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Republic New Declaration Of Independence Oct 2012

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Republic New Declaration Of Independence Oct 2012
Friday, November 16, 2012

The New Declaration of Independence 21 October 2012

The men and women on the Continental United States of America, bound together by their mutual knowledge of the abuses to We THE People by the present corporate government has assembled to fill the vacant seats of the lawfull de jure government of the United States of America.

The corporate government that people accept today as the government is not the Republican form of government that the founders gave us. We The People assembled in Michigan to restore the Republican form of government have met and completed this task.
In the year 1861 when Congress adjourned sine die (sine die means “without setting a return date”), it left the nation without a congress to conduct lawfull business.
After determining the condition of Michigan's federal legislative offices, the Assembly re-seated those de jure offices and conducted the necessary functions to establish a working congress. As a result, we have filled the office of the President of the United States of America with an interim office holder. The de jure republican form of government established the authority to move the military by orders from the civilian authority to act in compliance with the Oath to defend the Constitution and the Republic against all enemies Foreign and Domestic.

This is the culmination of thirty-two (32) months of assembly meetings, research, debating and recording the findings of the members of the assembly to compile the evidence of the corporate United States corruption and crimes perpetrated against We THE People. We THE People in general assembly determined that the only resolution to the current situation was to populate the vacant de jure seats of the Republic and notice and inform the corporate “ACTORS” their authority does not apply to our form of government. The Michigan General Jural Assembly has served "Notice" to corporate government officers at all levels including Local, State, National and International notices under Affidavits of Publication and direct service at their physical offices.

All levels of corporate government have been served with notices that We THE People object to the lies and deception. We THE People intend to peacefully continue to fill the de jure seats of government which remains unchallenged and to initiate a lawfull election to fill all legislative offices of the Republic. It is also We THE People’s intent to audit all government branches and to hold accountable all corrupt politicians and others.
• The new Declaration of Independence
• The Orders
• RPost Receipt

Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:16 AM


It is due time that the 'people' took over the reigns of our government, and get rid of the poison that is killing us all- :x :cheers:

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