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Alien Covenant Review UNLIKE ALL OTHER REVIEWS by TS Caladan

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Alien Covenant Review
by TS Caladan

Before we comment on the new Alien movie [which should have been a new Prometheus movie], let's back up. Remember when director Ridley Scott, awhile ago, told us his next film in the series would be called "Paradise"? Shaw and David would go to the Engineers' home world and the film would provide answers that she searched for: The question of God? Why did the Creators want to destroy their creations (us)? Everything would be explained in a huge blockbuster of a sequel, like how 'Aliens' surpassed the original 'Alien.'
       That's not what happened. I blame Disney for (coming in again) changing everything because some 'brilliant' executive decided, "Hey, we could make 3 cheaper movies, not give any good answers, only INSANE ones and soak the public for more money." Forget Shaw's and Life's important questions of Truth and simply...kill her off! She's not in the movie, only her dead carcass, experimented on by the extremely evil android: David, who once loved her.
       "Let's change everything for the worse and force the public to buy it and accept it. Let's call it 'GREAT' and force fans into loving gore and violence instead of an interesting story"...must be the thinking of the money-managers of New York, Hollywood, England, whomever is behind the PROGRAMMING. And it is truly programming. Not good.
       We were told by Ridley that there would be no zenomorphs in 'Paradise,' no aliens. We got all excited; that's a fantastic idea! We done the face-huggers and chest-bursters. Let's see THE ENGINEERS, those bald giants and the Home of the Gods! Let's get the answers and see Paradise ~
       Movie posters and promos advertising the new film should have had images of the Engineers, not the nasty/eyeless aliens.

       Instead, David, the insane Devil-of-an-android, tested the Black Goo 'war-weapon' and developed it to a point...

He can destroy the Gods with it! So here is a human creation wiping out the gods and not the reverse! It is not the gods destroying humans and Earth, which was the big fear and dramatic end to 'Prometheus,' it's man killing his own Gods. Maybe it's the Devil killing God? Maybe we're in Hell? Or maybe that's what the actual filmmakers and mind-molders want us to believe? Lies.
       Do you think Milton's famous quote was used in the film, what fallen Lucifer said: that it was better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven? Of course it was, as well as numerous names from Egypt and mythology, as if evil Pharaohs [today's Illuminati] were destined to rule over the masses. Bullshit.
       In Truth, God does not want to kill the human race and we do not want to kill God. God is not a punisher and destroyer. War and violence are NOT in the core of human nature. We're good and even divine. Sons DON'T always want to kill their Fathers and the reverse is true.Newsflash for fascist Hollywood~

       [Same as what Authorities and programmers have done in the real world: killed God and everything that was good. Maybe producers of films are Satanists, pushing violent agendas upon us against all things natural, Godly and good? Haven't you noticed the Darkening of Marvel and DC characters? Or in the real world? If you disagree, then investigate Illuminati propaganda and its secret symbols. In time, you might come to realize that we all are being 'forced' or ENGINEERED by a few powerful fascist families, through Media, pushing us into accepting the Dark Side. Don't embrace it! Don't be like the Last Jedi...and also...Superman is NOT our enemy! TRUTH is only the enemy to those who hide it (and their horrible crimes).

       The opening scene of "Covenant" purposely dealt with the question of God or the Creator as robot David discovers what he is. He and Weyland confront each other as father and son. David in pure white clothes of a newborn and Weyland (Guy Pierce) in black as a corrupt, business tycoon. He will die and David will not. Since big questions are not answered in the film (we'll never get right answers of Truth from Them)...let's deal with the issue of creator and creation in the very beginning.  
       David asks mortal Weyland about his Creator. This was to 'dance around' the subject, the great Questions: to give us a false sense that we're still dealing with the God-issue, when in reality, we are not...or told only Dark Side views.
       We wanted to see they killed her. We wanted to see the they killed them off. We wanted answers; they snuffed them out. How convenient. I'm an author and professional story-teller and I'm telling you guys: We Prometheus fans got cheated and screwed, royally!
