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Sacred Geometry from the Arcturians

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1 Sacred Geometry from the Arcturians on Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:17 am



In your world of polarity, one can find true integration of the forces
of opposites. This image allows the soul to reveal the light within its
own darkness and to see the light in the darkness of the world. When
these seemingly opposite forces are united, the soul is truly integrated
and polarity seizes to exist.

Intention Meditation
I accept my darkness as the revelation of my light and feel my soul integrate
into completion.


Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing
Gazing into the central swirl of this pattern allows you to go inward
and access the inner knowing of your soul. It opens the door to
intuition and your sensibility to your own truth. All answers can be
found in this place of inner knowing. The grip of exterior influences
dissolves and the truth is seen.

Intention Meditation
I recognize truth by connecting to by inner knowing.


Interdimensional Travel

Interdimensional Travel
Encoded in this diagram is the power of interdimensional travel. When
one reaches beyond the perceived restrictions of time and space, worlds
beyond worlds can be seen and experienced. The extent to which this
design can be decoded depends on the level of consciousness the viewer
has obtained. It will activate the level of interdimensional travel that
each is ready to perceive.

Intention Meditation
I open my consciousness to see beyond the perception of time and space to peer into other dimensions.



The human species has the capacity to align with Mother Earth as she
awakens to her next octave. This image brings the whole nature of ones
being into alignment with the frequency of Gaia as she moves through her
cycles around the sun and solar system and galaxy and elevates into a
lighter form.

Intention Meditation
I am in complete alignment with the vibrations of Mother Earth as she moves into her new being.



The energy of this form gives the impetus to bring unity to a group of
individuals to fulfill a higher purpose. The individual is honored
within the unification of souls carrying out a larger task. In unity
there is power.

Intention Meditation
In Unity we are whole and give higher purpose to our creations.



With this tool you can finally let go of resentments and unresolved
guilt. This pattern allows one to release bonds of the past that cause
regrets and pains in the present. It reaches to a place that opens old
wounds and releases them, so that true forgiveness can be realized and
the soul can be free.

Intention Meditation
I forgive myself and all others at the deepest level of my being.

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