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 MUST READ:Bank Rumor and Hopium from I4U Chat Sunday Evening

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PostSubject: MUST READ:Bank Rumor and Hopium from I4U Chat Sunday Evening   Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:45 pm

Bank Rumor and Hopium from I4U Chat Sunday Evening

[justwaiting] Evening friends. I rarely make comments but listen to all. Been in this for awhile and knw how hard it is to hear and then try to decipher all the news but I did have something to share. I rec'd an email from a wealth mgr at my local bank It is not a big four bank and she asked me to check in. I have been unable to reach her. Phone busy but spoke with another vp at same bank and was told to hang tight. Said that dinar at $0.91 and they expected to see it at $1.2 by Tuesday. Takes 3-4 business days to become tradeable

[okrocks] justwaiting if that is true goes along with all we have been hearing and remember its the sucker rate

[greek1212] justwaiting I read somewhere that it's been printed in Iraqi newspaper at .91 cents

[TexasMom] Ok rocks sure does

[spiritfilled] looks like that post in the Iraq paper may have been real after all...I think it was 1 usd =.90 dinar

[justwaiting] My direct person sent me an email as well wanting an person mtg to discuss "my plans" for currency exchange and hoped I would still do business directly with them

[greek1212] spiritfilled and that was 2 days ago I think so 2 more would work for me

[justwaiting] It does seem to follow what we have been hearing. Vp

[spiritfilled] greek1212 right ...I think we are close to something...not sure what but something good!

[okrocks] justwaiting when did you hear/see this???

FreeManna] justwaiting is this a US bank

[justwaiting] oops sorry watching game :). I too lurk and say little but she sought me out. I have not spoken directly with her in over six months and she knows what I have in this investment. In general terms she said that international rate s often 3to 4 times higher than in country amount

[justwaiting] I personally received an email from the bank

[JC4Life4Ever] Hi all. Seems like I read awhile ago we may be able to have the bank sign an agreement that if the rate goes up within 30 days of our initial deposit they would honor the higher rate. That would be sweet!

[okrocks] justwaiting great! when did you get the email please and thank you

[justwaiting] Email rev'd Friday at 1100am. Conversation with a bank vp at noon

[okrocks] sumting is up

[justwaiting] Praying like so many are for a good week. The email was sent to me Friday 1/18.

[justwaiting] Not a big four but a solid bank north of Boston. I originally purchased some dinar from them so they know I have it. I am a regular customer and she reached out to me with the info. They must be expecting something

[xfilesfan2013] justwaiting ...I know someone who also was called by his banker...he is heavily invested...nice to see someone else get called

[SGD3] I love Bank Stories

[owl] justwaiting justwaiting I HOPE-HOPE-HOPE your source is RIGHT-RiGHT-RIGHT!

[justwaiting] Lets hope that people aren't playing with the banks minds as well as ours :)

[okrocks] justwaiting I know others have also recieved notice of something on its way so its hard to ignore... but like you I hope they arent playing with the banks again... but oddly these are not the big four sooooooo maybe

01/20/2013 21:30
it's not real for us until we see it posted at the CBI website. so anything else, is still,
just a rumor.

01/20/2013 21:46
To see the exchange rate in the IIraq newspaper: Go to and look at the bottom left above the weather report showing picture of sun, you will see the exchange rate.
Copy/paste that at
in the box on the left that says “DETECT LANGUAGE”
Watch for the translation in the box on the right. You will see this:
Currency Baghdad market prices for securities exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar for the day dollars: 0.9

01/20/2013 21:50
Since when is $.91 a sucker rate?

From an investment of .001 that is a 910% profit!

01/20/2013 22:19
.001 X 910% = .0091

Canadinar link
01/20/2013 22:24
no it is not 910% profit, it is however a 910-fold return, which is 91,000% rate of return (1-fold is 100%)

01/20/2013 22:02
did the conversation mention anything on the dong?
01/20/2013 22:15
It was my understanding that banks could not sell Dinar. justwaiting said she brought her Dinar from her bank. Please can someone clear this up.

