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The Terminal Disease by Ines Radman

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1The Terminal Disease by Ines Radman Empty The Terminal Disease by Ines Radman on Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:45 pm


The Terminal Disease
March 22, 2020 Ines Radman

The Terminal Disease by Ines Radman 1b45cda651dc20367a9532d5f6077ede?s=100&r=pg&d=mm

As of this day, we are told to stay indoors and self isolate. We are only allowed to go out for necessities but that could change tomorrow and we may only be able to go out at certain days to buy food. My Island of Solta is very small, it takes me 20 minutes to ride from one end to another, with 1200 population that live here and it will rise up to 10,000 during the warm months. I never thought that we would be put under restrictions because all of us live in homes, therefore, don’t need to use common entrances. But because some people that live in the EU escaped their Virus Ravaged Countries before the borders were closed managed to come here where they have summer homes.  I can’t say it’s their fault and I can’t blame them; but as of today, only islanders can return to the island and have to self isolate for 14 days.
This morning, our Capital Zagreb experienced 3 earthquakes and a lot of damage. In the midst of a Global Pandemic and 6 countries bordering us; it is very dangerous for those that live in fear and believe that they will get infected.
It’s Terminal Madness in the stage of manifestation.
Before you arrived, you knew what you were getting into. As a Soul, you self determined whether you were mature enough to handle what is now going on. Kind of like an athlete. They train and prepare for their events and feel that they are ready and that they have practised enough to have the potential to win. But shit happens and you’re not always as good as you think. This is how the Souls experience their decision to come here. Some of us didn’t make it. What do I mean by that? The Soul could not in time figure out who they were and why they were here. Without remembering this, we can’t fulfill our roles here. You see, we agreed to come here under the condition that our memories would be blocked from accessing. Though the brain holds recent/current body memories during their human lifetime, we also have the Akash where everything is recorded; not just past and present but the future as well.
Life on Earth is a challenge, it’s a reality where one goes to test themselves to see if they are advanced enough and because before we entered, we didn’t know of the Dark Forces that really changed the course of this reality. My point is this: This is now the unravelling of Souls to either move forward with their tasks or leave. I have seen an Earth almost empty of human life, but I have also seen a free humanity. Although war torn and tired of war to regain independence from the Matrix; we are free and not controlled and no longer have to pay to live on Earth.
When I first wrote about Terminal Madness in 2015; I saw the bell curve and knew that in order for things to change, something had to happen. While everyone in my community is scared and panicking, I am celebrating. I am calm, at peace with who I am, it’s almost like I am seeing myself in a futuristic scenario. It’s very difficult to explain my reality, but I’m half here and half on the other side. I observe the events, try to help with psychological traumas and blockages, but have no emotional attachment to everything that is happening at this time.
Many souls are leaving. They either did their job and have left or never did figure out why they were here and couldn’t handle the reality of Earth. This is the last place we go before we change our Lesson Plan; or we want to just revisit to see if we are just as strong as we were last time. It’s a game. It’s hard to say that to someone who has no idea what is going on, but it is a game we chose to play.
I think that this is intentional; I have seen all the world leaders getting vaccinated before the outbreak; they will act out they are infected or tested positive because it would look too obvious to see our world leaders not being infected while they have hundreds of people around them all day. They may not know the vaccine includes this Virus; but they have been cared for. The inventor of this Virus had to create a Vaccine in order to give to those that run this planet, so those at the top are protected.
Don’t panic. Whatever you are doing is the right thing to do, I always say that. You made this choice Old Soul; all of us here volunteered to be here at this time and each one of us came with their own game plan. I’m here for the long haul. This Virus is not going to go away, it has to circulate to every single human. The human body can’t make antibodies, therefore, until each one of us have come into contact with it, it won’t stop spreading. It’s intent is to rid as many weaklings as possible: Drug addicts, disabled people, old folks, basically anyone that is not strong enough to serve the masters. There are too many of us, they need to get rid of 2/3 of us. It’s in Agenda 21; read it and see for yourselves.
The best thing you can do right now, is ensure you are safe, that you have a strong immune system to kill that Virus; and to be accepting, loving to yourself. You are what you think and you are what you eat, remember that.
See you soon.

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