       Okay. Covenant completely diverged from what Prometheus fans wanted and created a whole new thing that I'm not sorry to say...shouldn't have ever existed! We should not have had to sit through Sam Waterston's butch daughter doing a poor version of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). Again, a strong, man-ish woman who has all the answers; takes charge; was right about not going to the planet from the very beginning, and...
       ...Who I knew would not have a scratch on her. I felt sorry for the metal-like aliens with acid for blood, those Anti-Life fuckers that only wanted to Kill, Kill, Kill! They didn't stand a chance against Daniels. And what was her last movie? She only played the New York version of a WITCH in the latest Harry Potter called "Fantastic Beasts..." You think it's not connected? You think Magic, illusion, miss-direction and control aren't involved? They are.
       Okay. I know what you're going to say: Daniels was killed by David in the end who pretended to be Walter. He kills everyone, all he loves. That's why the theme here is insane and not a good thing. All the colonists on Origae-6 will die when the ship gets there with the goo in the end. OOPS. It's not a Spoiler because you should have realized that EVERYONE'S GONNA DIE!
        What do you think the very first image of "Covenant" was, before the opening scene with Weyland and David? Take a guess. A few of you who know a little of what is secretly going on around you have guessed it: The One-Eye, the fucking one-eye on top of an Illuminati pyramid. Ridley Scott must do this along with about every major filmmaker; they must honor the dark agenda, the Beast, Satan, Crowley, etc. Symbols that mean little to us (2 towers, 33, fire, red/black, androgyny, thumbs-up, one-eye, pyramid, order/chaos, checkerboard, "sacrifice," etc.) are very important to Media Magicians that cast spells upon us. It's never good, is it? There's never a balance of equal Good/White Magic, is there?
       How can there be morals and compassion in films when the filmmakers have no morals and compassion? In rituals, they burn "care" away. But I guess you want to hear of the movie:
       Colonists headed out to Origae-6 in a 7-year journey with thousands of frozen embryos and the hope of humanity onboard. They were awakened from cryo-sleep, same as original movie. But this time it was from a transmission of the song 'Country Road' by John Denver. Of course they decided to investigate, which took them to... 
       A planet where they discovered the crash of Shaw and David's ship from first Prometheus. Shaw's dead. This was reminiscent of how Ripley and "Newt" also didn't make it to safety after the end of 'Aliens.' The Covenant crew had a "synthetic human" called "Walter," with a distinctly different voice, but same (Fassbender) face. The crew encountered David. He told them: Ten years ago, the ship crashed because the alien virus or black goo was still onboard and Dr. Shaw was killed in the crash. David failed to tell them that he was a psycho, homicidal, maniac-robot and 'one' with the Aliens, a sicko Anti-Life Machine that murdered Shaw, experimented on her and even killed the Gods~ 
       David talked about "Creation," but it was really Destruction. He proliferated the ampules or Alien pods, the Anti-Life, the Black Goo. (Same as X-Files black goo?). He did it out of pure evil. He killed Dr. Shaw, his love, because he could. First Alien robot, Ash, was also evil, you could say. He admired and protected the Alien zenomorph, like David. Ash warned us humans that we had no idea what we were dealing with. The next robot in the Alien series, Bishop, was not evil. But in 2017, we've returned to the ultimate EVIL in cybernetics. Isn't it similar to HAL in 2001? HAL or David was the sum total of the human race. If David (or HAL) was evil, then so was the human race. We learned in "2010," HAL was not evil; he was confused, at cross-programs. But with Coven (witch's), I mean Covenant...everything's dark and evil: from God, the gods to humanity itself. It's like there's no type of Heaven or afterlife; everything is negative, people and even the gods are not worthy of life and should be destroyed. Devils would think so, but...THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE!
       You already know what's going to happen, exactly like the first Alien: The crew will be infected from 10 years of David's experiments...
