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I am coming to many interesting awareness's through my current situation. My fiance is in home hospice and any day or moment could be Her last. I wanted to get this out:
Deloris Cannon talks about the NEW EARTH and I think we are there!
As f-ed up as my life is at this point with the imminent passing of my LOVE I have been touched by so many people and I in turn have been sharing that love with everyone. I think many of us are on the New Earth living side by side with those on the old earth. Just that we live in love and they live in the old darkness of greed, materialism, anger, hatred, all the darker emotions.
IMHO the New Earth isn't going to bring us riches (ala the nonsense of the RV, etc) and there will still be the same old rocky roads and heartbreak. We are just learning to handle them differently.
If we look around at pathetic souls like jonny depp, madonna, katy perry, miley cyrus, loretta lynch, the clinton's, papa bush's ongoing health problems, pedophile finally being exposed, kathy griffin, zap, etc. These are all service to self and many of them find their world crumbling. They are scraping and clawing and they are totally alone with all their money and power they are still totally alone.
When I sit with my love or walk down the street, sometimes weeping, I am surrounded by loving caring people. Like that song "Nobody Promised You a Rose Garden" but those of us on the New Earth can touch , see and smell the roses when they are there, those on the old earth may be surrounded by roses and never even see or smell them.
Just my thoughts.


Very well said William.



Thanks PurpleSkyz and thank's for the good work you do on this site.
I've had a nurse, social worker and aid from hospice visit my Susana today as well as the neighbor who lovingly watches Her. All service to others and citizen's of IMO the New Earth. 
I read the newspaper today filled with service to self:
beyonce, the stripper/pole dancer pig who is a role model for the obama family got dissed by her pig sister who won a grammy or something. What do you want from a family of pigs like that?
The "jeweler to the stars" in NYC is implicated in a murder.
A professor who laughed about the recent Korean hostage who died just got fired for his comments.
kathy griffin can't find work.
The list goes on and on.
All citizens of IMO a fading Old World. They will continue their service to self until they are murdered or die. 
I'm in a very difficult place right now but I am surrounded by loving people and giving as much back as possible. Once my Susana goes back home to Heaven I will begin my hospice volunteer work and bring my service to others to a whole new level.


Is calling people (of color) "pigs" being service to others?


As usual your anger is a mirror on only yourself not on the world.
They are pigs because jay z calls women ho's and bitch's and they accept it. I am a musician and played in a few all black bands and got to know the musician's families. If I said the word "ho" around one of these powerful beautiful black mom's I wouldn't be here today So yes beyonce and her family are pigs IMHO. It has nothing to do with their color. You are so good at relating everything in your little world to your own sad existence.
Let me ask your little mind a question? Is it you that relates the word "pig" with people of color, because that thought never entered my mind. I referred to their pathetic activities. Maybe you are the racist?
For the record madonna, miley cyrus, katy perry are also pigs in my book.
I hope you enjoy walking through and living through the Old World with the pigs, ho's and bitches and murderers.


You wrote:"beyonce, the stripper/pole dancer pig who is a role model for the obama family got dissed by her pig sister who won a grammy or something. What do you want from a family of pigs like that?"
You mentioned two people and one family in that paragraph. Do you know what all three have in common? They are all people of color, but please try to continue to project your frailties on others.
But you found nothing wrong with Alex Jones blaming the victims of a bombing as "liberal trendies" who "deserved it?"
Did you mention Kid Rock and his infantile crap?
Did you mention when the "motor city madman" said to "suck his machine gun?"
How about when tRump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and not lose supporters?
That you cherry pick your enemies based on politics is how I know you are the "old world."
P.S. I thought you weren't responding to my posts anymore?


I only respond to your posts because unlike you little boy I am a warrior with occasional down time while I help the love of my life to go back home & I need a little time to blow off the difficulty, sharpen my sword on vermin like you and zap and chill I apologize to you, you are a pathetic but very easy target. I would never come down on a real man or woman, but a whiner who says no one has ever done anything for you is a pretty sad motherfucker and someone to shit on to blow off a bit of my energy. Thanks for letting a man beat down a pathetic little boy like you. 
Let me ask you a few questions:
1)do you have loved ones? A spouse? Children?
2)are you capable of love?
3)do you have children? Are you capable of reproduction? Do you have any balls?
4)have you witnessed the miracle of birth? 
5)are you married or are you capable of the work involved in creating and developing a marriage?
My answer to all of the above is YES, i'm curious of your answers or excuses.

As far as your perceived racism of me here's my questions jerkoff:
1)when's the last time you attended a black friends/brothers funeral?
2)when's the last all black (except for me) party you attended and had a great time?
3)whens the last time you had a party when a van full of black friend musicians pulled up and scared the living shit out of white neighbors. White neighbors who ended up sharing drinks and food with my black brothers and sisters and came to know them as brothers & sisters from another color? I helped create some serious fucking community on those nights.
4)have you ever been confided in by a black or brown person about their anger and concerns about pigs (yup little man i said the word again PIGS) like jayz , beyonce, miley cyrus, madonna, etc, etc.

Tell us a little about yourself little man. What have you accomplished other than your pathetic "mission" of holding a broken mirror up to racists like me. I call you out jerkoff. If I have the time between helping the love of my life (1/4 indigenous South American. My goddess Susana is light skinned but most of Her relatives are brown skinned, you little moron.

My life could be seen as a living hell at this point, but I receive and give love to any and all. At the same time unlike you little boy, I am a warrior. I was wrong when I said I wouldn't reply to a moronic pathetic fool like you but I need an occasional escape from my difficulties and turds like zap and you make it easy. Thanks little boy. You are my whipping boy in this time of difficulty. I would never hurt a fly but you are so much less than a fly. OMG fly's are black, I must be a racist again...hahahahahhaha.


