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1 THE RITE OF EQUANIMITY (#8) on Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:59 am



Children of the Sun Foundation via

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...

The Rite of Equanimity

English Downloads Here

This is also the unified focus for the Planetary Grid Transmissions
this New Moon TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Tuesday, November 13.

[center]RITE OF PASSAGE #8

The Rite of Equanimity

All evolutionary development is based on the resolution of karma in our planetary system until we reach this initiation.

This is the phase in
which we authentically enter into the "peace that passeth
understanding", potentially leaving behind all suffering as we transcend
the last vestiges of personal selfishness.

Equanimity is our
real nature. It is realized from the remembrance and understanding of
the One Consciousness at play in the weavings of our daily life.

is through Equanimity, combined with intuition and synchronicity as our
guide, that we are able to navigate the choppy waters of the material
plane with grace and ease. With an attitude of indifference, we are
unattached to outcomes and focus only upon the task at hand.

In this Rite, we are
learning to serve through mental detachment as stilled instruments of
peace. This initiation helps us to live our daily life from the Absolute

This initiation is the point of truly
realizing the eternal moment as the past, present and future existing as
one. In this field of expanded perception, all becomes possible. We
make the choice to surrender the "past" as a living imprint in favor of
the all encompassing Now.



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