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NEWS! “Science-Faction,” TS Caladan’s 4th Book Will Be Published!!

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NEWS! “Science-Faction,”
TS Caladan’s 4th Book Will Be Published!!

Announcing great news from World-Mysteries, Out-of-Mind, Mayan Majix and Bended Reality author: TS Caladan. A Collection of Short Stories, written over decades and new ones will be published by TWB Press in Colorado. FORTY in all, called “SCIENCE-FACTION” because of TS’s style of parodying real, hidden happenings behind dark curtains that need to be exposed. The ‘entertainment’ or dramas are not pure fantasies. They originated from stark reality and have a solid foundation. Extraordinary things are suppressed from us by Authorities. Here is a way to learn, not from Science-Fiction…but from a whole new category called “Science-Faction.”
          The point is to make you think! Not to deceive readers and viewers with illusions from ‘theatrical plays’ in words or images: The idea is to enlighten with stories to the limits of bright imaginations and exaggerations, simply to bring readers to places they haven’t been before and to thoughts that they may not have thought before. More than dreams and mere surrealism?
          Here was another chance for more of Tray’s ART from animation cels to be placed on the covers of his books. Pictures below were recently decided for the front cover trimmed in white:
                                                  by TS Caladan

Each of 40 short stories have a comment, blurb, description or quick explanation from the author that precedes the story and are quoted here:     
1   Citizen Cal: the Darkening
[Author’s note: Let’s begin with an alternate ending to my Book Two of the Traylogy, “SON of ZOG.” The following new world was not a dream; it was real, yet it paralleled the dream Continuums. It happened a long time ago in another universe when Outer Space was White].
2   Morra and Draka
[Author’s note: Know Good from Evil; know the truth from the lies. ‘Korangar’ = ‘Ragnarok.’ What are Morra and Draka on the other side of the Mirror? My version of movie: ‘Interstellar’].
3   Kill-Squad: Dr. Yes vs. the Terrible Trio
[Author’s note: After seeing that Batman fought Superman; Avengers fought each other; angry Neighbors and Angry Birds were made to fight: even an evil Kermit in last Muppet Movie, Most Wanted?...and now Suicide Squad…I had to do something, bring some good light to Darkness, a little sanity to the madness. The only villains in the real world are its leaders. They are the true bad guys, immoral, compassionless creatures who LIE and make major movies for one purpose only: to pull us to the Dark Side and into accepting their ways of hatred, violence and war].
4   Violet
[Author’s note: Classic (CGI) story on eve of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Three scared Marilyn Monroes walk into Private I, James Dean’s office. Didn’t you always want to see MM and Dean get together? ~A story of aliens cloning celebrities for profit. There are other time-lines. JFK plays FDR. There are appearances by Einstein, Marlon Brando, Stallone and Bettie Page].
5   Hoagy’s Head
[Author’s note: You know how all of Shakespeare’s works were written by committee? Well, what if the opposite were true for Music after the mid-1950s? What if one guy wrote everything and the Industry was a sham? Let’s go down memory lane in an unknown episode of Futurama].
6:   The Rise and Fall of Buster Jeser
[Author’s note: Is every Industry like Music, Television, Films, Sports, etc. corrupted at very secret, top levels? Is it all fake? Have we been lied to, cheated by Master Deceivers? Any (bio) ‘thing’ manufactured today can be sold over Medias and bought by dazzled, blinded people].
7:   To Kill a Clone
[Author’s note: Here’s a companion piece to my Justin Bieber (Buster Jeser) story. Valuable, hot Hollywood (Disney) prospects or sports specimens must be cloned! Empires are fabricated and utterly controlled. Would you bet they’ve cloned Daisy Ridley or have not cloned Daisy Ridley?].
8.   Shepherds of Phantom Planets
[Author’s note: Inspired by old photo of corpses arranged by medical students. You figure it].
9:   What are the Numbers?
[Author’s note: What’s the meaning to a worldwide phenomenon seen on retinas? A small % of people have numbers over their heads? Clue: ones with numbers knew exactly what they were].
10:   Before Shasheer
[Author’s note: Shasheer = Mars in the Traylogy. From ‘God of War’ planet, sprung first Evil that resulted in darkening of a White Universe. We were Martian refugees, long after a Super-Human race stood proudly at Cydonia. If we were Martians, where did Martians come from?].
11:   Long Ago on Iapetus
[Author’s note: Taken from classic myths and ‘mental movies.’ The Gods make war! Story ends with a highly damaged Solar System and return of Black Sun ‘Stargate’ or Saturn’s wormhole].
12:   The Day the Earth Moved
[Author’s note: Story deals with the end of life on Earth in 3000 A.D. To the rescue are Cal-2 and a variation of Gort from ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’].
13:   Doug Yurchey’s Dream