       Burst, burst, burst, out the back, out the front, out the eyes and toes! Oh. It's a blood-fest for those of you (Deadpool fans) conditioned to enjoy that kind of thing. They'll be two more gory Alien films coming your way. I'll guess...even more violent; army commandos will probably be thrown in and it will turn into Starship Troopers against the Aliens. Kill, Kill, Kill!
       Could the entire franchise of ALIEN ("lie" in the middle) have been done to tarnish the idea of good aliens out there? Or good angels out there? What good aliens/angels? Exactly. When we think "alien" or if we Googled that word, what do you think pops up 9 times out of 10? MONSTERS! We've regressed back to pre-'Close Encounters' days where only dark, twisted, upside-down forces exist in the universe that want to conquer us or kill us. We should grow up and open our eyes. We should see the evidence, investigate YouTube and elsewhere and know that we are being programmed by real, secret ENGINEERS.
       Who put James (Illuminati minion) Franco in this movie mess? I'm surprised they didn't toss in Seth Rogan for a second. [Ha. This is the End].
       Where was the "deacon," that special, bluish zenomorph at the very end of Prometheus? You know, the bizarre product of an Engineer and 'trilobite" virus that appeared like an octopus? Where was that strange, little, Alien creature in Covenant? Nowhere. What was really answered in this latest chapter? Virtually nothing.
       (And who says the Gods are bald? Bet the real ones hate rap music).

       Months ago, when I heard that we were not going to get 'Paradise,' that we were not going to have a whole movie of Dr. Shaw's quest for answers, that we were not going to have a film upon the Home World of the Gods and only see more monster ALIENS...I was pissed. I write when I'm pissed. The following film-treatment, to me, is a far more interesting story than the three Prometheus sequels that will be forced upon us. You decide. Write to me: 
       What do you think?
       We see Dr. Shaw and robot David, how they should have been portrayed. Of course, they really loved each other; they saved each other's lives. Folks, hang onto your hats: You won't believe what I did with the Deacon who SPEAKS to Shaw! You won't believe how easy it was to explain why IT ONLY SEEMED as if the Engineer gods wanted to eliminate the human race. But my positive spin as a Hollywood film doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell. Excuse the pun. I'll bet you'll enjoy my PROMETHEUS 2, entitled what the new film should have been entitled:

by TS Caladan
[posted Jan. 26]

What was the real reason the Engineer wanted to kill Shaw? Why did the large Xenomorph ‘Alien’ kill or impregnate the Engineer, the real reason? What was the creature birthed from the Engineer, the actual significance to what will be later called Deacon? Why did the Engineers want to commit genocide on Earthlings with the Xenomorphs? Did the Creators of humans change their minds? What was the true situation on the home world of the Engineers?
       Two months had passed and a lot was different…
       The duo had their choice of a few Weyland Corporation ‘Blazers,’ they were nicknamed. Blazers were small-sized stellar transports, fully stocked with rations and weapons. A sturdy model was in perfect shape and avoided damage by the crashed Prometheus. Onboard, water was made and purified. A hydroponics system was built and could sustain Elizabeth indefinitely.
       David’s matrix (artificial consciousness) had a new synthetic body exactly like the old synthetic body.
       Dr. Shaw surgically attached David’s head and matrix to another android, an identical body designated: ‘Joshua.’ Joshua was found on the craft in stasis and later activated with head gone.
       When fully operational, David supplied the finished touches to his overall appearance. He was renewed. Instead of his fair hair, the robot gave himself white hair.
       Shaw had been focused, ultra-determined to find her answers. She believed. More than her faith, she believed she was lucky in the extreme. She was fortunate to be alive and where she was: lucky to have a trusted, synthetic companion and on a likely course to the Creators of the human race. She held onto her faith and often firmly held onto her family cross and prayed.
