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The GFP Update – The Galactic Alignment Of 2012! An Inevitable Event – 17 November 2012

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The GFP Update – The Galactic Alignment Of 2012! An Inevitable Event – 17 November 2012

Posted on November 17, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~
Earth Ally Reane’s Rainbow Orb~ Let Love Pour IN!

Greetings Love Beings, The current energies are continuing to swirl
about the Planet in intensity which were maginfied through our Last
Eclipse, these energieswill continue to increase in intensity. The
Energy of Heaven is Here! This is also creating those energies which are
not in alignment to come up for review.

We are witnessing this now reflected in the middle east and in
Greece. What is occurring in these area’s, is multi~ dimensional, and is
serving Humanity in many ways, whether you can see it or not. Since our
Last portals and Powerful Solar Eclipse, The Planet has Lifted In
Vibration at a Very Quick rate and everyone Now must rise to meet this
energy as Well. There is no going back. This Incoming Energy is
Requesting Love and Peace for Planet Earth and this is the Inevitable

Mike Quinsey and Salusa “We notice a great upturn in the amount of
Light upon the Earth, and that is to your credit and dedication to have
brought so much to it. To some the energies are proving to be too
powerful and disorientating. However, as they learn what is actually
taking place, they may be able to flow with the energies and experience a
higher degree of consciousness. They may otherwise experience feelings
of impending change, without being able to determine what is happening…
We monitor the rising levels of consciousness and they are absolutely
speeding up at an incredible rate. That is what we like to see, as it is
opening more hearts… as to what is going on, after all you may be
individual souls but you are also part of a group consciousness….All
will proceed as planned, and continue well after Ascension as you
benefit from the new energies….” End of Quote

We are currently Getting Alot of Help from Our SUN! WOW! The
Humongous Explosion yesterday was not earth directed but this energy
will be affecting the subconscious or unconscious on the Planet.

HUMONGOUS ERUPTION: A truly gigantic explosion happened on the sun
today. Magnetic fields snaking halfway across the sun’s southern
hemisphere erupted in tandem, producing a prominence so big, it doesn’t
fit inside this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO):

The blast hurled a CME into space, but the cloud does not appear to be heading for Earth.

RED AURORAS: Auroras are usually green, and sometimes purple, but
seldom do sky watchers see much red. The geomagnetic storm of Nov. 13/14
was different. It produced auroras with a distinctly rosy hue. David E.
Cartier, Sr. photographed the phenomenon near Marsh Lake, about 40 km
east of Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory:

was amazed by the deep scarlet color, which was immediately
recognizable to the unaided eye,” says Cartier. Similar splashes of
candy-cane red were spotted over Norway, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The apparition might be related to rare all-red auroras
sometimes seen during intense geomagnetic storms. They occur some 300
to 500 km above Earth’s surface and are not yet fully understood. Some
researchers believe the red lights are linked to a large influx of
low-energy electrons. When such electrons recombine with oxygen ions in
the upper atmosphere, red photons are emitted. At present, space weather
forecasters cannot predict when this will occur.”

Earth Report from Earth Ally Rain “Weather appears to be calm
worldwide but Italy is still dealing with flooding that has now reached
A parade of storm systems will plow into the West Coast of the U.S.,
starting today, delivering multiple bouts of rain, mountain snow and
wind through the week ahead.

A powerful 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck along the Pacific plate
boundary, near the Tonga trench. No tsunami warnings were issued for the
Today’s 6.1 earthquake is the ninth major earthquake to strike the
planet in the last 9 days. The current string of seismic activity began
on November 8, with successive earthquakes striking Vancouver Islands,
Myanmar, Guatemala, the Gulf of Alaska, Aisen and Coquimbo Chile,
Mexico, the Kuril Islands and lastly, the Tonga Region.

Mount Rokatenda volcano in Sikka regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT),
is spouting volcanic ash. Hundreds of people have been evacuated and six
or more people have been treated for respiratory symptoms. End of quote

We should anticipate many more of these types of events in the
incoming energies to release and cleanse the density off the Planet. The
More who awaken will lessen these releases. If the energy escalates in
the middle east we could see a massive release. This is up to Humanity
how this occurs.

