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Global Currency Reset – A Quick Overview From Enerchi

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Global Currency Reset – A Quick Overview From Enerchi

Posted on December 8, 2013 by Deus Nexus Leave a comment

Reposted from: Ascension with Mother Earth | By Enerchi
My two cents (If The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is True)….
I did listen to the Lindsey Williams broadcast and wanted to mention what was on my mind.  This “elite insider” seemed to be surprised that this GCR is about to happen.  Many of you who have been following this site and other alternative news blogs have known for many years that something was in the works.  You guys are more “aware” than some of these whistle-blowers who have been making the rounds this year.  I do realize that there are others who do not believe any of the conspiracies that get presented on alternative news sites but I can’t fault them due to the continuous misinformation put out by both ‘white knights’ and ‘dark cabal’ oriented groups.  Some realize that this dog n’ pony show was intentionally designed to confuse and dis-empower people who are seeking the real truth about the current state of reality.  Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey, Tolec, Tanaath, Karen Hudes, Casper, John MacHaffie, Sheldan Nidle, Al Hodges, Dinar Gurus, Cobra, White Hats, Poofness, Zap, Lindsey Williams, Tom Heneghan, Gordan Duff, and many many others have at one point contradicted and pointed fingers at each other, while at the same time confusing everyone who is closely watching the global fiasco unfold.  Some of these intel providers do have good intentions and want the best for everyone and many appreciate the work they do. While I do find humor in this popcorn drama, there are times that show how serious and disheartening things can be especially when you see humans and our animal friends suffering on enormous levels.
So getting back to Pastor Lindsey Williams….
My opinion is that Mr. Williams is a puppet for the NWO and the fear he puts out is actually the fear of a certain faction of the NWO.  There are many good hearted people who are going to have millions/billions of dollars who will fight back against the NWO using the new financial blessings.  Major projects are going to be invested and will help collapse their structures of control.   Fossil Fuel Cartels put out of commission by those who invest in ‘free energy/ over unity’ technologies.  Pharmacy and Health Cartels put out of commission by those who invest in cancer cures and healing tech.  Advocacy groups like Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth will be funded so that every street corner has a message to help empower people with knowledge about this false flag. Local communities will be funded to help feed/shelter the sick and poor.  Many business will start up and many will be hired who currently dont have jobs.  People will start buying products/services again which leads to companies manufacturing more goods.  The Global Economy will jump start to a new level, BUT…..
While I may sound optimistic about putting financial power into the people, I am still cautious because of a few concerns that I have and am looking for certain events that need to happen for me to relax a little.  The questions below are some of the check points I am looking for.  Also want those to know that I do understand that virtually all financial systems are a control mechanism but I do hope to see a transitional phase to eliminate the economic suppression.
Also as a side note, I expect those who are part of the CMKX lawsuit to receive their reparation funds. No one seems to be mentioning this but from my research I do realize that CMKX is tied to the new financial system. I believe lawyer Al Hodges has mentioned in the past that they are waiting for the financial reset for his clients to be paid out.  CMKX lawsuit is usually a great starting point for those who want to see some convincing evidence that something is happening in the financial underworld as the lawsuit is verifiable and the acting attorneys have presented information that a Global Currency Reset is being planned.  CMKX also implies that the government agency SEC was involved in fraud and coverup of the $3.87 trillion dollar lawsuit, but I digress.

  • What will happen to the derivative bubble?  Is the Global Currency Reset going to erase the derivative debt?
  • Will arrests of those who committed crimes against humanity be rounded up and tried in a world wide tribunal?  If this does not go down one can claim that the status quo of government corruption is still in full swing.
  • Will the media networks start broadcasting truth to the masses or will they still be under control of the elite?
  • Will the American Republic be reinstated and common law come back into action?
  • E.T Disclosure by global political leaders?
  • Where does Neil Keenan and his Collateral Accounts Fit in ?
  • Benjamin Fulford and the White Dragons are saying they are in negotiations with the elite, where do they fit in with this CGR?
Entertaining to say the least but as news of the Global Currency Rest hits an all time fever pitch we all know that those who have routinely said “tomorrow” has taken most of the wind out of the sails.  The boy who crys wolf on a weekly basis does not get the appropriate attention when it does finally become an actual reality.  As always question everything and hope that those who do make financial gain use it for the betterment of humanity.
~ enerchi 

Ken’s Blog – Event Update
Reposted from:
Upon listening to Lindsey Williams’ recent interview in which he gave a 90-day window of opportunity for the global currency reset (GCR), I took note of a few things…
1) He is not sharing everything he knows. He admits that he can tell the public only those things his “elite friends” allow him to.
2) He is not being told the whole story. For example, he tells us that the GCR will unseat the dollar as the world’s reserve currency (true enough), and that there will be a new reserve currency to take its place. But he says he doesn’t know what currency it will be because they haven’t told him.
3) He mentions the Chinese stockpiling of gold, but he goes no further in describing how they might figure in to the new currency system. He often quotes his “elite” pals obliquely stating, “Watch the Chinese. They’re the strong ones.”
4) He states that he no longer controls his own website because he got in trouble with his sources for leaking things they didn’t want him to. As a result, he now releases information via a website that is controlled by a Brit (a handler, one would presume).
5) Like many others who have access to “insider” sources, he is selling his information for profit (peddling DVDs, in Lindsey’s case). This makes me wonder if he might be a closet Mason (would the elite oil men hire a non-Mason to be their chaplain?) or someone who accepted a deal.