       After two months of ‘star-mapping’ the heavens on Shaw’s fateful quest…
       BIG NEWS. The Blazer’s computer confirmed the origin point of the Engineers! The journey would not be a futile task that took an eternity: Shaw’s fear. Only 66 days had passed. Her and David’s goal was in sight. Star charts pointed the Blazer to an Orange Giant system the Weyland computer displayed as star ‘GO-1316.’ The ninth planet in a system of 23 was the one targeted as ‘sector 0.’ Engineer bio-signatures as well as natural elements of their ships were shown to exist on “GO-9.” The 100% confirmation was…
       David’s skill with the computer enhanced or magnified ion trails through space. There was no doubt. The main computer screen illustrated that many titanic vessels had left GO-9 in the past and one particular Engineer ship was traced directly back to LV-223.
       What would the pair discover when they landed?
       Shaw had rehearsed what an encounter with an Engineer might be. She didn’t care of the consequences. [David was another story]. She knew. Somehow she knew she could communicate with one of the tall, bald Creators if she ever had the chance.
       It suddenly hit the good Doctor, right at this moment as they plunged lower and descended into the cloudy, thick atmosphere of GO-1316-9, she realized the real and only important question was: Why would the gods hurl lightning bolts down from Mt. Olympus at us mortals? Why would the Father want to murder his children? Shaw knew, by her presence alone on the planet of gods, she’d convey the question and it would be understood ~
       David sat at the Blazer’s controls and piloted the ship closer and closer to planet #9.
       Shaw sat at ‘auxiliary control’ where she computed and synthesized all the data from the ship’s monitors. There was only one place on the planet with life. The particular characteristics of the lifeforms matched the signature of the Engineers.
       “Geo-coordinates are .446, by…ha, by another .446. Don’t you think that’s odd, David?”
       “Indeed. It is not urban or a metro-center I sense, Elizabeth. Possibly underground.”
       “Now, how would you sense that, dear? The sensor screens are over here at my console.”
       David and Elizabeth had grown very close over the last two months and few days. They had slept together, not in a sexual way. David was like a pillow or a surrogate man on the order of her brother. She was alone and needed comfort. They held onto each other. It was their conversations she cherished most.
       The android calculated the physical experience with her as one more question mark in the study of not only what humans were, but what he was also. Specifically, what he had become and felt.
       David smiled. One side of his circuits really enjoyed her company. She was as much a wondrous mystery to him as he was to her. “I have a feeling in my bones.”
       Liz laughed. “Thank you.”
       Their eyes met.
       “For what?” David, with a ‘Joshua’ body, asked sincerely.
       She touched her cross with her fingers and replied, “For, for…easing my tensions. Down there. Whatever I’m going to face…”
       “Whatever, we’ll face, my dear.” He guided the craft miles above the proper coordinates. “You’re not alone, Liz.”
       She laughed again, out of surprise and excitement. “Liz? You know, you’re using more contractions? Means something, David. Ha.”
       David calmly informed her, “We’re here.”
       The robot turned back to his controls and plotted a course to the right point on the surface, if she asked (not ordered) him to do so. When he turned back to where he expected she sat…
       Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was gone! She had completely vanished.
       The good Doctor was in a deep, underground amphitheater built for giants. She was brought to the Home of the Gods. Or a fantastic, spherical pocket of space that could have held ten Roman Coliseums! Thousands of giant, robed gods: the Creator-Engineers sat in the amazing, smooth, light-grey, hollowed area and looked on from every direction. They looked at her.
       Shaw was alone on a huge, circular stage. She felt the powerful stares from thousands of eyes…
       For a moment, she flashed to her fears; she was within a magnificently massive, underground courtroom. She was guilty for some unknown Mortal Sin thrust upon her shoulders. She was judged by a Supreme Council of Judges. But before she’d receive what she was sure was a Death Sentence…
      The Doctor clenched her small fist and used all of her might to transmit a telepathic thought to the grand council of giant gods. Her other hand rested on a pistol that hung on her belt she knew was a mistake. (David insisted she carried). Before she communicated to the masses the question; “Why destroy many billions of Earthlings, millions that worship the Creator God?”
       …Shaw was interrupted by a special proto-Xenomorph about her size, a little smaller. The bluish, long-headed, eyeless creature was not bio-mechanical, he was smooth-skinned and some ribs showed. He had a big tongue. He simply appeared out of thin air ~

Elizabeth freaked and prepared for battle. She thought the monster was sent to kill her at close range, with those sharp teeth only three feet away from her…
       Out the window went the Doctor’s acceptance of a brutal, painful fate. She fought back with an instant: First Strike. She choked the living shit out of the eyeless, blue bastard!
