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RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016

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1 RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:04 am


Currency Revaluation Initiator Waits To Push The Button
by Hal Reekin - City Times Services 2016

Barry Latwin has either the dream job of a lifetime or simply a failed career. He has been described as the "go-to" person who will start the process that will make thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people rich beyond description. But the hang-up seems to be that Latwin is waiting to be told when he can unleash the untold trillions of dollars - and he has been waiting for 10 years to do so.

Latwin was hired as a Currency Revaluation Initiator fresh out of a trade school that he had enrolled in as part of a job rehabilitation program that was provided when he lost his job as a bank teller during the recession of the late 90's. Although he had been re-trained as a dog groomer, he was able to land the job as a CRI mainly based on his banking experience. "I thought it was certainly a stroke of good fortune that my application was accepted, my interview scheduled, and I was hired within 24 hours", says Latwin. "This looked like a great job and I was pretty sure the competition would be stiff. But now I am not so sure of any of that nowadays."

Latwin discovered shortly after being hired that his sole responsibility would be to initiate the currency revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Latwin admits that he had never really had heard of such a program, and was not sure why a revaluation of the currency seemed to be so important. Nor did his erstwhile employers provide an explanation beyond the initial reason for his work. In fact, he never met any of his employers face to face. The interview was by phone, he was told that he had gotten the job on a follow-up phone call and was told to report to his workplace - again by phone. The only instructions he got about his work was in a sealed envelope in a tiny office space being rented out of a run-down storefront at the city limits.

And what does Latwin do every day? He gave me a tour of his work site which took approximately 15 seconds: a beat-up metal desk, a old rotary dial phone and a bank of large red buttons mounted on the wall over his desk. His job is to sit at the desk every day and wait for the phone to ring. Supposedly, he will receive instructions to push one of the buttons that will initiate the so-call "RV" for a currency.

"At first there was only one currency that I was responsible for, the Iraqi dinar", Latwin explained. "And I sat at this desk for 3-4 years waiting for a call to come in. At first I was really excited about this and the responsibility I was given. I started reading banking and economic articles, trying to see if there were any clues or indicators out there that might give me a clue when this would happen. A couple of times I thought that the RV was imminent and I actually stayed in the office 24 hours to avoid a delay in pushing the button."

But as time wore on, and the phone didn't ring, Latwin began having doubts about whether he was actually accomplishing anything in this remote niche of world economics. For one thing, he had no idea of who he was actually working for. "At times I thought I was working for the Fed. But then I thought maybe I was working for a major world bank or maybe a partnership between banks who were backing the RV. Then I thought just maybe I was really working for the government of Iraq. Later on I started hoping that this was really an United Nations operation."

The second problem is the fact that Latwin has not received any pay during the time he has been keeping watch in his office. He was promised a rather generous salary, which he did not wish to disclose, but it came with a condition: he would only receive his pay once he pushed the button. Although he was told he would earn wages every day he was waiting for the RV to happen, it could not be paid until the RV happened. Latwin did admit that if he ever gets paid, he will be able to retire immediately based on the amount of back pay he is owed.

"I would get calls on the phone from my manager, telling me to hang in there and not to give up," Latwin said morosely. "I would tell him that I still had bills to pay, I had to eat, and even be able to go the dentist twice a year. But he always put me off, promising me that I would be pushing the button in a day or two, or a week, or even tomorrow." Latwin would always give in and agree to stay on for another week, only to get the same story again, or some variation of it when he talked to his boss.

At some point, Latwin decided not to give in and quit. But when he arrived at work for his final day, the single push button was now accompanied with two more buttons labeled "Viet Nam Dong" and "Zimbabwe Dollar." Latwin received a call from his boss, who explained that now Latwin was responsible for two more currency revaluations and with that responsibility, his pay would be three times as much. It was an offer that Latwin obviously felt he could not refuse, for he agreed to stay on. "When my boss pointed out that my chances for getting paid had effecitvely tripled, I was pretty sure things were looking up and I would be on Easy Street in no time."