Another aspect to what is unfolding in the Middle East is also a
reflection of Humanity’s inner turmoil resistence to the Love Energy
arriving. This is held unconsciousness or density and its a block to the
flow of the real energies coming in. This is also how the cabal
continue to manipulate the sleeping ones which is their food. This will
be severed. One way or the other this energy will release off the
Planet.This is needed for Her and Humanity to Embrace the Incoming
Energies from the Upcoming Galactic Alignment.

The Planet is Preparing for ascension and all unconsciousness or
density must be released to continue to Move forward into the Center. We
Send the Highest Love for the Highest Outcome for the Greater Good of
All in no matter what this Looks Like! Many Angels are here, they are
Stationed and Placed perfectly. Whatever will occur, how this occurs
will be a Step Forward in Planetary Peace and An Awakened Planet.

Quoted Laura from Salusa “What has been behind the conflict in
Jerusalem, is far beyond the imaginable and pre-dates any officially
recorded historical episodes.

The conflict is likely to escalade and spill to other nations, who
also have hidden interests in Jerusalem and particularly in the Dome.

Do not allow yourselves to go into fear mode. Know that your power is
immense and the power of love is even greater. Although the situation
looks at its worse right now from so many perspectives, know that this a
created and planned situation by the cabal to ensure the spread of
negative vibrations on Earth’s surface.

In order to overcome the challenges ahead, in the remaining few
weeks, the Earth’s population will need to unite and awaken from the
slumber it has carefully been engineered.

… We do encourage you to send loving thoughts, prayers, and help any
practical way end the war in the Middle East. However ensure that you
are not taking sides and are not judging those who are the mere puppets
of the cabal.

We send our love and light to you all as usual, and wish to assure
you that you have a very important part to play in Mother Earth’s final
Ascension Chapter, dear ones. This remains to be discovered by many of
you yet..

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure you that we keep monitoring the
situation on your planet, as well as dealing with much of the loss
taking place right now. Our part to play, as Ascended Masters, is to
serve the divine. Although we understand that the divine’s way is often
difficult to understand at times like these for many of incarnated
souls.” End of quote

11-11 @ 11:11 After meditation this picture in the outback was taken

Sharing the Love ~*~ photo By Tho

Bella Capozzi “Ascension is happening. It is happening everywhere
you look, everywhere you go. You have need only to open up your hearts
and your eyes to know that this is true.

Seek out the good in each of your sisters and brothers, and dig deep
to uncover the life-lesson in every situation. Reach out your hand. If
nothing is ventured, then nothing is gained. Be bold.

Step out of your box and go out into the world. Go out as a friend, a
teacher, a Wayshower, a bringer of The Light. Engage with the persons
around you, and care not a whit as to whether they are “awakened” or
not, or that they are at a similar “level” of spiritual enlightenment as
yourself. [ Love is the Only Answer Now, from Here On Out!]…Acknowledge
that what is left of the illusion of time has sped up to such an
astonishing degree that most of Humanity is cramming entire lifetimes of
experience into a span of merely months! So extend a hand in greeting,
uncomfortable though it may be at times. Heal those you meet with a
kind word and a smile…

You are the living, breathing embodiment of The Creator. You are
here now, at this time, to do The Creator’s bidding – which is to lift
up dear Gaia, and all who dwell upon and within her, to an entirely new
state of being. Choose not to shift your consciousness out of 3rd
density for scheduled pockets of time, but instead exist and be in a
perpetual state of 5th dimensional unity and bliss. Be in a state of
walking~meditation from this moment onward. View the glass not as half
empty but as completely full, and in so doing you shall cease to be
affected by any havoc being wreaked around you. For there shall indeed
be times of chaos as your world transforms, just as there shall be times
of apparent stagnation – it may seem as though there is nothing
important happening at all. But we tell you, do not view the absence of
“events” as meaning that the Ascension is not moving forward. Rather,
see this as confirmation that it is moving forward, that it is in fact
already here! Your new world is one of tranquility and peace and
simplicity. And on that note, we conclude this transmission until next
we speak. Go forth in harmony. End of Quote

Its Truly All Happening Now and Many can feel theis taking place on
all levels throughout the Planet. Its a Feeling which goes beyond words.
There have been many attempting to explain how this incoming event will
occur and change the Planet, and what we can share with you is, its
beyond 3d human comprehension.