01/20/2013 22:23
Banks can sell dinar but many choose not to ....

01/20/2013 22:32
You used to be able to buy dinar from banks

01/20/2013 22:37
Yes, Curtis, You can buy dinar from the bank if the bank is selling. I know of 2 banks personally that sell dinar. Some banks stopped selling a little while back.

01/20/2013 22:37
Curtis many banks have "sold" IQD in the past, including 5th 3rd, B of A, the bank in Texas Walmart's (can't remember its name) InTrust (Wichita Ks.) as well as others. They all quit handling the IQD about 6-8 months ago. Maybe someone knows of a bank that will still order some IQD. But now one must get it from Currency Exchangers.

01/20/2013 22:39
I bought a few million IQD from Capital One Bank in Texas and I know people who bought from 1st Convenience Bank as well as other banks ~ the main reason banks stopped dealing in IQD was availibility ~ customers were lining up and waiting 2-3 weeks to receive their currency


Meatman-4-dinar link
01/20/2013 22:48
Years ago there were many banks that did sell Dinar.

Justasec link
01/20/2013 22:56
I bought mine from a major numerated bank. After a year the branch elected to not deal in a non-internationally tradable currency. This bank indicates that when the dinar becomes back on line in the world market, they would of course bring them back like any other currency.

01/20/2013 23:07
Curtis, I bought some IQD at TD Bank in the PA back when they were selling. I know a guy I met on chat not far from me that also bought from another TD bank in PA. TD is USA version of Canada's Toronto Dominion Bank.
Which is also why this RV opportunity is real or all these banks would be part of the hoax - as have said.

Guru Knuckled Moose
01/20/2013 22:16
Why do people always say high percentages as if it is ridiculous or unattainable? For example, saying 100,000% appreciation is "too high." Well how about the fact that the dinar was sore completely DEVALUED after the Sadaam dinar, that it became as valuable as Maliki's promises. This currency was devalued, due to sanctions 10 years is now worth only .027% of its old value. Bank stories, whether true or not, bare no significance until WE HOLD OUR OWN EXCHANGE RECEIPTS.
01/20/2013 22:36
This is great news but i am also a dong holder has any one heard anything else about the dong???????

01/20/2013 22:50
It says the rate is .9 Euros, not USD.

01/20/2013 23:11
Notice it says dollars: 0.9 euros 0.6 Currency Baghdad market prices for securities exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar for the day dollars: 0.9 euros: 0.6 pounds: 0.5 LBP: KD 1292.3: 0.2 SR: 3.2 dirhams: 3.2 JD: 0.6

01/20/2013 22:52
Does anyone know what that newspaper said the exchange rate was a week ago?

speed demon
01/21/2013 00:39
Winalot (the one on MIG who found the rate first) said the day before it had the old rate. I think she said 1166

01/20/2013 22:54
At .90 we would be rich also

01/20/2013 22:56
.9 Euros should be $1.20 in USD.

Ken Hill
01/20/2013 23:11
It is 1 IQD for .90. It is 1:.60 euro. We went thru this a few days ago. One thing I have learned is Dinar investors are terrible at math. .90 means if you have 1 million dinar it would be worth 900,000 dollars.

01/20/2013 23:39

Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day

Dollar: 0.9
Euro: 0.6
Pounds: 0.5
LBP: 1293.4
KD: 0.2
SR: 3.2
AED: 3.2


01/21/2013 02:38
Read it again very carefully making a note of the position of the colons .... These are values against the United States Dollar

01/21/2013 09:16
What it actually says is as follows Dollar: 0.9 Euro 0.6 Pound 0.5 LBP etc etc etc ---------and these values are approximately correct
01/21/2013 10:07
Lebanese Pound (LBP) is nowhere close to 1 us$ = 0.5 LBP

What about that "Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day" ?

give it a rest..

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MUST READ:Bank Rumor and Hopium from I4U Chat Sunday Evening
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