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Ines Radman ~ The Truth Shall Set You Free

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1 Ines Radman ~ The Truth Shall Set You Free on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:01 am


The Truth Shall Set You Free

March 13, 2016 Ines Radman

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – Jesus 
If this is true or not, I can’t say. The scribes wrote that this is something a person called Jesus said, though, this is not about what he said, but about how it was said.
He is referring to ‘the’ truth, meaning that it is something specific. I’ll get to that later.
Everyone is seeking the one thing called truth. As we transform into non-linearity, it is becoming more real for us to know the grander truth. This may not sit well with many what I am about to say: There is no such thing as a singular truth. How can there be truth for over 7 billion unique souls? How is that possible?, and yet we look for it.
Spiritual common sense will laugh at you for doing this. You will look back and laugh at yourselves and yet you are designed in this way, to look for one thing to grasp on to, for everyone else to grasp on to and that one thing will then be your salvation of peace and joy and energy. It doesn’t exist, or it’s in 7 billion parts. At worse, truth is temporary, transient, fluctuating, transcending because everything changes.
Each of us has a piece of the truth. Take an old soul who has been here a 1000 or more lifetimes, who’s had shamanic energy, who studied the stars, who is wise beyond their years on the planet. Whether you remember it or not, it’s not important. I’m talking about what is in you. In your DNA, you carry around the wisdom of the ancients, some of you still remember other worlds. Now hold on to that thought.
Now comes a person that has had 5 lifetimes. They carry around a fraction of what you do of their life on Earth. How does that posture their personality? They are less likely to have the wisdom you do, less likely to believe the things that you do. Is it possible that your grand multidimensional truth would be wasted on them?
They’re not ready for it, so they would have a smaller truth that works for them. But their truth will still allow them to connect to a single god, in an elementary way. Great, been there, done that, you’re on to so much beyond trying to figure out which god is the right one.
So, who’s got the truth? There is no one truth, no one static truth, but there is one Creator and one spirit, and there is one universal love and when you mix these together, I invite you to find the grandest truth of all and that will be yours. This is the same truth I write about, the one that is only yours because you are the witness to it. My truth can only be your belief system or bullshit because you didn’t witness my truth in that moment of manifestation. It is yours, your intuitive you because you put the years in crossing that bridge reconnecting to Source.
This is the specific multidimensional information point for you. It’s critical you do not pass this understanding. There is a tendency for you to be stuck looking for one truth, which has gotten humanity into a lot of trouble.
Don’t look for truth, by the time you find it, it’s already gone. Look for love. Love is a constant, it never fades away, it only changes intensity. Truth is here for a moment and gone the next. As Buddha once said: The only thing that is sure in this life is that everything changes. If that is the case, then how can truth stay truth. The truth is, this morning I spilled my coffee on my keyboard. Right now, that keyboard shows no traces of coffee. There is no evidence that happened. Is that truth? It was this morning, but it’s been wiped off. If I told you now that I spilled coffee this morning, am I telling the truth? No, because I can’t prove it anymore, it’s cleaned up, it’s past, it no longer exists.
Don’t look for truth, look for love. You look for love and compassion in any belief system and you will find it at the core. Go where it feels comfortable and move forward and you will be honored for it. Look for love. The dark cannot be represented for long as accurate or true because there is no love, and there is no compassion and this Earth knows better.
Welcome to a new paradigm of common sense and reality. Some of you got this, some of you have no idea what I just wrote, and all of that is appropriate as well. Every single human has his or her own path of discovery in your own time, in your own way.
Please don’t stop seeking. Please don’t despair. Please do not think it’s over simply because of somebody who said something.
What is going on on Earth currently is something we have seen before. If you could compare the galaxy and all of the planets that have gone through this before as a school, this would be the graduation of the first step.
We know what is coming! Because the steps that are next for you are the same steps that were taken before. What you describe as human consciousness, it isn’t. It’s consciousness. It only belongs to the human because we’re in human bodies, but our consciousness is not human consciousness, it’s pure consciousness and energy. It’s the same kind of thing, energy, the attributes and confluences of the energies are almost identical that consciousness of other planets have gone through. Reason for that is life is similar everywhere else. Some almost identical from planet to planet because the galaxy is made up of fractals. From the smallest to the largest, you’re going to see repetitive parts of the same thing. It’s a beautiful system and that it means is that it gives rise on other planets. One perhaps right now that is just getting life, the building blocks of DNA getting ready to be seeded by you, in the future. The same DNA and structure that we have that is common to all, so we have seen this before.