Sadly, but predictably, nothing changed in terms of Latwin getting a chance to push one of the buttons. The calls from his faceless boss began to become less frequent and eventually stopped happening altogether. Latwin was evicted out of his apartment since he could not pay the rent, his car was re-possessed and his dentist informed him that he was dropping him as a patient since he not finished paying for the dental work he had performed on Latwin. Latwin moved into his office and kept his fingers crossed that his employer or employers were still paying the rent. Last week Latwin discovered that the phone no longer has a dial tone and he cannot dial out on it. He presumes that the phone company was not paid and they turned off the service. In order to get some money so that he can feed himself and use the laundromat, Barry has fallen back on his vocational training as a dog groomer. He does the shampooing, trimming and combing on top of his desk, no longer in fear that he may get fired for moonlighting on the job.

"The ironic thing is that I am bringing in more money as a dog groomer than as a RV button pusher," Latwin laughs. "But someone is making a lot of money on this RV thing and I would just like to find out who they are and see if I can get a piece of the action."

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2 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:16 am



Mnt Goat    

I can absolutely, without a doubt tell you that there WILL NOT be any RV of the IQD this weekend. Why watch for an RV if we know there are still mandates for Iraq to complete prior to any RV.

It is instead the completion of these mandates we watch and wait for as the RV is not the main objective here but just a by-product of meeting these objectives.  

So now at the week’s end we see a benchmark in this saga to obtain a technocratic government (an event that had to occur).

We know that prime minister Abadi has met Sadr’s deadline of Thursday to submit to parliament the list of candidates to fill his cabinet...  

...Abadi told everyone that after about a year he would come back and review everyone who he originally appointed as minister. He has done just this and so he does carry out his plan. Yes- there is a plan. 

So the next chess move rests with parliament as they now have 10 days and the “ball is in their court”.  According to the constitution, they must to ratify or reject the candidates posed by Abadi within this period of time. We wait and see what happens. This brings us to April 10th. 

I am still firm on my mid March to mid April RV window of opportunity. It has not changed. We still have time for all the work to be done to conclude the needed tasks. I am a bit skeptical it will all occur but this is their new target timeframe not mine. 

If not I will then have to move along to a new RV window of opportunity when they give it to me.

I will first, of course, justify it and bring it to you why I feel I have to move it out. No secret sources of intel or news from the bank screens as this is all rubbish talk. We want just the FACTS.

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3 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:52 am



ADMINBILL shares the so called INTEL for WSOMN Members only or is he just putting out hype to keep folks continuously on the edge of their seats? Did he independently confirm the information from official agencies?





04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 1

Hearing from 2 different groups that I am associated with, (and XXX) that some kind of historical bonds, or sovereign bonds, have been approved, but not funded. (I wish I had the email in front of me). It appears from one "guy" that there are a couple markers, so to speak, that need to be completed. These have been expected for weeks but no go yet.

Wait, I found the email. It appears that thousands of these bonds have been tendered, authenticated, and validation is complete, but payments are on hold. I truly think some variation of this may likely be the hump that needs to be resolved prior to any RV / GCR / or private exchange.

04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 2

For your information to handle as you see fit. A retired general let me know cards are live in Iraq at 4.24 and celebrations have begun. WM friend called side they have been told to be fully staffed at 10:00 MST tonight. Fingers crossed Maybe this is it Adjustment to last text.

WM just called Said they had a video conference. Staffed XXXXX but 800#s to be released XXX XXXX

This is first time he has ever said 800#s

Appt to start at XXXX

04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 3

A long time friend (thru business) came into our office yesterday afternoon. He is from Iraq. Talked about the RV a couple of times prior to yesterday, but not in detail. Yesterday my husband asked detailed questions about what we had learned recently and his reply was YES he listened to the Parliament pass the budget himself and YES Iraq and Iran had agreed to go together and YES Maliki is now a non issue Just a little confirmation I wanted to share Got excited !! Thank you for all your time and attempts to keep things real VERY much appreciated

04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 4

At this point I believe what we are seeing in Iraq is pure show. I have received 4 separate reports that confirm significant movement in the bond markets over the past 48 hours with 2 reports stating certain bonds have been "funded". News is also filtering in that the "XXXXXX" gave the XXXXXXXX controlled banking system an ultimatum to join in or be left out completely.


