...When I was a kid, I remember my stepmother telling me she was half Costa Rican and half Colombian. I remember looking at maps, specifically for Costa Rica. There it was, an island in the middle of the Caribbean, located southeast of Mexico and southwest of Jamaica. In early 2016, I could no longer find the 'island nation' in the Caribbean. It had vanished once I became aware of this phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. Costa Rica was suddenly a country in Central America bordered by Panama and Nicaragua. I was shocked to learn where it was now and that it touched the Pacific Ocean. It even has an island named Cocos Island in the Pacific.”
     Fueled by “magical” stories of the island his stepmother told him as a child, “Ricky” visited Costa Rica in 2018 and made the documentary in search of clues on mainland CR that it was once an island.
     Some natives remembered that: “Christopher Columbus landed on a small island located by Limon in 1502 and discovered Costa Rica.” “At the time, the island was known as 'Quiribri.' It was the first and last time Columbus visited Costa Rica...”
     'Jurassic Park' was filmed on Cocos Island and was called “Isla Nublar” in the movie. When Jurassic Park was filmed, CR was an island.
     Dean Cundy, the director of photography for Jurassic Park, said they had considered filming in Costa Rica, originally, because the story 'takes place on an island,' but Spielberg was concerned about road infrastructure and accessibility, according to an interview. The filmmakers depicted San Jose near a beach, because it was near a beach. Today, San Jose is nowhere near the ocean.
     From the Costa Rica Star: “Why Costa Rica is Not the Best Setting for Jurassic Park.” “Fact is the Jurassic period of about 190 to 135 million years ago, this country was barely an island and lacked the general material needed to bring life to dinosaurs...”
     “Costa Rica was once a series of islands that were buried under a process of heavy volcanic activity...”
     In Ricky's trip to CR, he'd found 'residue,' as well as anyone would if they investigated. He found two maps displayed in the video that showed CR out in the Caribbean, right where it used to be, as well  as some of the best residual of South America being directly under North American and not east of it. Another, was an incredible/color drawing of the CR island with familiar cities and volcanoes. Nowhere could I find these images, but they were in his documentary.
     What anyone can discover, if they dug a bit deeper, is endless references to CR as an island that go back to the 19th Century. Newspapers, books, etc., that show hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or plagues on the “island” or “island nation” of Costa Rica, should be considered...proof. For example:
     The Tobacco Plant, 3/22/1882. No. Carolina. “The earthquake that has recently devastated the island of Costa Rica, destroyed four towns and many thousands lives are reported lost.”
     Arkansas Gazette, 2/10/1892. Little Rock. “Several genuine cases of yellow fever have developed on the island of Costa Rica.”
     Baltimore Sun, 6/4/1893. Maryland. “...Yellow fever is still prevalent at Limon, in the Island of Costa Rica.” 
     Severance News, 3/18/1897. Kansas. “Ed C. Franklin to his parents. As this treats of his travels in the Island of Costa Rica...”
     LA Times, 1900. “News has been received of a destructive storm which has swept over the island of Costa Rica last week...”
     Baltimore Sun, 3/3/05. Maryland. “Ricardo Iglesias, a native of the island of Costa Rica...”
     Oakland Tribune, 12/26/05. California. 'A Costa Rican Volcano' “On the island of Coast Rica is the remarkable volcano of Poas. The crater has an altitude of about 8500 feet...”
     Salt Lake Tribune, 3/29/06. “The past six years, General Casemea has spent on the island of Costa Rica, where he built a railroad for the government.”
     Daily Tribune, 1920. Pratt Kansas. “Government of Costa Rica Recognized.” By Associated Press. Washington, Aug. 2 - “The State Department announced today that the government recently set up by the Island of Costa Rica has been officially recognized by the United States.”
     Ohio Daily News, 8/24/20. Dayton. “On the island of Costa Rica, near Cocos Bay, the juice of a certain shellfish, which abound there, is used for dyeing.”
     Buffalo Enquirer, 8/30/20. NY. “'The last of the great pirates' are supposed to have buried pirate jewels and money valued at $21,000,000 on the island of Costa Rica, early in the 19th Century.” 
     The Gazette, 9/17/28. “Caribbean Hurricane Sweeps Costa Rica Island.”
     Delaware News Journal, 4/4/29. “Major Glassburn told of the destruction of a plane on the island of Costa Rica which was to be used by a German agent...”
     Tallahassee Democrat, 4/7/30. “Smallpox ravaging the island of Costa Rica will be attacked within 24 hours by 400 pounds of serum rushed by airmail from Philadelphia and Indianapolis.”
     Punxsutawney News, 12/24/30. “Costa Rica an Island.”
     Tampa Times, 9/2/41. Florida. 'TINY ISLAND NATION DEFIES NAZIS' “Costa Rica refuses to recall consuls from occupied territory.”
     Des Moines Register, 7/2/33. “Volcano of Irazu on the island of Costa Rica during recent eruption.” - Associated Press.
     Pottsville Republican, 7/15/49. PA. “Edwin Messinger, took for his subject the island of Costa Rica. He painted a very fine mental picture of this country, which is one of the steppingstones across the ocean from Florida to Orinoco.”
     (book by Steve Osman) 'Stumbling into Paradise.' “I can't wait to show them pictures of us hunting monkeys on the island of Costa Rica.”
