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From a FELLOW NEVADA Patriot......

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1 From a FELLOW NEVADA Patriot...... on Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:09 pm


From a FELLOW NEVADA Patriot......

Shelly Johnson
"One of our endorsed candidates in Reclamation was named Stan Vaughn. (See our FB page here: ( Ultra knowledgeable in constitutional issues. Here is some info about him...keep your eye on him. He is making national news about the secession movement.
Stan Vaughan was the featured guest on the CBS radio show, The Kevin Wall Show today at 3:15pm in Las Vegas.
Vaughan refuted the arguments of Nevada State officials who brought up that Nevada was required to waive rights to public lands, and waive rights to secession as a prerequisite mandate to join the Union in 1864.
Vaughan pointed out that the US Supreme Court in the landmark 1911 case Coyle versus Smith established the C
onstitutional EQUAL FOOTING DOCTRINE by ruling that US Congressional mandates requiring such Congressional mandates to be placed in State Constitutions were ruled to be unconstitutional and null and void, EVEN if the voters of a State approved said Constitution including such unconstitutional mandates. The Case ruled that new States admitted must have all rights that the preexisting original 13 States had from 1783 prior to the Federal Constitution being created.
Vaughan has been rescheduled for a later date for the Sean Hannity National TV show after Obama Administration officials cancelled their agreement to debate Vaughan on the show regarding the right of secession which petitions from 9 States have now passed the threshhold at requiring official administration response. The administration was to argue that a so-called 1866 Proclamation from President Andrew Johnson eliminated that right, while Vaughan pointed out that the so called author of that proclamation was not even eligible for President as Tennessee was not a member of the Federal Union at the time he allegedly took office as US president from a State US Congress said was not in the Union.
Vaughan appeared also today on ABC News to again argue versus State Archivist and official Guy Rocha who took the position Secession was treason. Vaughan again pointed out the 1911 EQUAL footing clause declared the unconstitutional mandate as being null and void."

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