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It's the Banks, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 22 by Anna von Reitz

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It's the Banks, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 22
by Anna von Reitz

The banks control the governments, not the other way around. It has been this way for 150 years in Britain, the Commonwealth countries, the US, Germany, most of Europe, most of Asia, most of Africa.... and when a government tries to assert itself and make its own decisions and adopt its own currency for the benefit of its own people, as Libya's government did and as Iran's government has, it is promptly attacked by all the other governments. Why? Because the banks run the governments as storefront governmental services corporations, and the banks like it that way.
It gives them a free hand and world dominance. They get to use the resources of the entire planet any way they please. They get to regulate and de-regulate themselves in whatever way is most advantageous to them. Forget the good of the people or the country they are supposed to be representing.
Just look at what FDR did to THE VIRGINIA COLONY CORPORATION when he shut it down and opened THE UNITED STATES, INC.? And when he bankrupted the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.? These were predatory corporate take-overs and mergers---- and we all paid for them.
Look at what the Federal Reserve Banks did to the American states and people during the Depression? The suffering and losses that the American states and people endured were enjoyed as benefits and bargains by the perpetrators of the artificial Boom of the 1920's and the same self-interested men glutted even more profit from the Bust of the Great Depression.
Those responsible, including FDR, should have been tried as criminals, not lauded as heroes; the people were not sophisticated enough to recognize what the banks and their willing drones, the politicians, had foisted off on them. Then as now, they slumbered on, secure in the comforting but false assumption that this was their government and their government wouldn’t harm them.
Let's not forget the sanctimonious role of the members of the Bar Associations colluding with the banks and their sub rosa employees, the politicians--- papering everything over and reassuring the public that it was all "legal" and proper.
Perhaps that was the death-knell of sanity in America, when the members of the Bar started calling everything "legal" and not enough voices objected.
It signaled that the American people no longer remembered the difference between "lawful" --- the Law of the Land --- and "legal" --- the Law of the Sea.
Another death knell came when people started being confused between the "people of the United States" and "citizens of the United States", and millions in a Zombie-like trance, beguiled and trusting what they believed to be their own dear government, agreed and said, yes, we are citizens....
At each juncture the perpetrators eased in and raped the sleeping Body Politic.
The banks and their buddies have run rampant for a century and a half and despite all the miseries and expense of constant wars, despite the loss of millions of our sons and daughters, despite the malaise of our economy, the burgeoning welfare class, the press-ganging of our Mothers and daughters to work as second wage earners merely to scrape by, the merciless inflation of the only currency available for use, the increasingly reckless, arrogant, coercive, and abusive attitude of the quote-unquote "government"---- we all managed to stagger along, just barely, kept in constant fear of the Internal Revenue Service on one hand, and predatory law suits on the other.
Here, in the richest country on Earth, supposedly living the good life in the victorious bastion of Freedom--- we have been enslaved and swindled by our employees, bankers, and lawyers on a crime spree that would make Ramses of Egypt blush.
Quadrillions of dollars-worth of actual hard assets, gold and silver, jewels and art work, artifacts and precious documents, are on deposit with these same banks. These riches belong to people who are the beneficiaries of the "Historic Trusts". These trust deposits are supposed to be managed by Trustees, who are appointed to their role or who inherit the positions, sometimes for many generations.
Instead of honoring their obligation to the Depositors, the banks are holding onto the assets of the Historic Trusts and refusing to allow the lawful Trustees to access these assets and use them as the Donors stipulated. The banks are acting as self-interested robbers---again---pure and simple.
The oldest Historic Trusts were founded in late Antiquity, at the time of the Roman collapse. Through the Dark Ages and well into the Renaissance, Historic Trusts were used to collect, protect, and transfer the wealth of men and organizations. By far the most common and among the richest Historic Trusts are those founded by Spanish Conquistadors and by the Spanish Monarchs through the early 1800's.