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4 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:25 pm


After careful consideration Wiley Morgan and KCMana wish to announce that we will be stepping down from our roles as GROUP leaders.

We have volunteered our time for six years to help lead the Group but at this point there is simply nothing more for us to do.  No one knows when or if this currency revalue will occur, but in the event that it does, all members of the Group will be notified by email through the Group list database.

Please take this message at face value; no need to re-interpret our words, as there is no secret message contained herein. We are simply stepping down to pursue our humanitarian work of the last 2 years.

With best regards,

Wiley Morgan and KCMana

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5 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:56 pm


Tank just posted:



6 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 4/04/2016 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:58 pm



Federal Reserve to New Republic via a Global Currency Reset

4/04/2016 08:27:00 AM  Emailed, Intel, News  

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

Federal Reserve to New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

The Global Currency Reset is a complicated process about a global reset of currencies, removal of the Khazarian mafia and restoration of the US Republic and the original US Constitution. At present the process is playing out with no holds and is expected to be completed within days.

Below is a history of that process, including forming of the US New Republic, integration of the Federal Reserve into the new US Treasury in Reno, expected changes in the US tax system, expected release of the 800 numbers and relationship of Humanitarian Projects to $800 trillion in US taxpayer monies gained from a 1992 audit of the Federal Reserve.

The higher Contract Rates are available, especially if you are dedicating a good percentage of your monies to Humanitarian Projects. Those higher rates are said to be funded out of $800 trillion in US taxpayer monies that were illegally taken by the Federal Reserve during the Bush Administration, then confiscated during the 1992 Federal Reserve audit. At present the monies are in European bank accounts awaiting the GCR.

History of the New Republic and Global Currency Reset Process:

1. Please refer to a short trailer of the to-be-released documentary "Eagle One to Wanta." The major film documentary covers how President Reagan's secret agent Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta amassed 3.8 trillion through a negotiated agreement with Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev during the fall of the Soviet Union. The 3.8 trillion was designed to go back to the American people but was stolen by the Federal Reserve System. Wanta has pledged to eliminate our national debt overnight after a 2006 US District Court mandate is honored that would return the money. The documentary is scheduled to be released upon announcement of the New Republic around July 4 2016:

2. Since it's inception the US monetary system has been owned and run by the Cabal known as the Khazarian mafia, North American Union and U.S. Incorporated (Corporation of the United States), which is simply a privately owned Maritime Corporation out of Puerto Rico.

3. The US Federal Reserve is not connected to the US government. The Cabal owners are membered by influential world powers like the Vatican, European Royality and private families such as George Soros, Rothchilds, Carnagies and Rockefellers. Cabal monies are commonly laundered through the Vatican Bank.

4. The current version of the privately owned Federal Reserve system started around 450 years ago at the creation of the Vatican Trust by ancient Royal Families. One of the major Royal funding streams reached it's term and was cut off at the start of Dec. 2015, opening the door for closure of the Federal Reserve and implimentation of the new US Treasury.

5. The Federal Reserve Bank is composed of a group of private Central Banks whose main interest is serving the Cabal.

6. The Global Currency Reset has become part of the take-down of this illegal US corporate government through formation of the US New Republic, new US Treasury and new US currency notes backed by natural resources and gold of the Royal Dragon Families. The Dragon Families are based in the Phillipines and are not connected to, nor claim to be influenced by the Chinese government.

7. US Federal Reserve Notes are backed by gold (borrowed from the Royal Dragon Families after World War II), but only used for government and trade purposes. This monetary system functions under the non-US government owned North American Union.

8. The Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) that are used by US citizens have no backing at all and is referred to as fiat currency.

9. The United States is the only country on the planet that does not have its own national currency. One of the purposes of the Global Currency Reset is for the US to secure our own asset-backed currency.

10. For years the Cabal has fought implimentation of the GCR since it takes away a lot of their power and monetary gain including closure of their privately owned Federal Reserve.

