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1-3-13 TerryK: No indications from the IMF that they are going to extend the standby agreement, by now Iraq would have had to put in a letter of intent to the IMF asking to extend it, there has been nothing of the sort as of now, on February 23 Iraq will have to start paying for their debt.

The ISX is supposed to be visible to all of us on the 7th of this month. I did get word today that we could see the RV as soon as Thursday or Friday of this week...could take 24-48 hours once we see it on FOREX.

1-3-13 Bluedog: Maliki is doing everything he can in the last days because he knows he can't hide. He knows when they revalue they are coming after him. Iraqi people have come to a point where they have been promised the riches of Iraq and they are not getting it. Maliki will go on trial for the things he has done to the Iraqi people.

As far as Kuwait, I told you the meeting has taken place IMO and all had been done. Moon was in Baghdad. Moon was more interested in Chapter 7. Look for little signals here and there; when I look at articles, I don't take the full article as gospel; I try to pick out what's gone wrong.

When it comes down to the RV of the IQD, don't follow every article, don't believe every article goes back to "who's in charge," who has their hands on chapter 7, who has Iraqi's gold.

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