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Happiness rising: out of a world of conflict and noise by Jon Rappoport

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Happiness rising: out of a world of conflict and noise

Dec2  by Jon Rappoport  

Happiness rising: out of a world of conflict and noise
by Jon Rappoport
December 2, 2016
The message of world events and news about those events seems to be: ignore your own life and your future; they aren’t important enough to consider.
If we followed that advice emerging from the maelstrom of noise around us, we would all go down. We would all succumb.
Remember the premise that government in a Republic exists to allow the greatest possible freedom? Remember the idea that freedom involves the pursuit of happiness?
Remember the notion that this pursuit is carried out by the individual? And that his own happiness, by his own definition, is the goal?
If, in trying to make a better country and a better world, every person sacrificed his own pursuit of happiness, a better country couldn’t exist—because all happiness would have been tossed on the fire.
It’s a contradiction.
No matter what else a person does, he must have enough energy and desire to seek his own joy. That’s a given.
When I put together my second collection, Exit From The Matrix, this is what I had in mind: the individual attaining his own happiness by expanding the power of his imagination.
Imagination rises out of the sea of confusion and doubt. It is the infinite instrument for envisioning and empowering the pursuit of happiness.
Imagination breathes life into purposes and objectives and ideals and hopes and dreams and decisions. It says Yes when other sources say No. It soars above the problems that can envelop the individual. It points the way to success.
To the notion of happiness, it says, “Of course. Why not?”
As a goal, joy is rational, in the sense that it proceeds from the basic wish of the individual for himself. The opposite of joy surely wouldn’t be rational.
Imagination is a quintessential quality in attaining what every individual wants for himself.
Joy and happiness aren’t “already there.” Or if they are, they don’t last by themselves forever. There is a pursuit of these goals, and it is real. In whatever way that pursuit is conceived by each person, his immersion in imagination is needed.
Even some children are aware that, when school is out and the endless summer spreads itself before them, they are participating in the meaning and essence and flavor of that immediate future by imagining it fully.
These truths do not change. They are ours wherever we go, wherever we are.

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