[Author’s note: If scientists made a huge discovery and accurately visualized ancient, electrical Ley Lines across the Earth that proved Darwin wrong and dramatically changed old views on prehistory, the truth would never be revealed to the public. The reason: Facts would lead to an obscure man that has expressed even more answers than the new ‘discovery’ for decades and to the reality of Atlantis and to a completely different prehistory as human, technological gods].
14:   We Can Change the Future
[Author’s note: So often we are lied to by false words and images over various Medias while far more fantastic things that are true have always been suppressed by the Authorities].
15:  Aleister Crowley Created the ‘60s Peace Movement!
[Author’s note: Paul McCartney died on 11/9/66. Here is a fantastic story that came to me as I discovered, 45 years after searching for clues “Paul was dead,” that he really was dead and replaced! The realization and story came to me mid-February, 2015, the same time that Ringo Starr admitted the truth of Paul’s death in an interview. A ‘firestorm’ was created in the Press].
16:  Super Bowl 49 Nexus
[Author’s note: What if all major Sports events were fixed and ‘fixed’ in time? Why did Super Bowl 49 end so incredibly, unbelievably? Did aliens play and were Time-Machines involved?].
17:  Venusian Zoo
[Author’s note: What if governments have been lying about conditions on the closest planet, Venus? There might not be intense heat and violent volcanism. What if native Venusians were far superior Human Beings in technology and mind powers? Yet they remained in physical bodies similar to beasty, warlike Earthlings? Here is a prayer, a loud plea from a ‘Gorilla in the Mist’].
[Author’s note: Imagine the Kennedys and modern-day, evil people lived a few thousand years ago and were Greek senators. In a reverse world, President Caesar was shot in Dealey Plaza].
19:  Cat’s Secret Power
[Author’s note: Cats are mystical. Da Vinci said their design was a “masterpiece.” Cats are wonderful cures and strong protections from dark, nasty, hurtful things. They are not evil at all].
20:  Caterpillar’s Dream
[Author’s note: If we only understood the great power inside us, sleeping, we could conquer our fears and FLY to the furthest extent of dreams/imaginations. Not only pioneers, but everyone].
21:  Curse of the Wereman
[Author’s note: You might want to be careful who you fall in love with and bring home to meet the parents. Make sure your betrothed can handle…a small, Family Curse every full Moon].
22:  District of the Damned
[Author’s note: To appreciate the story, you’d have to be familiar with ‘Village of the Damned’].
23:  Virus-H
[Author’s note: Story should remind you of ‘Twilight Zone’ called: ‘The Eye of the Beholder’].
24:  The Plan
[Author’s note: What really happened in the mysterious last scene of Bertrand Baxter’s ‘The Plan’ on live Kraft Theater television in 1955? Was there a real murder? Who shot who?].
25:  The Other One
[Author’s note: What if you had a cool uniform and special powers? Then, there was another one of you in public doing fantastic things? You meet your Anti at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming!].
26: Cutters!
[Author’s note: What if you were part of a colony on Jupiter’s frozen-ocean moon, Europa, and the ICE MELTED! Plus Cutters, giant eels, now unfrozen, cut through surface like Sandworms!]. 
27: Anitorum
[Author’s note: What is reality? Where are they? Who’s the girl?].
28:  Only an Atomic Particle
[Author’s note: Short of it is we shouldn’t be smashing, splitting or destroying atomic particles].
29:  A Sign of the Coming…
[Author’s note: A sudden aerial phenomenon (‘Norwegian Spiral’) appeared on 12/9/09. Why did a strange ‘Pointer’ (not Bluebeam) mark the Vatican, Throne of England and Pentagon?].
                                                                                                                                                                                  30:  A Fateful Encounter
[Author’s note: Dark Story. Ever met a celebrity and were disappointed? Fans are clueless].
31:  Harvest
[Author’s note: Don’t judge books by covers or wolves by sheep-clothing. Looks are deceiving].
32:  The Barrier
[Author’s note: What is within and beyond the Barrier Wall? What is the deeper meaning?]  
33:  Star Wars Commercial
[Author’s note: What’s the most evil, addictive, banned, deadly DRUG in the galaxy? Find out].
34:  Talking to a Sea-Monkey
[Author’s note: This was my first story posted online in 2002. It has a cynical, Richard Corben-feel or the ‘meaningless existence’ flavor of a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Old, fun stuff].
35:  Dysonworld
[Author’s note: Oh, Flub! This was neat! Like previous short, the story deals with Time and Size differentials. A Dyson Sphere, found! ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’ had the same problems].
36:  Tele-Pyramid
[Author’s note: Little exercise in some initial problems of a dream-transporter: a Tele-Pyramid].
37:  Tag
[Author’s note: Bizarre graffiti: extraordinary, sprayed paintings by street artists (?) in intricate patterns and designs and color combinations: Are ‘tags’ CODE and mean something to aliens?].

