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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » Could someone point me towards more info into the Zap/Susan/Poof debacle please?

Could someone point me towards more info into the Zap/Susan/Poof debacle please?

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So I've been following this mess for a couple years now, and, at times, have caught myself both believing and disbelieving.  However, in my attempts to find the beginning, all I found were a couple folk's investigations and exposes of Jerzy Babkowski, and the ensuing lawsuits.  Does anyone know of an objective online repository, that perhaps goes a bit further back than OOM2 (perhaps theres an archive here I've yet to find?)  It would be interesting because I'm really fascinated by how many people follow this storyline, and would love to know how many followers he has, and what these beg-a-thons produce, financially.   Thanks!!!


Welcome EL O EL! Thanks for joining and posting!

Your questions on this shyster Jerzy are ones that we here and those investigating him would also love to find. His appearance in taking over Poofs spot over 3 years ago was the first we had even heard of him. I would love to know how he hooked up with Susan also as the Poof posts did not ever ask for donations as you can see by going back in the archives. The farthest back that I have found on him is his prison term for fraud in Canada.
As to the extent of his financial begathons take one can only guess. They are not legit with tax exempt numbers that are normally provided in this country to those that run humanitarian projects for those that donate to causes in the form of a receipt that donors can use on their taxes. Requests from donors to be provided this receipt with number are deflected and then avoided altogether by Susan.

One has to ask themselves, if you were a member of a royal family said to have zillions in gold that was looking to provide funds for humanitarian projects would you hook up with a man that served prison time for fraud? Most likely the answer would be a resounding NO.

So if you find any info that goes back on him please do let me know!



Thanks P.S.! So Jerzy's linkedin profile states that he is the CEO of the "Landa China Development investment Corporation (LC)" which, from their own website  describes their mission as " The purpose for which LC is formed is to assist in the capital funding of Humanitarian, Charitable, and Commercial/Industrial Projects to the betterment and aid of our Humanity, particularly to children of all ages, with a special mandate of providing aid to abandoned seniors, and introducing the openness and wonder of our (homeless/parentless) children to the seasoned wisdom of our elders, and to clean our waters. 

With that being said, and Jerzy being the CEO of this operation, why would he have any need to be begging for pocket change, from the struggling general population, week in and week out, when he sits at the throne of such an altruistic corporate monolith?  It just doesn't pass the sniff test!

And His "Humanus Trust", also described on the same page (via a button on the top) describes how :Humanus is actively engaged in relationships with Foundations, Trusts, Corporations, and Governments, of like spirit and direction.

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if he had access to such Resources, he would be flush with access to "assistance funds" and have no need to beg for another hundo for Mary's oxygen tank.  Wow, It absolutely blows my mind how cultivated of a fraud this joker is.  DO I wish his prophecies of the global assistance funds, and the RV, to be actually coming to fruition.....of course!!!  But if such a thing were to be forthcoming, surely someone "in the know" of such Power Players like "grandpa" would be more concerned with maintaining their own Business and personal integrity, so as to ensure future inclusion of Fundings from said contacts.  Yeesh, people....wake up!!!



Also noted that Susan and Jerzy have their names on many umbrella LC's. None which pass the "sniff test". Many of us have been trying to expose this guy for some time. Maybe we need to start a go fund me so we can hire proper investigators to shut these people down. Though we are aware that 3 letter agencies are involved they move at a snails pace.


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