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Inner Earth Civilizations

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Inner Earth Civilizations Hqdefault

Inner Earth Civilizations – Dauntless Dialogue

At man’s core, he has a great longing for mystery; And at Earth’s core, he may just find it. Man has forever contemplated his place in creation, examining the forces of nature and reaching for answers in the unknown. Today we are going to examine one of the most fascinating topics of all time regarding our home planet – one that challenges the mind and teases the imagination.
As Above, So Below
Today, we will discuss the prospect of Inner Earth civilizations, a controversial idea propounded by some scientists, independent investigators, whistleblowers, and internet-dwelling conspiracy theorists alike. Inner Earth proponents posit that the we humans are not alone on spaceship Earth, and that we don’t need to look beyond the stars to find our kin. The tantalizing prospect of intraterrestrials may be uncomfortable to some, exhilarating to others, and patently absurd to most. Some insist that Earth’s composition is not one of increasing density, pressure, and heat the closer to the core that you explore. Instead, they claim, Earth has cavities that house life on scales that rival the surface of the planet. This porous planetary profile contains ecosystems with a diversity of biological organisms and potentially subterranean civilizations of sentient lifeforms. Some say we have compelling evidence that leads us to conclude we may one day explore these ecosystems; others say we already have.
The following presentation of Inner Earth material is not meant to pass as a proof. Rather, this presentation invites your imagination into a fabled world of entertaining theories and mythologies that instill childlike wonder about our home planet, a place we think we know inside and out. I am but an armchair researcher using the internet as my treasure map, sharing with you the curious and the fantastical. This is a collection of various intriguing concepts meant to introduce the newcomer to the vast and unfamiliar subject in an organized manner. Let’s dig deep, shall we?
This presentation is categorized into 5 sections. First, we shed light on the two totally distinct theories on Inner Earth (henceforth abbreviated as IE): Hollow Earth and Honeycomb Earth (this clarifies our vocabulary as the two distinctions are often misused or conflated). Next, we wade into the subject with a cursory historical introduction. Then we travel back to antiquity to consolidate and analyze various mythological references to IE and IE civilizations. Next, we examine a selection of scientific theories and evidence supporting IE’s plausibility, followed by some conspiratorial clues and interesting evidence hinting at a possible cover-up. Finally, we dive into some juicy anecdotal testimonies and written accounts in modern times.
http://www.d auntlessdialogue. com/lets-talk-about-inner-earth-civilizations\

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