Quoted from Shannon “My Brothers and Sisters, I love you all so much!
I feel compelled to write just a few more blogs before the Event

… I have a higher guidance, and higher assurances that EVERYTHING is
about to change. Not just a little mind you, but ALOT. This change is so
far reaching that to discuss it in current terms does it no justice.
This type of change is the type where I can safely say that all you know
is about to be transformed! Anything not of higher intent will
disappear!…. There is a type of shock I’m saying will happen on a global
level in a very short time. Even the members of the CABAL will have
their breath taken away at the suddenness with which this EVENT changes
everything….. there will be no one more surprised than the CABAL, when
in a seeming instant they are brushed aside and made absolutely
irrelevant! Following the news, and the stories, has its merit, but If
you really want to be fully prepared, just realize that very soon, all
of this will change so significantly…, none of the stories will matter
on the level where you will suddenly perceiving….How would business as
usual be possible if everyone were given that gift in one beautiful
moment of love from our creator? What could the CABAL do when those who
work for them suddenly were to know how evil their thoughts were, and
what their intentions truly were even for those that served them? What
could the CABAL do when each man, woman and child KNEW they were family,
and remembered their connection to GOD? IT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE! OF

Love Energy is the Most Powerful Energy in All Of Creation. This
Energy is Spiraling around the Higher Grid and Arriving into the Planet
preparing us for the Galactic Alignment. Everyone is made of this Energy
of Love, and is the very energy which will be released in A Most
Powerful way during this event of the galactic alignment, Which will
Change Everything!

AS this Event Occurs, The Center of the Earth including the
center[Heart] of Everyone On the Planet will all be aligned as ONE with
this Entire Universe. Then there will be an infusion of this Energy into
the entire Planet with highlycharged Light Particles or God

This will Create Energy Movement for Where the inner transforms to
the OUTER which reconnects everything and everyone into The Oneness
Energy Again. Inside of the Earth is all Plasma Meaning Pure
Consciousness Energy. During the Galactic Alignment this Energy will be
connecting with the Center of Earth connected all To Planets and This
Entire Universe. These Combined energies and this will Move Mother Earth
To Take Her Rightful Place at the Center of this Universe. This will
birth a New Energy on this Planet which will emitt out into the Entire
Universe in a continual way. Then We Say Welcome to Eternity!

Quoted from andromedacouncil “The electromagnetic particles that will
be flowing & interchanging between the planets during the 12.21.12
alignment will be highly magnified and highly supercharged when they
reach Earth. They will penetrate the crust, through the Earth and down
into its core. At the actual moment of alignment it will cause the Earth
to pause, and this process will completely transform the core of our
planet to a completely new kind of energy source. This will be the first
time cosmic transformational event of this type ever… for a planet.
Time will begin to go away, and Earth will continue her evolution &
transformation process into becoming a higher dimensional
world.[Planet]” End of quote

“….(Jose Arguelles)On December 21st 2012 The human race will unify as
a single circuit. Solar & galactic sound transmissions will
inundate the planetary field. A current charging both poles will race
across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant
flash.” end of quote

This Massive Light Energy Aligned with the Entire Universe will All
Be connected on December 21st, 2012! This is an Unstoppable Event. This
Energy will move and birth through the Heart of Mother Earth and
Directly Into Yours and will be Just Like How a Baby takes its first
breath. The New Earth is Born!

Decreed by Heaven~ We Intend the Highest Outcome to Occur for the
remaining density or unconsciousness on this Planet to be released. The
food source to the cabal will be severed.This is the Divine Plan
Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Join us Live today for THE LOVE PARTY IN these Intense Energies, to
assist in a Smooth Transition in the release of the denser Energies,
High Love Today!~ Thank You for Participating~Preparty begins at Noon,
Love Party starts at 1:30pm Pacific


~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

Join us Live Today Saturday For an Intense Lightfilled Love Party, we
are Lighting the Way Home For Humanity! Beginning at 1:30pm Pacific. A
Preparty will be occuring prior to this time if you would like to Join!

You Can Join Us at this Link: Thank You for sharing with Others, the More who gather in the Oneness energies together The Quicker our Events Manifest!

We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press
Staff~Humanity’s Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First
Contact Ground Crew Team. link to original article
Thanks to:


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