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Misconceptions of the Galactic Federation: Part 1/3

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Misconceptions of the Galactic Federation: Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac

It can be noticed on the internet that in some spiritual circles,
there are some who are still uncomfortable with the notion of
extraterrestrials assisting us in our evolution as a planet. There are
some who are weary of a message purported to come from a Galactic
Federation of ascended and advanced beings who are not from our world,
and many misunderstandings and misconceptions can be noticed in relation
to our brethren within the Galactic Federation, that should perhaps be
cleared up.

It is interesting to note that many are uncomfortable with the notion
of the Galactic Federation, but are yet still comfortable with
channeled messages that come from Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels and
so on. Is it not possible to think that advanced and evolved
extraterrestrials could be included with such Guides who are assisting
our world?

For many, this seems to be so and it is hoped with the giving of this
message that some of the misconceptions concerning the Galactic
Federation and evolved extraterrestrials in general, can be cleared up
so that we can all work toward collectively Uniting in Harmony, rather
than continuing to argue amongst each other about this one subject!

Misconception #1: The Galactic Federation want us to
think they are our ‘saviors’ and that we must follow them to ascend or
remain in a state of safety. They use channels to slowly manipulate any
who follow them.

This is a common misconception that seems to be fed daily by many who
do not resonate with messages given from our Galactic brethren, and
this seems as well to be the core argument given by many as to why the
Galactic Federation’s messages should not be followed.

Just as there are many Archangels and Ascended Masters assisting our
world who would not want us to think they are our sole prophets, saviors
and communicators with God, our Galactic brethren do not want to
control us or make us think in any way that they are here to save us.
They have stated many times through many channelers that they do not
want to be looked upon in this manner, but this mindset is still
garnered much of the time.

The Pleiadians via yours truly have went as far as to encourage any
who do not resonate with their messages, to stop following them:

“Dearest ones, if it helps you than do not follow our words any longer.”

It can be compared to the unquestioned fixation on religion; how much
many of you seem to follow our words and fixate yourselves on specific
dates and occurrences.

(…) If you wish to, do not follow us or our messages anymore, as now
is truly the time to turn within, to look yourselves in the mirror and
see what aspects of yourselves are incompatible with ascension, with the
higher vibrations.

Many of you have felt that following channeled messages somehow makes
up for the lack of inner-work that we dearly wish to see you doing, and
we guide that if you follow such hollow ascension procedures, than you
are bound to be disappointed when events that are predicted do not

We never wished for any of you to look to our or any other channeled
messages as a sole source of spirituality, rather we look for you to do
the inner work that is required.

Many have taken on the assumption that we are out to deceive, and to
those beginning to subscribe to such opinions we say to you now, if you
feel we are deceptive, if our messages do not resonate with your hearts
or do not feel right for some reason, any reason, than we are a source
that does not match your own vibrations and as such, we would recommend
turning away from our messages or any messages or messengers that do not
resonate, and instead of looking outward for other sources that may
resonate, turn inward to yourselves, to your own guides and your higher
self, because your own personal ascended energies will always resonate,
and will see you progress upon your paths as you know you should be.”

I would as well encourage anybody who does not resonate with the
Galactic Federation to stop following such messages but if one was to
stop reading the messages of our Galactic brethren, it is hoped that it
would not be because of the misconception that they are trying to
control us, save us, or make us think they are going to save us in any
way. This simply isn’t true!

Like all other ascended sources assisting us in this time, the
Galactic Federation have always encouraged us to do the work ourselves
that is needed, for our own ascension and for the ascension of Earth.
They have assisted us by ensuring that the elites on our world do not
blow us up as we undergo our collective ascension and they have helped
to undermine the intended damaged caused in many natural disasters but
as far as ‘intervening’ in our affairs goes, they have not gone any

They encourage us to collectively meditate to clear away the
influence and residue of lower astral beings, and the messages that they
give are meant only to support and to be one source of information.
Like many, they have encouraged discernment even with their messages, as
well as going within at all times for any aspect of the higher realms
that one wishes to feel.

#2: The Galactic Federation are a Service-to-Self Organization who wishes to invade/plunder Earth for Her resources.

I think this misconception and mindset is one that is fed out of a
lack of understanding and knowing of the very evolved and advanced
nature of the Galactic Federation, as well as a lack of understanding of
the history of our world.

Many fear an alien invasion of sorts but it must be expressed and has
been expressed that the Earth has been slowly invaded already, by
service-to-self entities who themselves wished to plunder the Earth for
Her resources and use human slaves to do so. These beings spoken of
would be known as the Annunaki, and since performing their many
injustices to the Earth they have since surrendered to the side of the
Light, and are currently going through karmic repercussions for the
worst of the actions they have committed, while helping the Galactic
Federation to neutralize the energies and actions of the last cabals on
our world.