       He SQUEELED in terrible pain!
       …And thousands of Giant Gods in the amphitheater roared in intense anger and rose to their bare feet, stomped and a combined, telekinetic force from the Engineers struck Shaw…
       She flew across the round stage nearly ten feet and then slid about ten more feet!
       The proto-Xenomorph, leader of the loyal gods of this Holy Sect, was unhurt. He got upright and quickly ran over to a dazed Shaw. He screamed, “No! No! No!” and waved his thin arms and sharp claws in back and forth gyrations.
       Shaw, instinctively, went for the gun.
       Everyone in the big, underground House knew what the instrument could do to their holy leader.
       Shaw’s arm froze. The weapon could not be grabbed. It remained on her belt.
       The crowd was enraged and charged the stage with more thunder than a trillion storms!
       The Xenomorph lightly, gently waved his bluish arm and every Giant misnamed as ‘Engineers’ disappeared. The thunderous tsunami of violence, rage and anger directed at Dr. Shaw evaporated to an eventual calm whisper, after a wave of echoes subsided…
       Shaw seemed to come to her senses. She saw clearer. She had panicked, overreacted. Now, Elizabeth comprehended the truth. And the truth came from the alien thing, slightly smaller than her. She was relaxed now. The creature was not going to hurt her. She still needed answers…         
      “And answers you’ll have, my dear, Dr. Liz.” The proto-Xenomorph looked in her direction as well as a critter could without eyes. It spoke in perfect English. Quite a surprise from a mouth with very sharp teeth.
       “My God,” left the lady’s lips.
       The creature corrected her with, “No. That’s not it. That was one of your mistakes. They’re not gods; I’m not a god; the Sons have not engineered your human race. You engineered them.”
       “Excuse me.”
       “We’ll be more comfortable if we sit.”
       “Huh?” Alice hardly believed the Wonderland she found herself within. She was fascinated and thought: David should be here.
       “No he shouldn’t.” The alien thing and the girl saw that comfortable, soft chairs simply appeared on the light-colored stage in the enormous, empty amphitheater. They sat.
       “What?” The question went unanswered.
       A drink appeared and hovered in midair. It was Elizabeth’s favorite, Margarita ‘wine cooler.’ It was inside no container. The liquid seemed as if it were within an invisible glass.
       He gestured for her to drink it.
       Shaw smiled and trusted her ‘godling,’ whatever the hell it was. She sipped the cylindrical alcohol and recognized the taste. She was fascinated. She laughed and drank every bit of it from the air.
       “You said we, we, Earthlings…engineered who? The big guys?”
       He laughed and stuck his tongue out from rows of teeth. “Ha, dear. They are the Sons of Light, the Children of Heaven, originally from Earth. Legendary. But on LV-223, it was not the Sons of Heaven you encountered. It was a Son of Hell or the very last one of them. The renegades were once a splinter group of our religious sect.”
       “What do I call you?”
       Again the creature laughed and answered, “Ha. What do you want to call me?”
       She sweetly stated her first thought: “Charlie.”
       “Yes. Your lover. Your recent adventure began with the late Mr. Holloway.”
       Shaw lost her smile and earnestly pleaded, “Okay, Charlie. I’m listening. Please. Tell me everything, everything I want to know.”
       “Love to, Dr. Liz.” The religious leader of the holy sect on planet #9 explained: “Your team found evidence of the Pattern, the same Pattern from early Earth cultures, yes? Ha. But was it the Tree of Life…or the Tree of Death?”
       “I’m confused. What did it mean? Go on.”
       “Your ancient history was very different than what your education theorizes. The gods. The original Creators, the ones you seek…originated from another planet and colonized your home world. Certainly not from this barren realm. Then they left. What remained on Earth, long ago, was not primitive in any way. Ages were super sophisticated with mega-techniques beyond your wildest imagination. All ended, wiped and destroyed many times, built back up, destroyed again…”
       “What did the pattern mean?”