11. Since inception of the US, citizens have been forced to buy their Federal Reserve Note currency, along with paying interest on it, from the privately owned Federal Reserve.

12. The US Internal Revenue Service came on shore as a Delaware Corporation back in 1934 and was immediately purchased by an attorney firm which then incorporated the Delaware Corporation.

13. Eventually the IRS ended up in a holding company known as the Northern Trust Company which also owns the state and US Bar Associations. For all intents and purposes the IRS and US Bar Association are essentially the same entity.

14. The Federal Reserve Note had interest attached to it which helped to create our nation's well over 17 trillion dollar national debt (some say we are actually over 100 trillion in debt).

15. The Dragon Families excused that debt when their gold was placed in the new US Treasury in Reno last week. This included excusing debt and derivites of the Wells Fargo Bank, which is owned by the Dragon Families, plus the derivities of certain other banks. (There is question about excusing debt and derivities of Bank of America since it is heavily used by the Cabal).

16. In 1991 Roy Schwasinger went before a senate committee to present evidence of the international bankers and government criminal activity through the Federal Reserve. He informed them how the Corporation of the United States was tied to the establishment of a New World Order which intended to bring about a fascist One World Government ruled by the international bankers.

17. In 1992 a task force was put together consisting of over 300 retired and 35 active US military officers who strongly supported Constitutional Law. This task force was responsible for investigating governmental officials, Congressional officers, judges, and the Federal Reserve.

18. The task force included Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy Boorda, General David McCloud and Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby. They uncovered the common practice of bribery and extortion committed by both senators and judges. The criminal activity was so rampant that only two out of 535 members of Congress were deemed honest. More importantly, they ordered and carried out the first-ever (and only) audit of the Federal Reserve.

19. The Federal Reserve was accustomed to giving orders to politicians and had no intentions of being audited. However, after they were informed their offices would be raided under military gunpoint if necessary, they complied with the investigation. After reviewing their files the military officers found $800 trillion dollars sitting in accounts which should have been applied to the national debt. Contrary to federal government propaganda, they also discovered that most nations owed money to the United States instead of the other way around.

20. These hidden trillions were then confiscated and placed into European bank accounts in order to generate the enormous funds needed to pay a successful Farmers Claims class action lawsuit that helped to instigate the 1992 Federal Reserve audit. Later this money would become the basis of the GCR Prosperity Programs fulfilling Humanitarian needs across the planet.

21. Despite these death blows, President George H.W. Bush and the Illuminati continued on with their plans of global enslavement. In August 1992 the military officers confronted President Bush and demanded he sign an agreement that he would return the United States to Constitutional Law and ordered him to never use the term New World Order again.

22. Bush pretended to cooperate, but secretly planned to bring about the New World Order anyway. He set out to sign an Executive Order on December 25, 1992 that would have indefinitely closed all banks, giving Bush an excuse to declare martial law. Under the chaos of martial law, Bush intended to install a new Constitution which would have kept everyone currently in office in their same position for 25 years, plus it would have removed all rights to elect new officials. The military intervened and stopped Bush from signing that Executive order.

23. In 1993 members of the Supreme Court, certain members of Congress and representatives from the Clinton government met with high ranking US military officers who were demanding a return to Constitutional Law, reforms of the banking system and financial redress. Clinton, however, was a proponant of the New World Order and as a result, nothing of substance was done.

24. NESARA - National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act - is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep the US. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and implements the following changes:

A. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

B. Abolishes the US income tax.

C. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

D. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items such as old homes.

E. Increases benefits to senior citizens.

F. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

G. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.

H. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to Constitutional Law.

I. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

J. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

K. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

L. Initiates a new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.

M. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the new U.S. Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

N. Restores financial privacy.

O. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

P. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

Q. Establishes peace throughout the world.

R. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

S. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

25. Late one evening on March 9, 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to 15 members of the US Senate and the US House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. They were immediately escorted by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting chambers where they passed this National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

26. These 15 members of Congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office in accordance with the original 13th Amendment. Remember British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office.

