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Seeing an Aura

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1 Seeing an Aura on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:03 pm


Seeing an Aura:

This is simply one way to see an aura... It is written to see your own aura, but it can be used for anyone else as well! - Stand in front of a mirror in soft light and against a plain (white preferably) background. Relax, center and believe in yourself.

Focus your attention on one particular spot of your body. Most people like to do the head, but go more specific, look perhaps right at the crown of your head - dead center, or focus on your ear if that is easier. Look at the outline of your head, the space immediately off of your body (kind of like where your marker outline would be if you were outlining your body with marker along the wall). Focus intently on the area, focusing on seeing the energies coming off your body. Do not look around, do not break your focus... Yes, you may blink (blink normally, but don't remove focus).

While you remain focused, you may see the energies -- it will kind of look like air moving like it does on a really hot day - or a mist or steam -- or you may see a transparent image coming off your body... eventually, as you add focus and intent, the transparency will take a color - typically white first - and then transition into a noticeable color. The longer you hold the focus, the beter.

You might not see a particular color for awhile, and it may take a few days to obtain a true color.. You'll want to practice for 10-15 minutes for each sitting -- and you'll want to make sure that you don't overstrain your mind (as this will alter your color). Each time you practice, you'll get to the colors faster - as you become adjusted and accustomed to that area. Sometimes your colors will change - and that's perfectly okay! That's normal! - However you will also find that you will have a "typical color" that your aura will continuously return to... That is your "base" color - although you will fluctuate colors over the span of your life, especially when going through rougher or brighter periods than normal.

Keep in mind that some people will get this on their first try. Others will need to focus over days... Whatever you do - don't lose hope, and certainly don't cling to a color.... Each color has it's meaning -- and you will only truly learn from your aura if you allow yourself to... Keep an open mind!

You will also eventually want to look at different areas of your body -- sometimes you will be more of a blue around your head, but closer to a purple around your core and then even closer to blue again by your feet (or whichever colors) -- this is also normal, the colors and waves of your aura will be different and unique to you. Remember that no one has a "better" aura than you... You have the best aura for yourself!

Do you know your aura color?

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