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1 William Mount CFR CALLS FOR STRIKE ON IRAN on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:04 am


William Mount
Thu Feb 9, 2012 15:43;article=140072

The latest newsletter from the Council Foreign Relations has called for an immediate strike on Iran. See: CFR Time To attack Iran

In the article it states that Iran attempted to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US back in Oct 2011.

(((((((((((((Didn't the US try that last year - a coup on the Saudi Arabian King, and ended up arresting an Ambassador form Saudi Arabia, the King's son? The US has arrested more Ambassador's in the last 165 years than the rest of the world in 4,000 years.))))))))))))))

For Many years now the Press has debated the pros and cons of invading Iran,and killing large numbers of Iranians. Many feel that the Invasion would fail and would spark a world wide economic collapse. This invasion would keep Iran from Building a Nuclear Bomb.

Many fear the cost of a bombing campaign and would rather solve this diplomatically. True Skeptics of a war, they argue, fail to realize the danger of a Nuclear Armed Iran.

So the CFR is calling on Hillary to immediately attack Iran and knock out their Nuclear Production Facilities immediately. They state that killign more Iranians would be good for the Security of the United States.
Remember - all of the members of the CFR have received Insider Trading Tips from Mitt Romney's Special Digital Channel form Clear Wire. This means that they all have Child Porn and Child Snuff films stored on their Computers and TVs. Yes - TVs have memories. So - these folks say what they are told to say, write what they are told to wright.

The only problem is - if you watch films of Hillary - she get's her marching orders from the CFR.
So these folks cannot talk about Putin's Speech 25 Oct 2007 when he says: These nuclear Programs in Iran and North Korea are mine Mr Bush. You will ot interfere in these nation, do I make myself perfectly clear.

Nor can they discuss the Green Sands Program: The Atoms for Peace where the US build the Shaw of Iran 300 Nukes.

Nor can they discuss the Iranian Computer seized by the US State Department stating Iran has Nuclear Armed ICBMs.

Nor can they discuss the 3 underground bases in Iran that are building more nukes.

Nor can they discuss a recent interview between Charlie Roe and Zignew Brazinski (former US National Security Adviser) where he said: "Israel should offer to give theirs (Nukes) up if the Iranians offer to give theirs up."

In other worlds the former National Security Adviser admits Iran has Nukes.

If member of the CFR discuss these issues they go to jail for Child Porn and Child Snuff films in their homes.
If you wish more information on this issue please read the mot rcent CFR newsletter.


Go to Brother Nathanial's website: REALZIONISTNEWS.COM

Brother Nathanial is a Russian Orthodox Priest licensed by ROCA. If he ever has any trouble with ROCA I will appoint him a Russian Orthodox Priest for Russia.
For you Intel Geeks:

Jerusalem was build on Mount Zion.

A Zionist is a Sworn Loyalty to the Roman Pope (Lucifer) to build the Catholic Temple on Mount Zion in the year 0232. See Interview with Count Hanz Kovoanbach, 4/15/00.

The invasion of Iran may be hindered by those 8 Nukes currently in the Iranian Embassy in DC.

By the way Hillary - the Real Hillary has Cervex Cancer. That is why she looks so "bedaggled."
Thank you APFN - I opened a Magazine and there was the Iodine Cure for cancer. It is sweeping the world, one clinic at a time.

You are making a difference APFN.

Please - keep praying for - Visualize -threat the APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER continues to go viral.

You Deserve the Truth

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) US

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