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MUST READ:GET Team Member Chat 12/21/2012

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1 MUST READ:GET Team Member Chat 12/21/2012 on Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:27 pm


GET Team Member Chat

8:46 AM [duffy2] This is some very promising information. Oh, please "Let it Be". If the youtube video doesn't come thru, there is a link below. At last the pieces are fitting together.

Now, as Treasuries need resolution, information exchanges are taking place. Now, we all need each other, so truth is leaking. As always, once it becomes multi party dependent, finding the real access point is the key. What we have ONLY established today is as follows:

• The RV's have to be ready to underpin the new Dinar Market Exchange Rate by 21th December, for launch on the following (24th) Monday which, is not a Holiday in the Muslim world. Even more so, Iraq has to be underpinned by a new Treasury Bond launching early February, Dinar based.

• Bernanke is fully behind it now playing Catch Up.

• The money from the Global Settlements has to be used to underpin the release of the Dinar Exchange over the next week. Which means, the GS is critical each day now, or it has knock on consequences for the RVs next week. If not accomplished, the Iraqi Bond market will fail. The GS has to go first, before the RV's, this having only been established today. No one seemed to know that.

• The money needed to cross underpin all of this is under Cabal and Bernankes control. Which means, hidden in the background, will be Greenspan and Ferguson liquidating Ponzi money trading positions fast.

• We are on a countdown of days. Failure will tail spin the Global economies and stall the Middle East Sovereign Growth Plan. No Dinar, Iraq fails the US carries the can.

• No GS means no Dinar. Catch 22.

• Apparently the true reason for release failures has been the sheer extent to which each currency block held, has been propping up vast leveraged banks positions acting as Debt Guarantees for further Fed loans etc. Removing any has a Stack of Cards effect. Collapsing the lot was never an option. The problem has been, substituting Debt from other areas to compensate for amounts due to be released for the GS. This today is STILL Bernanke's dilemma, but being resolved soon.

• So, the whole stacked deck is being re dealt by accomplished bottom dealers. It is all time critical by the hour. Now it all assumes a logical progression. I understand Ben's dilemma. He inherited this crock. He alone has kept it together. Now it starts to profile as achievable at last


World collateral accounts set to be released before Christmas, Neil Keenan says

8:47 AM [duffy2] December 14, 2012 at 11:15 PM This is a brief explanation in a short 11-minute video.

I believe that this represents the final overthrow of Mystery Babylon's banking system. It is also known as the Global Reset, a new banking system that the Kings of the East have been putting into place in recent years.

A part of this Reset involves the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar along with other currencies, such as the Vietnamese Dong. Many believe that all of this will take place at roughly the same time. If so, it would be comparable to Babylon's overnight collapse in Daniel 5. Keenan is hoping that this will all occur before Christmas.

I hope so, too, but I also understand that we are in an epic spiritual battle that may not end until the end of January and even continue to develop until the end of March. We will be watching events to see how this age-changing event comes to pass.

8:48 AM [duffy2]

8:52 AM [duffy2] Good morning to all. If the above does not get you excited, I don't know what will. Maybe this is what TK was referring to last night. Said to watch for todays events. Let it be.

8:56 AM [da58] duffy2 It seems you got the same email many of us did..does anyone know who wrote this email? It's an opinion..just wondering whose?

8:58 AM [duffy2] da58: Did you watch the v ideo. That explains it. Drake has said that until the colaterral accounts are paid...No RV. That is what this is all about. This came to me from a reliable source.

8:59 AM [duffy2] da58: So, it always can be a hoax or not true, but it seems to tie in with what is supposed to happen, to say the least.

8:59 AM [da58] yes, I did..but noone seems to be taking credit for the written part of's showing up on many sites, am just attempting to research the actual source.

9:00 AM [duffy2] Well, the only chatroom it was in early this morning is Mig chatroom. I put it there. Now I put it in this one. OOm does not put anything in theirs. I have not gone to intel4u yet to put it there. So, what other place have you seen it?

9:01 AM [duffy2] It will be interesting to see what PTR has to say today and what TK later in the day has to say I guess. We can all hope that this is true.

9:02 AM [da58] duffy2 oh - that's probably true - is all over in shype rooms as well. wow - things sure travel fast!

9:02 AM [duffy2] On Drakes call Wed night, he said he would be talking to Neil Keenan on Thursday (yesterday) and see how things were progressing.

12/21/2012 7:35am
One and half year ago minimum we called OKIES team saying that WGS in a global reset must be released because RV became tight to the Global financial power shift, since the old system carried on by fascist westerner bankers and politicians would bring us to total destruction. In fact they were planing the global war upon us all, while on Global control MSM they propagated peace. Those lies were believed and supported by majority of Christian community, sadly. It is sad that Christians blindly support evil and suppress truth and justice. I write these words as a Christian.

Now happily OKIE and others around accepted our view of a global reset. Doing so I hope they will stop supporting criminals and would be able to stand up for truth and justice. Will it happen? I doubt it since fundamental Christians do not support truth and justice they defend their beliefs.

12/21/2012 7:44am
This is partly correct. The Cabal and the Fed/Bernanke have no power anymore. They are all show. The new satellite based banking system was engaged last summer and has been in control of the movement of all funds... tracking illegal and unauthorized access, pinpointing terminal locations of high level banking perps, executing search and seizure of perps and locations, arresting those involved, holding them under military detention off-shore, awaiting announcements and formal prosecution once the Republic of the U.S. has been reestablished. That is my understanding at this time.

The Pentagon, considered one of the most secure locations in the world, housed the prior electronic replacement banking system. However, that wing of the Pentagon was destroyed over 10 years ago on 911. A clandestine military cruise missile knocked out the Naval operations that were supposed to install the new banking system back then. That missile hit was ordered by the WH.

The new redundant satellite based system can only knocked out by global thermonuclear destruction in space. That is the war that has been going on over the years. Now you know the cold and black heart that has ruled over us and is about to be taken down.

GS, then PP's, then RV... in that order.
12/21/2012 8:03am
Duffy2....My new FAVIORATE poster...finally something that makes sense!

Herb Lady

Thanks YM!!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Now, that's some true INTEL! :D

Thanks Yom- appreciate how plugged in U R, & Ur sharing here ☀

Blessings 2 ALL ... In His Love, Peace, Joy & so Much More :blue:


It truly would be a new beginning then.



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