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PostSubject: DRAGONSPELL THE LUCIFERIAN EXPERIMENT   Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:05 pm


By: Planetary Shaman
Michael Silverhawk

As the ancient story goes, there was a mighty Archangel who became jealous of God and decided to rebel against the divine order and become his own God over creation. His name, though unknown by all, was Atonel, which means the guardian of divine light, or the lightbringer. After his rebellion, he became Antiel, or the one who rebels against the heavens.
Then various names were attached to him on every world he invaded. The Archangels are, in fact, principalities of mind and spirit. They can individualize themselves through individuals, however and take any form they wish as well. They hail from the angelic realms of higher dimension.

So Antiel set about to recruit everyone he could into this adventure in rebellion, promising them fulfillment of their secret lusts and desires and all manner of rewards in return. Many worlds and innocents fell under his charms and spells. Galactic wars ensued as a result.
Antiel wanted to rule as God over all and was sure he could do a better job of it.

After a time, however, he realized he could never succeed in his ultimate aim and in his rage and frustration he fell even deeper into his self-created darkness. So he devised a new agenda that would become his hidden agenda of ultimate evil and revenge. This agenda will be revealed later on.

When Antiel rebelled he also realized that he was on his own and had cut himself off from the powers of heaven. Father/Mother God would not, of course, back his play, but let him go his way nonetheless. So he had but one power left that would become his calling card and ultimate power; The power to deceive. This he mastered to the nth degree. He also taught his chosen ones this black art of spells and deceptions. They were all used against the innocent and unsuspecting people of divine love and universal order among the stars.


So as he seduced and beguiled world after world, his empire grew. He always showed up as a friend, never as a conqueror. He was patient in his moves and slowly eroded the unsuspecting souls until they fell completely under his spells and power. His agents of various star races would use frequencies of control over the minds of populations, usually within artificial moons that were brought to the planets by great starships. DNA was manipulated to downgrade souls into duality and illusion. Lies were woven with truth until all were confused and off balance.

Wars were instigated and the raging competition for wealth, power and control. Beautiful garden worlds and peaceful souls were decimated and degraded over time. Bastard inbred Kings and Queens replaced natural leaders until the former peaceful world was forgotten, save by the more masterful among the people. Then the valiant struggles to restore the light and divine order ensued until one or the other emerged victorious. Thus it went down through the eons among the stars and star-wars as well.


So this war came to our star system in time. Mars was one world that fell, perhaps the first. It was a beautiful world in the beginning and degraded into war and then self-destruction. The remnant souls then came here for a new beginning. The whole drama then played out on Earth as well. Now because we are in the last days of allotted time for the dark ones, more detail needs to come forth in order for the light of truth and love to finally win this day and bring back home the greatest number of souls. This battle has raged now for two cycles of 26,000 years each. The first was the fall of man and the second the rule of man. Now comes finally the Liberation of man and our earth.


It was in Atlantis where the Martian souls landed and incarnated. They were an older race of humans and had advanced far more with technology. This they brought with them in their akashic memories. Because of this beguilement and the rise of war, they brought forth the destruction of that land. Its colonies such as Egypt, Maya and Inca civilizations remained. However, we fell into a great amnesia of our former selves and heritage and had to slowly regain our memories over time. The great and masterful souls have helped us along the way, as well as our distant star families. With their help, we were able to rebuild civilizations like Egypt, Sumar and the Celestial lands of the East and the Americas as well.

All through history the wars of the light and dark brotherhoods raged for influence over the minds and souls of humanity. The four dark horsemen of the dark alliance were the principalities of lies, illusions, ignorance and fear. These were all wielded to control us all. The weapons of the light were the principalities of truth, light, knowledge and love. These would conquer the others if applied masterfully. So the war for dominion raged on down through time in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and now America. The dark ones infiltrated every attempt of the light to restore the divine estate. Now we have arrived at the end time. Now it will all be decided. Will we become a glorious garden world of freedom or another burnt cinder in the stars like Mars?


