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 omnipulse   Uncategorized   June 24, 2019 

No matter what they say, you are in control. If you have overcome the BS, then you have done it. The last effort of the ‘elite’ is to pretend they are an angry mob out to ‘take down’ the elite. They’re just going to attack anyone who mentions ritual abuse or mental liberation.
True independence means you’re also not propping yourself up to ‘fight’ in a super special war against dark groups that rely on your reliance. That is the game. One side helps the other side. The ‘freedom fighters’ are literally required and the counterpart to the oppression.

No one doing that will and no one has assisted in the liberation. Those are easy measures and they will spin according to whatever the current scapegoat or collective hysteria is. They will prey on your naivety and your susceptibility to emotional manipulation.
This is part of the 9 layer veil system in place for humans. Everything becomes worked into a truman show kind of adventure which takes you directly in a circle, if you give any emotional charge to it at all. It’s not real. It’s a show. The truth is without emotional projection.

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