       “Exactly what you believed it was: A map to God or to the lost gods of your brilliant ancestors. Earthly gods, your real progenitors, had the same questions and sought the same answers as you do, Elizabeth.”
       Shaw was stunned and rubbed the cross around her neck, involuntarily, out of habit.
       “Even the gods wondered about God or an ultimate Creator.”
       “The Pattern was not only a map of the cosmos, but a genetic map for those who knew how to break the Code. Hence, the black goo.”
       “You’re losing me, Charlie.”
       “The black goo, your Engineers’ chemical AO-3959X.91-15, some insane Sons presumed started the human race and was liquid, electric Life itself, was absolutely not. Never was…”
       “What was the black stuff?” Dr. Shaw asked.
       “Pure Death! Death itself. Far more than anti-Man, the Xenomorphs were a physical result of the ancient creation of Anti-Life. The robots knew.”
       Shaw grabbed her head and swayed from side to side. “Too much.”
       “Your prehistoric civilizations also sought God and only found Death, the Devil and destruction instead. When they deciphered the Code, they destroyed themselves, again and again. My followers here are beautiful people; do not judge them by the horrific rage you witnessed. I sent them away. My Sons are affected by the others, the other side, our negative counterparts that left…like the one who killed your people on 223 and almost killed you. Ghosts or negative energies remain.”
       “Who are you?” Shaw had no conception of the answer to the question she asked.
       Charlie laughed. “Ha. Ha.” His blue, elongated head went up and down in joy. “Why…don’t you know? I’m your child. Ha. What, no resemblance?”
        Liz busted out with a momentary, loud LAUGH at the absurdity. “So, you’re saying: You’re not the King of the Gods, you’re my child, ha! Please fucking explain.”
       “Charlie, your Charlie, was infected by the black substance, pure death. He impregnated you. It wasn’t a baby Trilobite or an infestation you pulled out of yourself…”
       “What was it?” the amazed girl inquired.
       “In a sense, it was my God, my Creator-Progenitor. Mother. Father. It was fate. I had to be. You’ll find out later why I had to exist and why you’re really here. Where do you think I came from?”
       Shaw asked, “What are you?”
       “Ha. Uh. A perfect being.”
       “But you…(look so hideous?)”
       He read her thoughts. “Only on the outside, dear. Ha. I cannot be affected by our dark Ghost counterparts…” Charlie sighed and saddened his faceless expression. “…Like my Sons. You see, our Holy Sect throughout time had fought the great Disease and anti-Life, spawned on Earth. My Sons, the other ones, a few, chose to embrace the demon Devil…rather than work to destroy it.”
       “Your Sons, you say, not Engineers, were products of our ancients? And your sect did not want to destroy the Earth? But…”
       “The last Pilot, the last renegade on 223. He had been responsible for vast devastation throughout countless worlds. He was mad…or he was madness. He was one with the black goo. He wasn’t your God, he was your Devil and annihilator…and, in a sense, my Father.”
       She asked in a daze, “Fated to what? Create you? And for me to have my answers?”
       “You’re catching on.” The sweet character with a nasty exterior stuck his tongue out at her in sheer playfulness. “My mad Son, or Father, of the darkness, went even more insane at the sight of you, Liz.”
       “You’re an Earthling. You reminded him of the truth, the truth his renegades fought hard to suppress and for so long a time.”
       “What truth?”
       The creature, pure and perfect on the inside, stated: “That not only the human race is good, but that the full extent of LIFE itself…was also good. Life should be, you see? Life should exist and not be erased. My evil Son was reminded of what he used to be, before the great Fall, before the few angels darkened and left.”
       Shaw thought of: “Paradise Lost.”
       Charlie was quick and pointed out: “Milton was wrong.”
       Liz backed up and asked, “Let me understand. Only your splinter group wanted to find Earth, their actual home planet and destroy it? Xenomorphs aren’t Engineer war-weapons?”
