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Dave Schmidt Feb. 15th, Weekly Update and Open Q&A???

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huh... so why did Dave's handlers tell him to keep a low profile I wonder?


PurpleSkyz wrote:huh... so why did Dave's handlers tell him to keep a low profile I wonder?
Does Dave actually have handlers?


according to him he does lol

Red Panda

PurpleSkyz wrote:huh... so why did Dave's handlers tell him to keep a low profile I wonder?

Dave says it is to prevent his sources from being identified. 

There wasn't much of a Q & A, he shut the show down due to a lack of callers, and there isn't much to talk about anyway.  Other than Dave saying (48 min mark) that his Hong Kong sources told him that a number of trillions of $$ have been moved into the US for the currency exchanges , there is not much else to report as far as timing goes.

Dave previously reported that HSBC was taking over Wells Fargo (evidence anyone?) and will be the primary bank handling the exchange.  Wikipedia currently reports HSBC's total assets as $2.4 trillion.  So I wonder if these trillions Dave is taking about are going to be added to their total assets or are they part of it already?  If part of it already, they are going to be pretty thin by the time the currency exchange payouts are completed.

Dave says that if you have ZIM you are likely stuck with it, and about half the Dinar out there is counterfeit, so some folks may be stuck with their Dinar as well.

Apparently Mr. M., Mr. H. and any other alphabet characters don't want to talk about it right now.



I wonder if those folks who attended Dave's event yesterday were able to ask questions or was Dave remaining quiet, as he was told?

Red Panda

He has the ability to talk a lot without saying anything.  I wonder if the folks who attended feel it was worth their time?  The people who go that Dave says are repeat attendees, are they really just paying to hang out with other folks of like mind, if the information doesn't really change that much?  They value the hopium so much that they are willing to pay $100 or more for it?

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