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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "As far as i heard 11.86 and 2.20 on the dong": morethanready

"As far as i heard 11.86 and 2.20 on the dong": morethanready

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Dinar Rumors - 6-14-13

[morethanready] Hey everyone …We possibly are about to have a huge night on our hands

[morethanready] Lets see how it plays out

[monkeyman] morethanready what makes you say that

[morethanready] Just got intel this is the big time

[morethanready] From what i am hearing this is a huggeee night for us

[morethanready] We wait and see finallyyyy

[oilerfan] I hope you are right Hun that will be fantastic but why tonite what are the signs

I wish i can tell u but i cant i'm sorry but its huge

[mikivi] morethanready so still looking very good for this week...
[morethanready] Better than ever darlin

[morethanready] How is everyone tonight

[faithworks2] morethanready--Anxiously awaiting good news.

[Lady Sarah] morethanready not much of tonight left here lol

[mikivi] morethanready we were a bit "down" but with your intel...we are great shape

[morethanready] Dont get down we are there all

[homesickjones] Morethanready we hope your right

[oilerfan] Morethanready so will hear anything before morning on the east coast

 [morethanready] Could be anytime but guys we are there

]smitty76] morethanready Did you also get intel about a rate?

[morethanready] smitty76 smitty76 as far as i heard 11.86 and 2.20 on the dong

[morethanready] We are al going to be blessed no matter what

[smitty76] morethanready COOL !!!

[monkeyman] im sorry but we been there too many times for me to get excited but dont get me wrong im ready

[morethanready] monkeyman i feel you i do


[morethanready] I have never ever seen the news this good ever

 [morethanready] We are in the midst of history big time


Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:39 AM


So what happened? Nothing?? Really?? I don't believe it!! 


Just keep believing.....


Yeah I know Angels, it's so hard with all the rubbish flying around all the time!


We will know the truth in the end... we just have to be patient...I truly believe that we will know something soon.....


Thanks angels I wish I could be as optimistic! I used to be and maybe I can be again!

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