I think you doth protest too much.
Keep on typing though, it's very entertaining.


jerkoff I asked you some questions. Answer them or go on with your pathetic broken mirror. 


So you have blown such a gasket that you have resorted to ALL CAPS, like "ZAP?"
Clown, if you think cumming in a woman (something any 15 year old can do) is your crowning achievement, you really are a replicant.
Now go back to begging for help,(just like Zap) while popping a few dozen more "super male vitality" pills.



"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


You are your thoughts and perceptions, we are our thoughts and perceptions.

We can choose to feed negative parasites or be tricked into it.

We can choose to step back

There are two people who post on this site with some frequency (pun intended) one male and one female. I have never met either.

One is male and he is a very wise man with much knowledge to share if....people open their ears to his wise words. He is in many respects a brother I have never met. His skin colour is unimportant, his racial group unimportant, his nationality unimportant, his humanity and wisdom shine like a beacon.

That is important

The other is a Lady, I know her skin colour but it's irrelevant, I know her nationality and thats irrelevant to, I have spoken with her and sixty minutes seems like two in the presence of an enlightened soul such as hers.

I call her sister

Both of these people know of the importance of frequency and consciousness, with one comes the other.

Handbags in public ( guilty as well)

do nothing to raise either

Peace to Avebury and William

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


Why does this all seem so familiar?

question bat boy



So if it's "we", why are there so many here to blame "them?"


Erin Hicks put out a fakebook post this morning to be aware that people will be very argumentative and  beg for confrontations today and this will increase as the months continue this summer. Boy was she right on! Don't take the bait people. Brings everyone's vibe way down. Divide and conquer alert!!!

thx bs4 xox



Yes, hide behind dog-whistle racism and xenophobia masked as "nationalism" and just pay lip service to concepts such as "peace" and "unity" while calling people "pigs!"


May I ask why you feel the need to go after people here Avebury? I would like it to stop please.
No point in being a dick really.



I am on this planet to break up bullshit. When you post articles that support far right-wing, paranoid nonsense, I am drawn to it like a magnet.
It is quite obvious that you are an enabler of half-baked, sensationalist conspiracy theory. You just have been hood winked into an Alex Jones/ Marc Dice/ tRump, controlled opposition front that it has to be called out.
Playing the whole "I'm just putting it out there", card doesn't work with me, and I'm not afraid of being called a dick.
You want to post articles excusing assholes like Milo, Stevie Moyleneaux and their ilk, I will respond, with examples.
I thought that was what "free speech" was?



There is plenty of balance here, that much that it would be tiresome to revisit it all.

This is not a far right nor far left platform in any way. Giving people a a space to to express opinion upon what is floating about the internet is exactly free speech is it not?

The owner of this site who gives us all this free service to share, learn, and more is not here for any political purpose as it is quite clear to see. 

"putting it out there" in terms of sharing information or news/events happening across the globe is a service......

It is your anger that is blinding you

The brightest light shines from within.

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


My anger is needed and part of the game. It is the grit in the cleanser that is needed here.
I see far beyond some plausible deniability in regards to your politics. Claiming to be above politics while spreading divisiveness is beyond absurdity.


I disagree Avebury

Anger isn't needed, by it's nature it's divisive and creates absurdity

I don't believe I mentioned politics at all, I am certainly the most least qualified to spout regarding something I know little of in a country I have never been to.

All you seem to be doing is looking for someone to have a fight with, why not find a bar and see how far this game with the need for anger lasts?

They might open your mind to another path less stressful, show you your depth of being a "warrior" and remove the smell of the sewer from this place

No need to respond but you probably will, claiming some imaginary victory over something or other

the old quote says

"it's like playing chess with pidgeons, they have no idea how to play the game and never will yet strut about in victory and shit on the board" 

Please.......stop shitting on this board

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


I don't post Alex Jones. I have posted a few Dice only because he is such a doofus and he is good for a laugh.

If you were only on the attack to the content posted that would be one thing.. but you are literally going from thread to thread ripping on the members here. Why on earth do you think we need that kind of "grit" here?

As for politics ... the very fact that you or anyone that comes to this obscure forum actually argues about this just shows how much farther you have to go in your process. I wish you well in that. Now play nice to the members here or you will be removed. God I wish it was this easy to remove the cabal!! lol :)



Ban me, and prove just how "anti-free speech" you are!
But will you ban Willy for what he said to me?
(Of course not...)
He is a tRump supporter.


you would only come back again ... people like you are very predictable.

I really am not anti free speech at all. But in case you did not get a chance to read the rules here you go:

Please be respectful of others opinions. We are ALL on this journey together. Calling another out on the board should be avoided. If you have an issue please contact me so we can work together to solve any issues in a private manner.

If you have a business or product that you wish to promote contact PurpleSkyz. I have set up a category for this purpose and would be happy to consider your request.

* No slanderous, racist, abusive, hateful, harassing comments directed at our members.
 As for swearing and what some consider foul language... use carefully. There is a fine line between free speech and what is not appropriate language on a website. Personally I follow George Carlin's thoughts along this subject. :)

More here:



So, let me know when Willy is banned...

Last edited by Avebury on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:18 pm; edited 1 time in total



And NO I will not ban William. I told to him to have at it since you were being such an asshole to everyone.



One more gasket blown...
So you told a member to "have at it?
Pure divisiveness.



you started it so you are exactly that. Divisive. You have been at it for weeks. Why? What is your agenda? Troll?



No, exposing this self-congratulatory noise.
If you are against tRump so much, why are the vast amount of your links supporting him?

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