These vast depositories of actual asset wealth were, for the most part, passed on by the original owners for the benefit of places and people, including their own families, home towns, favorite places, charities, churches, and even their professions.... and are today ear-marked by the current Trustees and Beneficiaries for the benefit of all Mankind.
The bankers have two-blocked all effort to secure the release of these vast stores of assets. They have pitilessly seen the photos of starving children in Africa and called them, "Monkeys". They have swathed themselves in silk suits and fur and lived in the finest homes and considered themselves very wise and superior to the Common Man, who they have referred to as, "Livestock".
They have self-righteously donated dribs and drabs to charity and special causes, most of them calculated to benefit the banks and their pet projects, or used to promote their own government storefronts, or to pay off politicians, or to reward their faithful servants in the Bar Associations. They've made themselves out to be great philanthropists-- using money they stole or coerced or gained by enslaving and making the lives of others miserable. And via the spilled blood of the innocent slaughtered in wars for profit.
This is how we have the spectacle of the World Bank, IBRD, and others caught red-handed with gold and other assets confiscated from our grandparents and great-grandparents ----- pretending that this gold just appeared out of nowhere in their coffers and also pretending that they don't know where it came from.
We know where it came from. For starters, it came from my Grandmother's wedding ring, twisted off of her finger by foreign commercial mercenaries employed by FDR.
Observe how the World Bank and IBRD tried to wash their guilty hands by offering to give our gold away to the rest of the world?
And that is just $387 billion-worth. That’s chump change.
The failure of the World Bank/IBRD to return our confiscated gold to us is a tiny, almost trivial bit of the dishonesty that the banks, politicians, and lawyers have nurtured into a festering epidemic-- an epidemic of institutionalized corruption that is overwhelming and poisoning the whole planet.
So now they've got themselves in a spot. And the propaganda machines just aren't working anymore. Let’s cover some of the high points.
The US Dollar isn't worthless paper. It is in fact asset-backed by oil, both crude and refined oil products. That's why it is called the "Petrodollar". So let's get that myth dismissed right now.
The US Dollar also isn't the American Dollar. Let's get that nasty confusion cleared up, too. Our Dollar is a unit of exceedingly pure silver. Always has been.
And let's pop the Gold Bubble, too.
The sudden insist-on-gold mentality among Chinese investors is based on fear encouraged by self-interested sellers of gold---and equally unprincipled Chinese hucksters hoping to make a fortune by running up the worldwide price of gold.
The grandsons of the same men who set up the scam on Jekyll Island have moved their operations to China. Why? -- to spring a trap fourteen decades in the making, but simple enough in design:
Collect, confiscate, impound, steal, import, control by hook or by crook all the gold in the world, and then force the grandsons and granddaughters of the people you stole the gold from to buy it back from you at wildly inflated prices. Lie and pretend that the world's gold reserves are much smaller and therefore more precious than they really are.
Which brings me back to the issue of the Historic Trusts and the quadrillions of dollars-worth of hard assets cashiered away for hundreds of years, all being held captive by the banks that have no right of any kind to hold those assets against the Will of the Depositors, the rights of the Trustees, and the welfare of the Beneficiaries.
There is right now in the Central Bank of Mexico a huge deposit of Spanish gold that belongs to the indigenous peoples, the sons of Spanish pioneers and the daughters of American cowboys now living in the Western United States. It was placed on deposit there are as a humanitarian bequest by the King of Spain, who intended that it be spent on infrastructure and educational programs, hospitals, and all the other things that people throughout this region needed in 1834.
The gold was never delivered because other interests set up new, untrustworthy government storefronts that were not committed to spending the money according to the King's wishes, so there it sits--- more than 150 years later, gathering interest and value every year. It has grown into a very substantial trust, able to support new infrastructure, new industries, new social services, new means of transportation, medical research, cultural preservation, and vast, vast humanitarian relief to some of the poorest of the poor in America--- no more photos of Navajo Elders squatting in front of a five gallon pail turned into a dangerous fuming charcoal stove trying to keep warm.