     (book) 'Canadian Nursing' “The island of Costa Rica, which was never free from the plague and which held a population, few of which had escaped it...”
     (book) 'Timber Trees and Forests of North Carolina.' “It is found...and into Mexico, at elevations of 6 to 8000 feet, and in the island of Costa Rica...”
     Carlsbad Current-Argos, 3/15/63. “Costa Rica Island of Peace.”
     TV blurb for movie: 'Survival.' “Since March 1963 the peaceful island of Costa Rica has suffered the wrath of the active volcano, Irazu.”
     Calgary Alberta, 10/27/77. Canada. “Claude Hope on the island of Costa Rica has been breeding Coleus with spectacular results.”
     The Tribune, 5/15/80. Ohio. “Ellen Hogue, who was an exchange student to the island of Costa Rica...”
     Asbury Park Press, 8/4/85. “Costa Rica: Island of Calm in Stormy Sea.”
     Edmonton Journal, 11/29/85. Canada. “Sportsmen Bobby Loud and Johnny Russell fish for tuna and dolphin on the tropical island of Costa Rica.”
     (book) 1989. '365 Great Stories from Modern History.' “On the island of Costa Rica, there used to live a golden toad...”
     Jurassic Park, 1990. “Starting Point: The novel begins on the island of Costa Rica, (Crichton, 1990, p. 1):...”
     The Tennessian, 10/31/94. Nashville. “The program was started in the U.S. by three businessmen six years ago. But its real origins are in the small island nation of Costa Rica.”
     (book, 1996) 'Conservatory Biology in Theory and Practice.' “The population on the island of Costa Rica was 1800 in 1975-1976 and 270 in 1985 and 1986.”, 9/12/07. “On the island nation of Costa Rica, taxes on the lucrative online casino industry are sky-high.” “...An online casino software provider, based in the island nation of Costa Rica.”
     Global Experience Blog, 3/26/08. 'Saying Goodbye to Paradise...' “You can probably tell by the title, I am soon to be leaving this beautiful island nation of Costa Rica and returning to the bitter cold of reality (and Canada)...”
     The Windsor Star, contest, 8/7/09. Ontario. “ and Alliance are giving one lucky winner a chance for a nine day, adventured-filled excursion for two to discover the beautiful island of Costa Rica complete with flights and accommodations.” 
     Lincoln Star. Nebraska. “Brother of Leader of Island of Costa Rica is Assaulted.”
     Cuyaga Collection. “For many years, Costa Rica has been an island of democracy, peace and stability...” 'World's Happiest Countries.' “The island nation of Costa Rica garnered the 14th spot on the list.” World News. “...Wall Street woman was killed in a tiger shark attack on the remote island of Costa Rica.” “The island of Costa Rica generated enough renewable energy to power itself for 300 days of the year, largely through hydro-power...”
     Honolulu Star Advertiser, 6/5/13. 'Sun-Island Locations.' “Sun-Island destinations: Oahu, Hawaii Island, Aruba, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Costa Rica.”
     During a pre-game show in 2014, ESPN's Mike Tirico stated on film: “...Cabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, awesome scene, San Jose, Costa Rica, this nation of 4.7 million people, island nation, that are gathered as one...” Considerably later, Tirico had to apologize and wrote: “Oops, didn't realize said island nation about Costa Rica...know it's an isthmus...”, 7/8/15. “The small island nation of Costa Rica has pledged to be carbon-neutral by 2021.”
     Televised news report stated: “Cleanup begins in Costa Rica, after a late season hurricane hits that island nation.” There's no record now of CR being hit by a hurricane in 2015-16, of course. Yet the news clip exists. Look how often the term “island nation” was used in print over the last 100 years.
     Refer back to the boy, now grown, who was compelled to fly to Costa Rica (in new reality) to find clues to the wonderful stories his stepmother told years ago. Enrique C. sadly confessed that his stepmother (like many others) has altered and now believes CR as it is today, and it has always been that way. Ricky: “I have come to accept that I have seen a different version of her...She presently says Costa Rica has always been in Central America and was never (an island) in the Caribbean.”
     Ricky concluded: “It is my belief Costa Rica simultaneously exists as an island in the Caribbean, and a landlocked country in Central America. But for some reason, we are only able to see the version of where it is currently in Central America...”
     Review the numerous island references from old newspapers, books, ads, etc., above. Notice that nothing is from 2016 or beyond 2016. This has incredible significance in regard to WHEN the big Mandela Tsunami really struck the Earth and changed the Old World into a mirrored New World~ Evidence shows it was late 2015 or the beginning of 2016.
     That's when the radical transformations happened.
     Costa Rica morphed to the mainland supports the evidence that the island of Gibraltar has also merged with the mainland, and vice versa. Other global changes support the idea our planet is now very different from what it was, but only according to some people's memories.
     The entire planet has unnaturally changed and we should wake up to the fact. Stay tuned.
A Case for Costa Rica Island by TS Caladan 54525194_10211792676167125_7686372424673132544_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

A Case for Costa Rica Island by TS Caladan 54525202_10211793375704613_8948887733598683136_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

Write to Tray. New book with great artwork will be available in the near future. Best collection of real Mandela Effects as well as important and unique answers we should all know.


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