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A Message from Saint Germain: "The OM WAVE ~ Activation of the ONE"

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A Message from Saint Germain: "The OM WAVE ~ Activation of the ONE"

Posted by Asen Dimitrov on June 7, 2012 at 8:06am in CHANNELINGS OF THE DAY
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A Message from
Saint Germain:
"The OM WAVE ~ Activation of the ONE"

Greeting My Fellow Comrades of the Light,

It is my divine pleasure to be here with you in this moment of creation ~ and what moments we are going to be experiencing for all to see.

First of all, I want to say to each of you that you have blessed yourselves beyond the capacity of your mental minds and this is what true mastery entails. It is a wonderful time upon Earth and every individual that is awakening in these moments are part of this creative process.

We are coming into a juncture of time beyond space and our innermost feelings. All timelines are coming into creation ~ especially the ones that have been lost through the ages. But yet they have not really been lost but just tucked away until they were ready to be revealed once again. Yes, my friends, the Light of your Soul is now ready to shine ever so deeply than it has before. It is our time of renewal, of rebirth, but truly the acceptance of the old and new coming together in unison.

The events that have led up to this momentous event has prepared each of us to move into a process of continuation that we have been waiting for to happen for eons and eons of time. The frequencies of Resurrection, Acceptance, Regeneration (Festivals of Christ, Wesak, and Humanity) and then integration of the Venusian energies upon the planet along with the powerful eclipses. These elements that have been occurring have been preparing you for the next movement of frequencies within each of you and within Gaia. Otherwise, you would not feel the effects of these activations as deeply as you are doing presently.

In order for something to feel their Divine Balance of the Yin and Yang they must first move along the pathway of lessons. These lessons teach us what fits within our present circumstances and what needs to be removed. It was essential to also allow your Soul’s Essence to command the energies through the pathway that you have created. Wesak is always a very powerful ceremony for each of us in Mastery, but this year is beyond the comprehension of one’s ability to fully focus in the NOW. Yes, my friends…these are the elements that each of you are experiencing through the challenges and changes of the old self. You are becoming RENEWED and REFRESHED by the pure design of being here at this time of awakening.

Take some moments in the next couple of weeks to fully ground what you are feeling as it is brand new within your physical self. There is no frame of reference at this time; there is only the moment to feel the essence and that may change as your perspective changes. The one thing that we can all relate to is that 2012 is the YEAR OF CHANGE. So in these moments after the Venus Transit essence allow yourself to fully incorporate these elements of change. Your cellular structure is changing greatly in each moment, activation, and each breath that you take. Why? Because the breath that you took an hour ago no longer fits within the capacity of your Higher Heart and Mind, and respectfully, the breath in this moment will be different than the future ones. This is how we teach ourselves to be fully within the moment. The breath of life is coming from your I AM Presence, and it changes quickly with the passage of time, energies, and expressing who YOU ARE onto YOURSELF.

So reflect in each moment as much as you can. Breathe deeply and feel the essence from your I AM Presence to fully infiltrate within your physical self to prepare you for the next step. Without doing these processes, you will not be able to achieve the highest results possible; they will be lost in the process as each moment passes ever so quickly. SO GROUNDING RIGHT NOW IS ESSENTIAL. Go into nature, feel your essence and share with the beauty of the world and with Gaia. She is ready for your embrace as you extend these parts of yourself that have been lost through the process of not remembering.

NOW IS THE TIME TO FULLY BE IN ONENESS. By this statement I do not mean with everyone else on the planet but within your Essence of your I AM, your Higher Self fully integrated as the process of the Venusian energies are now yours for the keeping. It is a major bridge unto the OM WAVE for the Summer Solstice. Without it you will not be able to sustain your frequencies within the body. It is imperative to do so.