Our civilization is young. According to Kryon it has not even been around the galaxy once. It takes 200 million years to go around just one time. There are societies and civilizations that have crossed the galaxy 3 times or more.
We are the newborn children compared to those out there, it’s no wonder we’ve made such a mess of this planet and destroyed it so many times. It makes sense why we were placed out deep into the galaxy, well hidden.
Why has the Earth been such a horrendous time? Civilization looks ugly to you,your past and history filled with survival and killing, weaponry, mass destruction, no elegance of thought for life, torture etc. They all went through that, because civilization builds itself, as our children build themselves as a metaphor through life. There comes a time when the child becomes self-aware and the ego is all they think about, themselves and survival. On the playgrounds at school, some of them become bullies just to survive. Some of them never get over it. And they’re bullies as adults because they never moved into the elegance that we have.
As we grow up, we gain knowledge and wisdom that occurs to us, there are better ways to solve a problem, through listening and cooperation we have to, to survive. But the children don’t know that, generation after generation they will flail, go through the terrible twos, teenage years and it’s over and hopefully they will grow up.
This his how human civilizations evolve. We’re still on the playground. We’re still pushing each other around. We’re still in survival mode.
Jesus said: “The truth shall set you free”. The truth. What is that truth? Did he mean that once we figure out who we really are we will dissolve this paradigm and free ourselves from this slavery? What exactly did he mean by this?
There is no truth. How can we know the truth when we still don’t know who we are, how we got here, why we are here, how many lives we have lived, if we came here voluntarily or is karma determining our destiny?
Everyone out there is saying “Anytime now, we’re on the cusp, we’re almost there, we will saved soon, we will ascend, we will transcend”. What does anytime mean? Even if truth was LOVE, we have not found it yet. We’re still killing each other, throwing white phosphorus on innocent women and children. Who are we trying to kid? Who in their right mind will come here and show us the way when we are danger to ourselves? We’re a bunch of hopeless and lost barbarians. Just because we’re not doing the killing doesn’t make us any better than those that are killing. We’re standing by and watching it happen. It’s like standing beside a rapist and watching him rape another woman and once it’s done, we then call the police. What makes us better than that rapist?
If we had an inkling of truth, we would  not be killing each other. If the truth is near, we should have Peace. Before Love comes Peace. What is truth? Who are you? How dare you pretend that you know what the truth is? If we knew the truth, we would not be in this condition.
Perhaps those were the words of Jesus. Perhaps he was right when he said the truth would set us free. We are in bondage, we enslaved ourselves because we ‘became’ part of this material world. Jesus said he was not of this world, we’re still calling it our reality and can’t take responsibility as a civilization for destroying it.
They don’t need weapons of mass destruction to subdue us anymore. They have done a great job just hijacking our minds. Each person that dies is a part of you. We all come to be through a root system. A tree (Source) grows roots and from each root we become. It means we’re all made of the same material and came from the same source. We are all connected, each person that you watch or see die,  a part of you has died as well. Until we realize that we are one consciousness and one energy, we will never accept the truth about us.
Do you know who you are? If you don’t, start looking for Love, once you find Love, you will find the truth. I finally learned that I know nothing at all, everything in my head came from’s not mine. All the books, all the information I collected over the years, all the speeches, videos, movies, internet….none of that is my truth. It does not belong to me, all this time I thought I had the truth. I had someone else’s truth which by the time I read it was no longer a truth because nothing is permanent.
The only thing that is real and permanent is love. Love is always within our grasp, but as long as we are killing each other, we have not learned love yet. How arrogant we are in thinking that we have made progress. How more arrogant are we in believing that our galactic family has intentions of visiting us?
I now understand why a quarantine was placed around the planet. I don’t think it was to keep someone here…I believe it was intended for us, because those that have gone through this before, know we can not only be a danger to ourselves, as a planet, but a danger to the rest of existence. A planet is merely an organ within the construct of all things. Organs will regrow and regeneration, so does Earth. We are infected with parasites, rabies, fleas, and a taste for power and blood. We’re children in the playground and this is why playgrounds have fences around them, to keep the children contained.
The truth will set us free, once we start looking for love, not truth. Truth does not exist…we’re in an illusion because we need to learn how to love and reconnect with Source. That is the truth.

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