27. President Clinton had no interest in signing NESARA into law. On October 10, 2000 and under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House. Under gunpoint, they forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, were disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order. President Clinton also relinquished his bar registry.

28. From its very inception Bush Sr., Clinton, the corporate government, major bank houses, and the Carlyle group have opposed NESARA. To maintain secrecy, the case details and the docket number were sealed and revised within the official Congressional registry to reflect a commemorative coin. It was again revised even more recently. This is why there are no public Congressional Records about NESARA and why a search for this law will not yield the correct details until after the reformations are made public.

29. Members of Congress will not reveal NESARA because they have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to deny its existence, or face charges of treason punishable by death. Some members of Congress have actually been charged with obstruction. When Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order, his small passenger plane crashed, killing his wife, daughter and himself.If fear isn't enough to keep Washington in line, money is. Routine bribes are offered to governmental/military officials by the power elite/secret government.

30. Not surprisingly, much disinformation about NESARA can be found on the Internet. Wikipedia’s article is total disinformation. Dr. Harvey Francis Barnard’s NESARA bill was rejected by Congress in the 1990s. Dr. Barnard was a systems philosopher and had tried for years to interest Congress in his monetary reform suggestions. A testimony and articles by Dr. Barnard’s close friend, Darrell Anderson, are shown below.

31. The next step was to announce NESARA to the world, but it’s was not an easy task. Many powerful groups have tried to prevent the implementation of NESARA. The NESARA law requires that at least once a year, an effort be made to announce the law to the public. Three current US Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge of NESARA’s announcement. These Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARA’s announcement.

32. In 2001 after much negotiation, the Supreme Court justices ordered the 107th Congress to pass resolutions approving NESARA. This took place on September 9, 2001, eighteen months after NESARA became law.

33. The next day on September 10, 2001, George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement. The next day, on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce the new US Treasury Bank system, debt forgiveness for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.

34. It is alleged that just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1 and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were said to be planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day it is alleged, in order to cover-up their crime. It also was said that remote pilot technology was used in a flyover event to deliver a payload of explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Command Center who were coordinating activities supporting NESARA’s implementation nationwide. With the announcement of NESARA stopped dead in its tracks, George Bush Sr. was said to have decapitated any hopes of returning the government back to the people. See this documentary to be released after the GCR:

35. By 2008 another proponant of the New World Order, the Obama Administration, was in charge. Obama refused to work under a budget while ballooning the national debt with a stimulus package that didn't stimulate the economy, but more than tripled the national debt.

36. The US fast began loosing their influence as the main world reserve currency due to it's uncontrollable monetary policies, ever-growing debt and use of fiat currency.

37. Also in 2008 the Royal Dragon families became very concerned when the US could not even pay the interest on it's debt. They called in their loan on Lehman Brothers, thus causing the 2008 Mortgage Crisis.

38. By now nations of the global monetary system had alarming concern about the US national debt and US currency which had no backing, yet was being used as the main world reserve currency.

39. The Royal Dragon Families then stepped in to form BRICS, backing the currencies of nations who joined the BRICS system with their own natural resources and gold reserves of the Dragon Families.

40. Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, China and South African formed BRICS to correct the situation, and backed the world's individual currencies with gold and natural resources to conform to Basil III of the IMF. They revalued all of the world currencies and worked toward a Global Currency Reset, using revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar as a kingpin for the other world currencies to revalue.

41. By 2015 all the nations of the world except for the US and Japan had joined BRICS. Japan joined in the Fall of 2015, leaving the US as the loan holdout.

42. Around the same time that BRICS was formed (7-8 years ago) the United States Army created an interim government called the New Republic and stationed it in West Virginia. The Royal Dragon Families had demanded formation of this New Republic as a necessary step before they would back US currency with their gold in the BRICS system.

43. A New Republic interim government was formed by concerned Congress people because the Obama Administration refused to join BRICS, thus creating a dangerous situation of fiat currency where the US economy could easily collapse.