The banks are two-blocking the use of these and similar funds throughout the world because a few insanely greedy individuals refuse to come to an accommodation with the Trustees of the Historic Trusts. They aren't content to make 2 or 3 or even 10 times profit on the gold they have stolen, confiscated, and impounded. No, they want profits in the neighborhood of 100 times what they have invested. They think they will just sit on the Historic Trusts and outright steal them and nobody will have the resources to bring them to Justice. They think they can discount the actual Trustees, the Beneficiaries--- and the Law, by handing off the management responsibility to a Third Party, who they also propose to control and boss around.
Why not? They literally employ -- in your name, of course -- all the politicians you send to Washington and all the legislators sitting in "State of State" legislatures throughout the country.
All these people you think of as your representatives are literally bought and paid for corporate franchise employees of the banks running the governmental services corporations you have also mistaken to be your lawful government. Their only actual obligation is to make profit for the local "State of State" franchise.
This is their job and they can't do anything else, because a commercial corporation is a psychopathic entity by definition. The fiduciary deputies of such an organization are allowed to worship only one god-----profit at any cost. That's the way commercial corporations operate and unknown to you that is what nearly all the county, state, and federal government operations have become: self-interested commercial corporations.
That's also why banks are the horrible institutions they are. If their Boards of Directors spent one penny that wasn't aimed at making more profit for the shareholders and investors of the banks, they would not only lose their jobs, they would be sued and hounded and disgraced.
When you talk to the men in charge of the major banks and commercial corporations, they are compulsively fixated on making profit ---and too many of them are willing to tear down and ruin the Earth and kill the people on it, all in pursuit of profit---for some numbers on a screen.
If you are sickened by this, and you should be, you will now know for sure that banks, governments, and courts are all in desperate need of reform and the entire concept of the commercial corporation must be revisited. Mankind is profoundly endangered by continuing to shelter psychopathic organizations in our midst. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the social and environmental and human cost of commercial corporations run amok.
Everyone reading this is the heir to a vast fortune, yes, even the entire Earth, is yours and subject to your dominion. Vast stockpiles of gold and riches are set aside for you, because one way or another, everyone on this planet is a beneficiary of one or another of the Historic Trusts.
These are the storehouses of the Lord, set aside for this time. In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI ordered them to be opened. As of 2017, here we still sit, waiting on Francis and the Curia and the Vatican Chancery Court.
There was a final sacrifice in Canaan 2000 years ago. A young man put aside his life for the sake of his friends and his love of the Earth and all Mankind. He paid it as the ransom for all people of all races and all religions forevermore. He paid it for the sheep and for the goats alike. Even the profit-mad bankers. He paid the price of all our debts in all jurisdictions forever. And when I say all debts and all jurisdictions--- I mean exactly that: all debts.
Let that sink in.
Not just for Christians. Not just for Hebrews. This was done for all Mankind. Everywhere. Regardless of belief. Regardless of faith. And then, one more extraordinary thing---- having purchased us, he set us free and honored the Law of Heaven.
He set us free from all debts for all time, but to fulfill what is written and to make all things correct, I have presented the Payment Bond and made it effective for one thousand years beginning January 6, 2017 through January 6, 3017. This is for the redemption of the Kingdom of God, and all those NAMED as part of it. This ax fell on the Vatican Chancery Court on the Day of the Three Kings, the traditional day when the kings of the Earth bring their gifts to the King of Heaven.
So now the die is cast, and Pope Francis and his entire organization is held to account for allowing the imposition of debt where none exists, for failure to release the Historic Trusts for the relief of Mankind, for the creation of commercial corporations by the Roman Curia and for allowing these diabolical inventions of the mind to run rampant upon the Earth.
The Indemnity Bond posted for the people of Earth is without limit. The first Set-Off Bond is for $100 billion dollars in silver, renewable as needed. And the Payment Bond, AMRI00003, is good for a thousand years--- after which we will have our final Visitation and all will be fulfilled.
