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Actor Who Allegedly Choked Her ... Jumps to His Death

5/14/2019 12:14 PM PDT
Actor Who Once Allegedly Choked Paris Jackson Jumps to His Death
RIP Issac Kappy 0514-isaac-kappy-instagram-1
The actor who allegedly choked Paris Jackson and accused Seth Green of pedophilia jumped off a bridge in Arizona and died.
The Arizona Department of Public Safety has confirmed Isaac Kappy is the guy who jumped to his death Monday at the bridge near Bellemont, Arizona. Kappy reportedly forced himself off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40 where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck ... officials confirmed Tuesday morning.
Before jumping off the bridge ... several bystanders tried physically restraining Kappy from jumping but failed to hold him. There were no other injuries and authorities have now closed their investigation.
RIP Issac Kappy 0514-isacc-kappy-note-insta-2
Kappy's suicide comes on the heels of an ominous and lengthy Instagram post Monday he captioned, "Beware the man has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect." His post included, "See the light in others ... This lesson has come too late for me, but perhaps it can inspire you. I will be using the remainder of my time on earth to atone for my transgressions, and to seek the light within, in others and myself."

Kappy, of course, once had Paris fearing for her life back in August 2018 after he allegedly choked her during a game night party. He continued texting her after that scary incident ... forcing her to beef up her security  to protect herself.
Our sources said Paris initially replied to Kappy's texts because she feared he was suicidal and wanted to be supportive. Kappy had also posted a video in which he rambled about Seth Green being a pedophile.
Kappy had several small movie roles in "Thor," "Terminator Salvation" and Beerfest." 
He was 42.


Isaac Kappy Dead: Actor Who Accused Steven Spielberg of Abuse Dies at 42

  • Updated  May 14, 2019 

RIP Issac Kappy Pjimage-17
Facebook/Felicity Bickerton  Isaac Kappy pictured in November 2018.
Isaac Kappy, the “Thor” actor who choked Paris Jackson and accused Steven Spielberg of abuse, has died after jumping off of a bridge in Arizona. Kappy’s death was confirmed in a statement from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on May 14. Kappy killed himself on May 13. The ADPS said that troopers were called to milepost 185 at Transwestern Road at 7:26 a.m. after hearing reports that a man had jumped from a bridge over the interstate and had been hit by a car. At the time of his death, Kappy was 42 years old.

In His Final Instagram Post, Kappy Paid Tribute to the ‘Q Movement’

In August 2018, Kappy attracted media attention when he accused actor Seth Green and director Steven Spielberg of sexually abusing him. Kappy was also accused of choking Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson.

RIP Issac Kappy Isaac-kappy
Instagram/Isaac Kappy
The day before his death, Kappy posted a lengthy, rambling statement to his Instagram page. Kappy began by saying that the had come for “some stark revelations” about his character. Kappy said that despite believing himself to be a good person, the truth is that he had “not been a good guy.” Kappy said that he has used people, owed money, dealt drugs and “abused” his body with narcotics, cigarettes and alcohol.
Kappy said that he “supposedly” wanted to make America great, but neglected to make himself great. He remarks about one specific recent incident that caused him trauma but does not elaborate on what happened. Kappy said that the act “cost him everything.” He goes on to say that he had “gambled away” his future.
In another section, Kappy makes reference to the “Q movement.” Kappy says he is “so sorry” for having “brought shame upon the greatest military operation of all time.” Kappy says that he outed pedophiles who were former friends but that he “remained in their sphere for much longer” than he should have.
Kappy makes a direct reference to President Donald Trump saying, “I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting. A nation cannot suffer its traitors, and I am no exception.” Kappy concludes by saying that he squandered his talents and that he has “betrayed” Jesus.



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