Looking at the above facts, my personal take is as follows…
Lindsey is not receiving the inside information he gets because the “elite” like him or because they’re getting old and growing a conscience; he is being spoonfed information they want released to the public. The specific information he is given and allowed to release supports the setup of the scam they are running on us.
Working on that assumption, let’s look at what he’s saying and not saying…
He is offering a narrative that the elite will continue the frog-boiling approach and draw out the financial takedown through 2015. The coming GCR will not be a full-on collapse event, he says, but will be the excuse by which the banksters seize our pensions before they have a bank shutdown and total wealth seizure in a year or more. He implies that the takedown will unfold this way due to “divine intervention” which prevented the Syria attack and forestalled their prior plan. Coincidentally, “V, the Guerrilla Economist” says much the same thing: because they didn’t get the Syria attack, they will do the slow kill.
What I take from this is that the Cabal wants to set the expectation of a long process so they can hit us with a surprise. When that surprise comes and the frog-boiling scenario is interrupted, they will sell it as another “divine intervention.” This is where the Pope’s New World Religion will step in and sell us a remodeled god. And from where will the surprise come? From the place that Lindsey, V, and all the others of their ilk tap dance around (except to offer praise of their “brilliance”): China.
Basel III: As “Cabal” as it gets
I came across the Lindsey Williams video via a posting on Ascension with Earth. The site owner there maintains unmoderated comment boards to allow for the free expression of ideas, so there is a cadre of trolls who hang out there to spin information and disrupt meaningful communication (a necessary evil on an open message board). Anyway, upon scanning the comments on the Lindsey entry, I encountered the following troll dropping…
“Four things – 1) This pastor only reveals the negative side of the changes as it relates to the perspective of the elite but does not divulge any solution for the common man. 2) The US does have natural resources – namely oil, natural gas, coal and gold deposits 3) The Trillions of dollars of debt are based on unconstitutional fiat currency, all of which can be erased off the balance books along with the 1Q of derivative debt. 4) The global currency reset and basel 3 is the end of cabal controlled banking system.”
In this comment, he is basically attacking Lindsey’s dark narrative in order to sell the false-light narrative that the new financial system is a wonderful thing prepared by caring people. To judge the accuracy of his perspective, let’s take a quick look at the fourth point: ”The global currency reset and basel 3 is the end of cabal controlled banking system.”
The Basel 3 Accords were negotiated by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
“The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is a committee of banking supervisory authorities that was established by the central bank governors of the Group of Ten countries in 1974… The Committee’s Secretariat is located at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.”
So a committee formed by the central bank governors and headquartered in the BIS building is not Cabal? The people who are selling this false light stuff are counting on our desire for false hope to overwhelm our ability to do a few minutes of fact checking. Good luck with that, fellas.
Grady Means
I felt the urge to dig a little deeper on the author of the article I referenced in the last update, Grady Means. As it turns out, he is into spirituality…
…and as you can see, his book features a stone archway with nine golden inlays. It looks a bit Freemasony to me. If you add this to the fact that he was an assistant to a major Illuminist, Nelson Rockefeller, it leaves little doubt that he is on the inside. That’s why I take his article much more seriously than the million other economic collapse articles out there.
There is one other thing I failed to mention in the last update, and that is the oddness of the title of Means’ article: “U.S. economy on schedule to crash March 2014.” It kinda conveys the idea that there is a schedule for the destruction of the American economy, and it is on track. I found that quite peculiar and noteworthy.
All this being said, the truth isn’t always the most comfortable thing to hear, but it is always the most healthy.
For the previous update in this series, click here.

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I've had many of the concerns, raised by this post. Problem is I don't have the answers. I do believe though that when anyone puts out something that is supposed to be the Great Pie in the Sky answer to all our problems, it most likely only looks that way but is really a setup for another illusion.
   I'm just Not buying the idea that the 'Bad Boys' are gonna give up and change their ways. The ONLY way to make Real Change is to get rid of everyone who is in Contol of things now. That includes Major Corperations, Politicians (including legal Judiciary), Media and most importantly Finances (Banks on every level, Markets, Credit agencies, etc.). Take away their fortunesand bar them from ANY association with business or finacial matters... Jail would be a good place to put them for awhile.
  Then of course we have to teach everyone how to once again become relient on THEMSELVES instead of government. Seems an insurmountable task, but given the other choice, it must be done.
  I choose to be optomistic, as for me there is no other choice I care to entertain or consider at this time.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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