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The Blind Leading the Sightless (Part 2)

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1The Blind Leading the Sightless (Part 2) Empty The Blind Leading the Sightless (Part 2) on Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:13 pm


...continued from part 1...
Still here, eh?  Oh well, don’t feel bad.  It took that goofy and lovable Nazarene Light Worker, spiritual eclectic, gigolo, and Piscean Avatar trickster, Issa(see below) years with the Druids of England ingesting an entheogenic brew of bogberry and mistletoe to aid Him in learning the subtle mysteries of dreaming the light-body, 4 years with the Illuminati priesthood of Egypt before He garnered “ears to hear and eyes to see”, and 12 years of discipleship breathing into and out of various yoga and khumnai asanas, and schlepping The Sutras, essential oils, gum incense, victuals, and water for assorted master healer yogins and Tantric yoginis in India and Tibet before He even learned to cure a boil by The Laying On of Hands.  The quest for spiritual insight and power over the material world takes time and must be vigorously pursued by various and strenuous physical and mental energy techniques every day (see Chapter XXI) in order to reprogram the human bio-computer (brain and nervous system) to recognize its True Human Nature and function in The Right Mind.  And now keeping in step with Contemporary Humanity’s deeply ingrained and ceaselessly programmed penchant for unbridled commerciality, We pause for a brief public service announcement from Our sponsors – Tetragrammaton:
“You Are After the Fashion in Which You Breathe.
Breathe Shallow, Live Shallow.
Breathe Deeply, Live Deeply.”
We now return to Our regularly scheduled deprogramming…
There is a great cosmic comedy being played out on this planet as part and parcel of The New Age of Light and Our beloved New Age Apes are crucial to the plot’s outcome.  Enough about Them and THAT.  It seems that in All of Time The Beginning That Knows No End has never tired of seeing upon infinite worlds the KO punch-line delivered to those power-hungry few who would think they have “all the bases covered” in regard to their self-delusions that they are shaping the destiny of a planet that is in movement from Darkness to The Light.  On the third world from Sol (this world) those poor pedophilic sodomites would be the two ultra-wealthy and equally powerful aristocratic “families” who are in endless contention to control the world’s energy.  Control a world’s energy and you control a world(see below) – but only for a fleeting cosmic moment and at a very surface level.  They know all too well that their reign is coming to an end as The Light approaches and the greased-pig grip they maintain by manipulating The Dark is sliding from their inbred fingers into Perpetuity.  There have been greater beings on more advanced worlds that despite all their contingencies could not foresee or outwit The Great Celestial Comic and Final Twist in the co(s)mic plot.  This very moment finds civilizations from every corner and plane of existence in The Local Omniverse gathered in the sphere around Planet Earth to watch and guffaw as another realm prat-falls at the hands of The Original Late-Night Host.
In the Final Analysis, Humanity is living in a Dream of its own design.  It is Humanity’s desire to experience this stylishly fashioned nightmare for at the end of the day it is God’s Desire, so that She may experience Himself in every conceivable mode.  What then is Our role in this outlandish sitcom, as We’ve been kvetching about waking up and prattling on about Framers and Apes and Avatars and True Human Nature and The Right Mind when it is The Vast One’s Compulsory Desire that you should be in a walking coma?  We ask that you ponder these wise words of Grande Mamita Ayahuasca –
“Aaaah… my dear MONKEY THAT is the Great Mystery…
Let go, come to ME for I Love You, and let Our journey begin…”

(from above) a.k.a Jesus.  Etymologically, the name ‘Jesus’ is a derivative of the Old Aramaic ‘iesu’ meaning “…one who is born without distinguishing sexual characteristics.”  This, however, was a nickname given to Him by His female admirers as an inside joke between themselves in regard to the Venerable One’s very distinguishable staff.  It is also responsible for the misleading notion of His virgin birth as the literal and subsequent loss of translation from Aramaic into the Greek and then Latin is “one who is born without sex”.  This literary faux pas was a liturgical windfall that played nicely into the hands of the religious power barons who a century later were crafting the dogmas of the burgeoning Church of Rome.  – H.V. Mary
(from above)Interested parties or conspiracy buffs will want to research the University of Buffalo’s suppression and subsequent deep-sixing of leading American “smart materials” scientist and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UB, Dr. Deborah D. L. Chung’s discovery of The Carbon Filament Negative Resistor – a mechanism that produces UNLIMITED free energy.

Read Part One here:

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