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Dolores Cannon's revelations New Earth, Frequency, ET Souls, Waves, How to Shift YouTube 360p

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Avebury wrote:No, exposing this self-congratulatory noise.
If you are against tRump so much, why are the vast amount of your links supporting him?

Are you Dan Quayle?

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


I am against them ALL. I loath the cheeto Trumpalumpgus with a passion. Please find one place on this forum where I support him. Not to be confused with an article where that author supports him.

Like it or not he bought his way into the works and here we are. He is news. I post news. This is an archive site not the WWE.

Now.. please explain self-congratulatory noise?



Nope, I'm not some hand picked cracker who will tow the company line.
I'm guessing you are so "conservative" that you think he just wasn't "doing it right."


PurpleSkyz wrote: 
Now.. please explain self-congratulatory noise?

In his case

The accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal.

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


So you think some "anarcho- capitalist" confusion is worthy of being spread but claim to be "just the messenger?"


well then you would again be incorrect.



Posts some nonsense defending Milo's "trolling" but can't take it when it knocked on your door?
As tRump would say:" Sad!"


Milo is a moron. My gay friends hate him being a self appointed spokesman of the gay community. No one likes him. So what is your point?

Here is my point... this thread is not about politics. AT ALL. The very fact that you and William both find the need to argue politics on this thread is ridiculous. Sorry but true. That you don't get it that there is not a 2 party system escapes you both. It is all a game to keep you going at one another (it works!) and distracted. I don't think you grasp that you are just a number entered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Lloyd's of London. You think you matter?

Some people actually come to this site to read the pros and cons that are posted here. Some just want to learn and could do without the meaness that you have turned this and other threads into.

If you don't like this site why do you waste your time? Oh yeah... that's right you liken yourself to cleanser. You think you are gritty.



I just expose what is.
You egged Willy into telling me off.


No I gave him permission when he sent me an email warning me that he was no longer going to be civil with you. Big difference. You only exposed what a jerk you are.



So being honest = being a jerk?


no.. but taunting the members here is. I have one member that is asking how to be able to not see your comments. I have lost count with how many you have started shit with. So Avebury, or Joe, Charla, Kevin, or whatever your name is... you are the problem. And yes you are honestly just starting trouble for the sake of being a jerk. So in your case yep! Honest= jerk



You repeatedly link from some "Thrive" site that has postulated that even though we have destroyed the environment through our ignorance and control that we should "mass euthanize" all "unwanted" animals as opposed to temporarily caging them.
This "survival of the fittest/ might is right/ twisted Any Rand evil is beyond reproach iand s the epitome of the alt-right, objectivist crowd.
How do these people plan to pay for their euphemistic "being put to sleep?"
Taxes? The "Coke" brothers?
Yet you posted more of their idiocy, implying that you support them.
You don't mock them in your posts.


Foster Gamble is a trust fund brat. His forum is in the Question Everything spot. This website is filled with these guys. Does not in any way imply that I believe a single word they say. This is a virtual archive of the so called New Age movement or as I call it New Cage. So far we have 6 years worth of the info and when it comes time that they are called out we have the archives here.

Anyone else you want clarification on? Or can I save you some time... if they are relevant.. I post them. If they are frauds I post them. The viewers can decide for themselves. I do not need to push my opinions here and I usually do not. Of course people like Zap and Schmidt are the exceptions. I enjoy stopping the RV just to spite them hahahaha!!!



Little avebury I asked you some questions:
1)Do you have a loved one?
2)Have you had children and witnessed the miracle of life?
3)Are you just alone in your little hateful world?

I ask this because you seem like a child. Having a child helps you learn some of their innate wisdom and teaches you to love. Never having a child, and I am not making a  judgement call here, many people do not want this and that's cool, but in your case you have never been given the opportunity to grow up.
You will continue to post you hate here and that's fine with me. Reading you pathetic nonsense makes me feel better about the real Men and Women who post informative, heart felt things here.
You are a little child avebury. Enjoy you sad ongoing childhood.