Well, there is lots of chit-chatting about this frequency and the Atlantean crystal within Mt. Shasta that is about to be ignited. I ask of you to be very clear in the conciseness of this information and this frequency. It is a power that is about to be ignited through all elements of time, and if humanity was not ready, then it would not occur. But it has been deemed appropriate at this time for the emergence of this moment to be share unto all of Humanity as each of you are ready. We know that there are still many individuals, actually too many to count, that need to be awakened but the ones that are awakened are ready to hold these frequencies for the rest of humanity. So are you ready? Are you ready to receive the highest available light essence that represents all of our pasts and our futures to combine into the present? If you are not, then you need to get ready. Those that are followers will find that they need to follow their own intuition as each I AM Presence will be the designated guide. Not me, not other Ascended Masters but YOU. And if you need assistance, there are here on this plane that can help to move your energies.

The Leaders of the New Earth are going to be revealed in these awakening times and it is occurring now. Are you a leader? You may not even know that yet, but I will tell you all will come together in Unison to fully represent their essences of the past and the future into the NOW. Hmmm..I think I said that before…Yes, I did.

The OM Wave is exactly what it states. A frequency of light coming forth into the planes of existence to fully assist those who are ready to receive it. And what about those that are not ready? Another activation to assist or de-sist which means what you do not work on will only affect you more deeply and possibly put you in a position that you have experienced before. It is called the separation movement. There will be an essence of the Yin and Yang coming together, bringing in all timelines into the present, and aligning the elements of Atlantis and Lemuria to come together as ONE. It is no mistake that the Atlantean crystal is housed within Mt. Shasta in Telos, the Inner Earth City of Light representing Lemuria. This crystal is used by the Lemurians consistently but only in the balance of the Masculine and Feminine Divine. It has been deemed appropriate at this time that this crystal is now going to be activated from the Inner Earth, into the Upper Earth, activating the timelines for the New Earth which is in the Etheric level of Gaia, and accelerating the gridlines from the Intergalactic Races into all aspects of Beingness.

It is being considered the Activation of the ONE in which all levels of frequency from the 144thdimensional reality all the way down to zero and then back up into the 5thdimension to be fully actualized upon the Earth. The OM WAVE is a frequency of light of all moments coming into completeness of the Self, and will assist each living being upon this planet to come to the realization that they have a pathway to share with others. Lemuria and Atlantis will come together during this extreme wave of frequency which will start on June 20th, 23:09 GMT (3.09 Pacific US) and lasts through June 24th 23:09 GMT. It has been deemed appropriate that the emission of the OM WAVE be a continuous effort for a four-day period due to the intensity that will occur. The energies will be sustained in the upper earth and will continue to accelerate the frequencies emanating from the peak of Mt. Shasta in all directions. The following energies will be in a stream and steady flow through to the 25thanniversary of the Harmonic Convergence which marks a time of completion. Then it shall be firmly planted within Gaia to create the higher frequencies of the NEW EARTH, Terra Christa.


Depending upon where you are in your pathway, the intensity of your work, and your timelines from Atlantis and Lemuria will be the determining factor. It is very important that an individual realize the importance of this event. It is bringing the essence of the Masculine and Feminine Divine into full power once again but only with the balance that it creates. Each of you are an important part of this creation and it is up to you personally what you need to experience during this time as it will set the stage for more growth factors.

This is only our beginning of creating this balance within the full body system and upon Gaia. Each of you has a responsibility to make yourself as clear as possible if you have no already done so. We are all a work-in progress and where you are presently is your defining moment.

I know that each of this planetary activations you hear “Masculine and Feminine Divine” are coming fully into existence. This is very true and you must realize with each passing element that occurs it is going to get deeper within your Being. It is part of this pathway. Increments of time are occurring to prepare each of you into a deeper part of yourself. This activation comes forth in a more direct manner as it is related direction to the previous timelines of Atlantis and Lemuria.

There is so much more to share with this event but I realize that time in this moment is not permitting me to do so. So this is our introduction unto the best of the best into this planetary frequency that we have been aspiring to accept within the physical creation. Please do stay tune for our next lesson on the OM WAVE and what it means for all of Humanity.

I look forward to walking with each of you during this amazing time of regeneration upon Planet Earth.

I AM St. Germain, in Loving Acceptance of Your Light

Rev Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
Walking Terra Christa ~ Divine Language Network

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WOW, that was good & a lot!! I'm ready, let's do this thing! :cheers:

Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks Purpleskyz!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Your are welcome. It was a long one :)


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