44. The New Republic went into operation near the start of 2015.

45. The New Republic had to construct a national currency but they didn’t have the gold by which they could comply with the IMF's Basil III. In April 2015 the Chinese Elders leased 100 billion in gold to the New Republic.

46. US Treasury Reserve Notes [TRNs] were created by the New Republic for use at the government level, but they’re not used on the street. Since 2015 they have been trading the new TRNs internationally, in Europe and in the Japanese Market.

47. For a monetary system that could be used by the general US public, the New Republic created what’s known as United States Notes [USNs].

48. The only difference between the new US Notes currency and the Federal Reserve Notes is that the new currency will not be charged interest.

49. The new US Note currency is like what President Kennedy had created way back in 1963 when he tried to shut down the Federal Reserve right before he was killed.

50. Kennedy's cost of trying to take down the Federal Reserve using new US Notes is explained in this documentary to be released July 4 2016 as an introduction of the New Republic:

51. In 2012 as the Settler on a Econo Trust Lein against the Federal Reserve Bank and to prevent them from rechartering, the Federal Reserve was melded into the new United States Treasury now located in Reno Nevada.

52. Patriots like Winston Strout helped the Federal Reserve to be absorbed into the US Treasury. A recent interview with Winston Strout discussing the process is here:​c

53. There was a 2011 Treaty White Paper that informed finance ministers of the economical conditions of the world. As a result, Ireland challenged the banks. They said, “If you can prove that you loaned us any money, we will gladly pay you. But If you can’t, basically ‘go pound sand’!” And they held to it. They had that same thing going on with Greece. It was believed that if the right one had gotten elected in Greece they would have done this same thing as did Ireland.

54. In 2015 the New Republic (charged with protecting the Royal Dragon Family gold that backed the new US currency) located the new US Treasury in Nevada on an Indian Reservation because Indian Reservations have free trade zones.

55. In 2015 Marine Corp. General Dunford was selected to be the interim President of the New Republic because he had recently been appointed by Congress to be the Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon.

56. Also in 2015 when Paul Ryan replaced John Boehner as Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, he did so knowing he would eventually replace Dunford as the interim President of the New Republic.

57. On Jan.1 2016 Paul Ryan replaced Dunford as interim President of the New Republic. He will remain in place as the interim US President until the Nov. 2016 elections.

58. Dunford stepped down to fill the slot as Vice President of the New Republic.

59. On March 31 2016 the US finally joined BRICS, opening the door for the New Republic to take over and dictate US monetary policy under rules as outlined in the original US Constitution.

60. The New Republic of United States government and Treasury were restored at 6:30 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2016 when the Dragon Family released funding for the New Republic (the real reason for the Chinese visit to the White House that day).

61. The Dragon Family 100 billion in gold that was leased to the new US Treasury and temporarily stored in Texas, was shipped to the new US Treasury in Reno.

62. As of March 29 2016 the USA Inc government cabal membership was being legally arrested. This was expected to continue until all known "dark agents" were rounded up.

63. Also as of March 30 2016, redemption 800#s were released to the New Republic leadership for final implementation at some unknown time. These 800#s could be released anytime per internal discretion.

64. The GCR is about to take place, along with the release of 800 numbers. The New Republic will be announced some time after the GCR has taken place, suspected to be around July 4 2016.

65. Under the New Republic the Federal Reserve is closed.

66. Under the New Republic the IRS and corrupt judges will be dealth with.

67. Under the New Republic the Bar Association and all US attorneys will have to renounce their Bar Oath to the Temple Bar of London and become lawyers, but they can’t be considered attorneys anymore.

68. The individual governments of the 50 states will remain in place.

69. The North American Union is now done. Washington D.C. has been dis-incorporated.

70. Pope Francis has fired five of the Cardinals out of the Vatican Bank which controlled the world currency before instigation of BRICS.

71. The New Republic Military is in the process of reclaiming all military installations.

72. The purpose of the New US Republic is to function as a restored Constitutional Government as established pre-Civil War.

73. Announcement of the New Republic is pending, but some say it will be done on July 4 2016, along with forgiveness of bank and individual debt, plus release of this documentary:

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