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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » Our invitation to USA government from the Keshe Foundation

Our invitation to USA government from the Keshe Foundation

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Post subject: Our invitation to USA government
Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 10:16

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In the past 72 hours I have personally
submitted letter to United State of America ambassador to Belgium
through the embassy e-mail system for the delivery of the USB stick of
the full technology to US government, which we have been given this
e-mail address by the office of the ambassador and it was confirmed by
his secretary that the e-mail was received and the response of His
Excellency Ambassador H. Gutman’s secretary after consultation with him
while I was on the Phone is as follows

The ambassador himself has no time for ever and the embassy of USA has no one to receive the USB stick as they are all too busy.

I think the embassy in Brussel employees easily over 500 people.

embassy has No one and No one has time for less than one minute to
accept from the Keshe Foundation a simple key which contains a gift from
a friend and with free patents and blueprints of space reactor of the
most advance technology known to man.

We can post the letter to
your ambassador if this does not become an embarrassment for the Keshe
Foundation that we have to do real hard work to get world scientists to
collaborate for the better of the mankind.

Strange enough less
than three weeks ago the consul of the embassy had time for more than an
hour to talk to me in the same building for me to give a presentation
in US to NASA on their request and I am still waiting for visa

We can post all correspondences in respect to this matter too.

May be they will find time soon, we pray that man will mature oneday.

always have time for friends and we can wait until maturity of thoughts
and action become consensuses among the race of the man.

Thanks to:



I would think that the Keshe Foundation would by now have enough experience with Gov. agencies, to know that if they wanted new technology to be released to everyone freely, the last place to go would be to the Government. Not knowing the extent of all the technology they supposedly have to release, but based on things supposedly reported by the Foundation, is a "Space Reactor" really at the top of the list of things we could use first ??
Just seems a bit strange to me...

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