I am sorry for all my own sins and apologize to those people I have offended by entitling this series of essays with the tag line: Or, Stop Being Stupid. I think that it is obvious that we and many generations before us have been stupid, dull, slow, gullible, complacent, unwary, and the list goes on. How else have we been so deceived?
I think it is also obvious that, yes, we do have a choice in the matter. We can go on believing the lies and the fairytales--- and go on being enslaved in the Land of the Free---- or we can face the facts and jerk awake and ask the questions we need to ask--- and foremost among them, how is this even possible?
How have the people of the whole world been deceived, defrauded, and misled for thousands of years? It stands firmly on the record that we have been.
People often say to me, “This has the ring of truth!”
There's a reason for that. It sounds true because it is true. Once you step back and really think about it, it's obvious. It's right in front of our faces. It is written in our history, revealed in our holy books, repeated in our Laws, blazoned across the heavens, and resonating in our DNA. We know the Truth. We just have to admit it to ourselves and then declare it and share it.
Billions of people on this planet are suffering and going without the basics of life for no good reason. Other lives are rendered truncated and miserable, crippled by artificially manufactured scarcity---- lacks deliberately created by banks, governments, and other commercial corporations via unlawful monopolization and manipulation of commodity markets and natural resources.
This is being done to the Heirs of Creation, the Children of the True God, the living people who are owed the benefits of the Historic Trusts regardless of their race, religion, or nation.
It’s time that the banks are brought to “an accommodation” with respect to their activities interfering in the operation of our lawful government and withholding access to the benefit of our trusts both public and private, and the release of the hegemonies they have established to control our lives, our labor and our use of our own natural resources.
It’s time to examine the purposes of banks and other commercial corporations and to question any necessity for their continued existence in their present forms.
We must remember that the Roman Curia created the entire concept of corporations. It is their responsibility to control them and to redefine them as necessary to ensure their proper functioning. When a dream turns into a nightmare and the pet becomes rabid, it’s time for the owners to wake up and either find the cure or put the creature down.
The banks and their government storefronts and the other commercial corporations pillaging the people and raping the planet must be fundamentally and permanently reformed. The Curia is the international body responsible for doing this and the Roman Pontiff is the official responsible for implementing it.
I have waited nine long years for the Curia to address the obvious and pungent problem. I have marked the days since the order was given by Benedict XVI to open the Lord’s storehouses and provide relief to the people of this planet. And now I have presented the Payment Bond to the Vatican Chancery Court.
In all these ways and for all these reasons, Pope Francis and the Roman Curia and the Vatican Chancery Court stand at the epicenter of this essential conflict between the commercial corporations and the beneficiaries of the Divine Trust. As with any trust, the Will of the Donor and the good of the Beneficiaries must be honored by the Trustees.
Otherwise, they must be recognized as False Trustees and ousted for cause.
In the nine years since Benedict gave the order to open the Lord’s storehouses, the people of this planet have continued to suffer in every corner. The Historic Trusts remain in lock-down imposed by the banks, which also refuse to release credit on the interest owed. The Curia shimmy-shuffles back and forth and takes no action to rein in, much less redefine, the limits and objectives of the banks and other commercial corporations. The Vatican Chancery Court likewise hovers in interminable call-waiting status long after the facts have been established and the issues ripened for decision.
As of January 6, the books have been balanced. They must stay balanced for 1,000 years no matter what else anyone may do.

Thanks to Anna via facebook



Sounds good, but I'm still not seeing anything has changed... Seems like until we drag a bunch of bankers and lawyrs out in the street and string'm up to the lamp posts, not much will change. We can line both sides of Wall St. for starters... They don't move, 'cause they believe they are untouchable, above the law and everyone else and have gotten away with it for way too long. They need to be touched... I know that's not really the answer to the problem, but it sure would get things moving in the right direction.  Those "Come to Jesus" moments can be so inspiring !

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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