You see we have never lost the divine gift of freedom and free and sovereign will. We were created to be Princely sons and Princess daughters of the most high Majesties of creation. We were sent forth to explore our own potential and the potential of all creation as well. We are co-creators of the Majesties, the King and Queen, God/Goddess of all the stars. As heirs to this vast estate, we were to be guardians and stewards of its integrity and purpose, which is to explore how glorious life can become and how powerful love can be. How many formulas and equations are possible in life/creation/expression? This is the eternal quest, you see. It is with supreme joy and love that the Majesties carry on with us, their children. If we were to fall, we would have to be seduced over time to do so. That was the rule of the Luciferian game. We had to surrender to the madness of darkness of our own free will. And in turn we will return to love and sanity by our own free will as well. This is what it means to be a free and sovereign being. That is the deal. We are free and sovereign beings within our human castle/temples. In unity with our Father/Mother source we can fend off all comers and remain in love and integrity. If we are seduced to abandon that trust, then we are lost. That is the fall of man. That is what hell is made of.


The most recent overture of the light was the establishment of America. The end of the rule of Kings and Queens and the establishment of the sovereignty of the individual in a self-governing society came to be. A new chance and beginning for humanity was born. America is not so much a country but a realization and remembrance of our original state of being on earth as free souls in the peace of brotherhood/sisterhood. A chance to return to Eden. In this way America belongs to everyone on earth. A free, prosperous and shining world was and is the ideal. But it too was infiltrated and seduced by the dark, was it not? No effort or expense was spared to snuff it out and bring it into darkness and evil control to serve its evil masters.

You have to realize that the luciferians are spies. They are secret agents and chameleons. They blend in with the crowd. That is how they hide and seduce and beguile. They weave spells and lies into our affairs and point the blame onto their enemies at every opportunity. You can know them by their works, however. By their deeds ye shall know them. Words can hypnotize and cast spells. Deeds speak for themselves. When you re-unite with Source within, the Gods-eye will reveal all as it really is. This is how we win. War is their celebration, not ours. They divide and conquer. They set us against one another at every opportunity. They whisper in the right ears and all is set into motion. They prey upon weakness and desire. That is how they win.

Wars of religion and territorial conquest is their forte. They belong to no country or religion, but rather to all of them. Their single aim is to destroy like a virus destroys its host. Here in America they promote empire building on the right and hate and destruction on the left. The left’s seduction is their pride and joy. They have established the ultimate Luciferian coup d'e tat among the Left in every land. They have seduced them into hating their own humanity and humanity itself. They taught you to celebrate tyranny and the human sacrifice of war and genocide. Why else do you worship the likes of Stalin, Mao, Castro and others like them and drink their Kool-Aide? These are mass-murderers of men, women and children. Why do you revel in their deeds? Now we come to the ultimate revelation and hidden agenda of the Dark Angel himself.


You see Antiel realized that he could never conquer the creation nor the Creator either. So in his rage and frustration he set about to exact his final revenge. Total destruction. Now he had not the power to destroy creation himself, but he could do the next best thing; he would seduce all into their own self-destruction. He would poison all the heavens with it. If he could not have it, then neither would God. Can you imagine such rage as this? He would nurture guilt in those who fell from love and unity. He would drive it in with pitchforks. He would drive ones insane with self-hate and the same vengeance for being born. Hate all of it, he raged. Destroy it utterly. Become my Kamikazes. Merge and lose your individuality within my collective and bomb the carriers. It matters not that you die. It matters only that the vessel is sunk.

Then in his own self-hatred he would flail himself on the vessel of the universe itself to destroy it utterly. He’s the king of the Kamikazes. This is his final fuck you to God, you see. This is the crystalline pure madness. This is the diamond of evil itself. To return to the void and become nothing and all else as well. So behind all his promises and seductions of power, wealth and control, of fame and fortune or of whatever else might seem dear to you, this was the end game all along. The rage and insanity of an archangel. Pretty awe inspiring, isn’t it? Still wish to follow the mad angel? Do you wish to become nothing as well? Then there is an old saying that comes to mind; be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. All-powerful Source can arrange whatever you wish. You’ll have to pardon the rest of us, however. We won’t be joining you. We like living and loving and pioneering potential of being and becoming.

You might just want to rethink your path. Take a walk in the park or in the forest and meditate. Have a sandwich. Then have a laugh at yourself and lighten up. Come to the party. We’re all still here and the love of the Majesties still awaits your return. Hope to see you there.

Blessings to all
Michael Silverhawk
Planetary Shaman

Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:11 AM

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PostSubject: Re: DRAGONSPELL THE LUCIFERIAN EXPERIMENT   Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:40 pm

WOW... that was an inspiring read!

Thanks ymo!


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