Little avebury. Let's try to act grownup here ok? First thanks for trying to put me down by calling me Willy. Only one person called me that. He was my manager years ago. Unlike you he was a nobel man, fought in the Korean war, had a wonderful family. I loved him. "Willy" brings back fond memories. 
Secondly, I posted about Deloris Cannon from the bottom of my heart to share with other's here. You felt the need to trash it.
Third: I called some people pigs because of their lack of morality. For you to turn it into a racist thing reflects your possibly closeted racism. 
Again, I ask you: do you have anyone in your life or are you totally alone? You seem very pathetic and I feel sorry for you. But you are a fool little child and your attacks only serve o show others what a little childish fool you really are.


I have some down time as Susana is resting comfortable in the other room. So again I ask you little avebury:
Let me ask you a few questions:
1)do you have loved ones? A spouse? Children?
2)are you capable of love?
3)do you have children? Are you capable of reproduction? Do you have any balls?
4)have you witnessed the miracle of birth? 
5)are you married or are you capable of the work involved in creating and developing a marriage?
My answer to all of the above is YES, i'm curious of your answers or excuses.

To the growups in the room, I apologize if I have offended any one here. Not wishing to have children was not meant to be a  dig, just that they are a beauty to witness IMO and I just wonder if little avebury an comprehend beauty or just what he/she seeing in his/her broken mirror.


Looks like you were able to take the CAPS LOCK off, congrats!
I have no interest in your spawn. Sexual procreation takes no skill at all.
That you think calling people "small" is an effective insult says much about you.
If you want to see if I have any balls why don't you come pay me a visit and find out for yourself?


Deloris Cannon has done some wonderful work and I'm seeing on a daily basis what I perceive to be New Earth/Old Earth situations coming more and more to the surface.
Brad Pitt and a while back Nicole Kidman have mentioned the pedophilia in Hollywood. A lot is coming to the surface about this. 
There is a lot of darkness and greed being exposed. martin shkreli the guy who raised the price of (I think) an HIV drug several thousand percent out of total greed is going on trial. 
Several media people have lost their jobs over "celebrating" the shooting of the congressperson in Washingtonn last week.
So many people who's service to self are being to be seen for what they truly are.
My Susana is in  Her final days and I have received so much help and love from Hospice people, friends, family and neighbors.
I ave made it a  point to reach out to others.  
A lot of miracles are happening. This morning two Buddhist monks were walking past my place. I gave them a donation and they gave me prayer beads that I placed on Susie's wrist. 
So many people have prayed in groups for my Susie. Her passing with case a lot of pain but I know She will be in a better place and I am learning to handle it.
I really believe that Deloris Cannon's idea is coming to pass. So many of us are connected through love. Sure the pain and heartbreak of life is and probably always be here but in this difficult time I'm dealing with I am thankful for the outreach of love and help from others.


The hardest thing on earth is what you are going through at this moment William. I know from personal experience.

This is for you and Susana



Thanks you my friend. I love these songs. 
I will begin Hospice work after I get through all of this and I will do my best to help others from personal experience.
Thank You and Blessings.
Seeing the Buddhist monks was a real blessing. I've never seen them around her before.


A friend of mine from my school days who was also the partner of my best friend killed herself this month. She was berated by a conservative who called her vile names and it was the straw that broke the camels back. My patience with this modern fad of xenophobia/ nationalism/ alt-Reich is done.
Do you want to come to her memorial this Friday and tell her how small and unloved she is?


Again, thank you PurpleSkyz. Susie loved the Beatles.
I have to mention this. She's in and out right now but every time I come in the bedroom She puckers up for a kiss. So much good stuff has come from such a horrible experience. 
I will grow from this and through my sweet Susie's spirit reach out to help others.





I added to this original post a while back because Deloris's message resonated with me. I really needed to amplify and get it out again because She passed a while back and some may have forgotten about Her. 
I'm thinking we are in the final stages of the one world. Look at the opposition. There is so much push for a one world government, church, banking system, etc. TPTW are doing their best to keep us all together in the same prison. I'm thinking we are starting to see which world we will inhabit and maybe it will actually slowly split.

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