38:  GYD 
[Author’s note: When in prison with a cellmate, you’re never quite sure what will happen, huh?]
39:  The Prince and the Whipping Post
[Author’s note: You’ll have to write to me to find out who gave me this tale in 1973. True story].
40:  How Galileo Saved the Life of Capt. John Smith
[Author’s note: When I found WHY early explorer John Smith’s life was spared and the Indians made him and his men guests of honor instead of the dinner itself…a fabulous story crystallized].
          I’ve loved fantastic stories all my life, brought up on 1950’s television and 1960’s comic books and sci-fi. Any movie about the future or the weird or another world, I sure saw more than once. Classic sci-fi and comic books were my world. The real world, not so much. I found out I easily pictured pictures in my mind; saw scenes. Was I day-dreaming, remote-viewing, imagining or remembering?
          It wasn’t until late in life that an extraordinary thing happened to me (among others). I learned how to write a proper sentence. Once that happened, a flood of ideas poured out of me and onto digital paper. I felt as if a magazine editor told me they needed 4 stories by 6 O’clock, I’d reply with, “Boss, I’ll give ya 6 stories by 4 O’clock!”
          Wild stories flooded out like a Fountain, stories that were not fantasies. Most had definite messages and conveyed subtle truths, based on substantial things. Certainly woven into the tapestry of operas are my decades of researching ancient mysteries as well as modern conspiracies. Most of the stories came out of seeing something outrageous in the real world and then getting very pissed about it that I had to do something…so I wrote furiously.
          When I write, it’s a Stream of Consciousness . Yeah, but whose consciousness? I don’t know what’s going to happen as I chronologically and quickly write a story; that’s what keeps my interest! These top 40 stories are very special songs to me, special moments. I’m Tray’s biggest fan.
                                                                                                                                                                                            ~TS Caladan

Dedicated to Nikola Tesla and Imagination~ 
About the Author
Tray Caladan was born Doug Yurchey in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1951 to Rose and Stephen Yurchey.  A shy, only-child retreated into his own world and drew pictures. He earned a tennis scholarship to Edinboro State as an art major only to quit and begin the ‘Art Trek’ gallery. He encountered a psychic (Katrina) that would forever change his life and send him on a course to solve great mysteries. In 1990-91, he worked as a background artist on the Simpsons. Tray’s important articles, videos, radio shows, theories, patent, stories, games and artwork can all be viewed online. His positive message of a ‘New Human Genesis’ permeates his theories and research as well as his ‘Science-Faction’ and pictures in his mind~

        White front cover and BLACK Back Cover. Below will be the artwork for the back cover, which includes the emphasis on FACTION and not Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Cel was traced from a photograph. There is also a photo of Tray with Monkie.”

How to order novels by TS Caladan

or go to publisher’s site: TWBPRESS.COM 
TWB Press, publishing, electronic, e-books, ebooks, short stories, novels, science fiction, supernatural, horror, thrillers, fiction

TS Caladan's 3-Book "Traylogy" can be purchased thru TWB Press.
9" x 6" books with cover art are less than $18.00.   EBooks are $3.99.


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