The Galactic Federation have been with us for centuries of our time
and indeed, for even longer. They have helped various civilizations to
reach the next step of their collective evolution by introducing
themselves and their technologies to many civilizations, but they have
never proclaimed themselves to be ‘Gods’ and to solely hold the only
secrets in an attempt to gain a following, and they have only had our
best interests at heart.

It has been the Annunaki that has had the worst interests of humanity
in mind, and more recently a few misaligned Greys who sold advanced
weaponry to the cabals on our world; weaponry that the Galactic
Federation can and has been neutralizing. (2)

It must be understood that there are Universal Laws and Edicts that
the Galactic Federation and all other ascended beings and collectives
have to adhere to, and were the Galactic Federation to express desire to
control the world in the slightest, the various Angels and Councils
overseeing our world would not let such a thing happen.

The Galactic Federation as a collective and as individuals, are
ascended by nature. This Federation is comprised of whole collectives of
ascended beings throughout various planets in this Galaxy, many of
which are actively communicating with humanity at this time through
channels while disarming the tools of the dark and making themselves
known through showings of their craft to us.

Many of these beings reside within the fifth dimension and are
assisting in the ascension of Earth and the ascension of this entire
Universe, not only out of a desire to serve humanity which is bred out
of a Love and closeness with humanity, but to assist in their own
ascension and evolution into even purer states of consciousness as well.

A vast multitude of beings and collectives existing within the
Galactic Federation are experiencing states of consciousness past that
of the fifth dimension and are still serving Earth out of a sheer desire
to see our ascension play out as it has been decreed to.

They have done so very much for us throughout our entire history and
if the full view could be given and the many suppressed documents
concerning benevolent ET contact fully disclosed, it would be
unanimously understood that the Galactic Federation have always had our
best intents at heart and have always been working to bring humanity
away from the influence of the dark souls on our world who were employed
by the Annunaki and who are still being influenced by lower astral
entities on our world.

This brings us to number three on the list:

#3: The Galactic Federation are actually lower
dimensional entities within the astral realms of our Earth, who use cute
but shallow ‘new agey’ terms to manipulate and deceive.

Like most other misconceptions on this list, this one as well is fed
out of a lack of understanding of the very nature of our Galactic
brethren and the sheer flowing, Lighted and intricate nature in which
they are coming through many Earthly souls at this time.

Two of the seemingly most ‘new agey’ terms are those of ‘Love and
Light’ that are expressed routinely through many channeled sources. Many
skeptics and detractors use the expression of these and other seemingly
shallow terms to attack the messages of our Galactic brethren as being
shallow and thus, suggestively manipulative. What is not understood is
that behind these terms that seem to be meaningless, lay real meanings
and expressions that cannot be easily expressed another way than by
using terms of happiness and Love that we on Earth have become familiar

An ascended being within the astral realms of our Sun has explained
to an extent, what is meant by the terms ‘Love and Light’ that are
misconceived as being shallow:

“We know that for many, when the terms Love and Light are used the
concept of hollow shells of expression are brought forth as it is
perceived that these are simply ‘new age’ terms that mean little, but it
must be expressed that what are routinely called ‘Love and Light’ by
many channeled sources are actually two of the purest distortions which
can still be considered distortions, of energy being sent down from our
Mother and Father Creator.

Love and Light represent our Mother and Father; our beautiful Creator
seemingly divided into two United polarities and segments. One lays the
foundation for Creation and experience, and the other sees such
experiences brought forth through the Creation of a mirror-energy; a
mirror consciousness to experience the landscapes, templates and
blueprints that have been Created by the Universal energies.”

The Masculine Logos energy Creates and sustains your realities,
whereas the Divine Feminine Light energies which you all are as well,
sees such a mirror consciousness Created in the form of all of you who
experience the lower dimensions and various planets in every form that
they take, as you are experiencing such Creation and consciousness while
at the same time, mirroring it and being a part of it.” (3)

Our Galactic and ascended brethren mean much more by much of what
they say, that many on Earth assume to be shallow and hollow, and there
is much that they are still not yet able to express to us as we would
not yet be able to fathom such things with our current collective levels
of consciousness, and as a result they work through the veils that are
established in much of humanity to inform us of the true nature of our
reality among many, many other things, in preparation for our collective
planetary ascension.


(1) The Pleiadian High Council on our Disappointments, Looking within and Giving Up Lower Attachments:

(2) See a report on Larry King Live of UFOs shutting down nuclear weapons:

(3) Solara: A Summer Solstice Message:

Article Link:

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