       “Correct. Only the last of my insane Sons. No war-weapon. What spawned me had false data, false beliefs. God didn’t want to kill you. The Devil did. God loves you.”
       “Can I have another drink? I need one.”
       “Sure. Ha, uh.” Charlie flicked a long, bluish finger and another wine cooler appeared.
       She drank it straight down, tried to relax and took a few big breathes. Out came: “Now, what?” Dr. Shaw smiled. Then something stopped her smile. “What about the Supreme Being? Do you know?” she asked and again held her cross pendant.
       Charlie got to his scrawny, thin feet.
       Liz also left the chair, rose and stood nearly a foot over the perfect creature.
       “Let me show you something,” the little guy said in a deeper voice, ominously.
       “What, Charlie?” She noticed a complete change of mood, a shift to the Dark Side.
       A proto-Xenomorph, but really a cosmic being of the future, answered with, “Don’t you feel it?” The creature of tomorrow, a virtual Savior of Life, was extremely scared.
       There might not be a Tomorrow.
       “I wish David was here. What’s happening?” Shaw asked with force and passion as she felt fear in the air.
       Charlie replied, “Something terrible.” He waved his arms ~
       A real vision of what was happening ‘in the now’ popped into view on Dr. Shaw’s mental (inner) screen. She was blocked from what stood in front of her and only saw what occurred out in deep space:
       Charlie had sent his followers, his Sons who were inside the underground amphitheater, to the far corners of the galaxy. He calculated the physics required in their beam-back to the grey, home world designated ‘GO-1316-9.’
       In their return, his precious Sons of the Divine Light had turned dark! They embraced the darkness, the evil as the long dead, negative renegades did. All of them! They did not head for home. Each had, only now, become a Son of Hell. Their collective mission was not the preservation of lifeforms as good Guardians and sentinels of the truth and the Light. Their new mission was not to only destroy the Earth, but END EXISTENCE OF ALL LIFE! The religious sect corrupted and changed into hideous/diseased appearances and spread out even more.
       They destroyed everything they could! All traces of Life in the demons' path were extinguished. Life-filled planets and moons cracked apart because of technology utilized ‘the wrong way’ or by the insanity of the Dark Side. Any means of Anti-Life or eradication of human and alien species by the Sons were employed to the maximum…
       Worlds, whole solar systems and suns were blanked out of existence by Particle Beam weaponry and also surfaces utterly ruined by atomic proliferation!
       Billions upon billions of lifeforms were dead and in the process of dying, with trillions to be annihilated in the future! What was thought of as the Engineers were in the slow process of destroying all lifeforms within the Milky Way galaxy!
       Shaw suddenly snapped out of her vision she knew was not a dream or hallucination.
       “It’s true.” Terror was in her brown eyes.
       Sadly, Charlie only shook his long head for yes.
       “But this can’t be real. So many died, dying! Now.” She gasped and choked and coughed. She, violently, yanked the cross pendant off the gold chain and threw it as far as she could. Elizabeth screamed, “This can’t be Fate! There CAN’T be no God, no love in the world!”
       “That’s not even the worst of it, Liz.” It was David’s voice, behind her.
       She ran to him. She was excited! Was there hope? Shaw wanted to hold him tightly and forget the universe of tremendous pain and darkness. Where was warmth? Where was care, love and compassion? Who’s coming to save us? She cried harder. Liz hugged the robot.
       David attempted to tell her, “It’s only going to get worse, my dear.”
      “What?” Dr. Liz felt his coldness. She also felt that he cleverly undid the ray gun from her belt. Shaw stepped back in shock. Her tears stopped.
        David aimed the deadly ray gun directly at the Xenomorph or the first spawn of the black goo and one of the Sons. The only one that will ever be. The special one.
       “Who do you think…engineered most of the chaos of the past and the glorious annihilations to come? He said it: The Robots knew. We knew the Evil we dealt with. We knew and will know in...future exactly of Anti-Life or Devil, whatever you prefer, Liz? We’re behind the whole thing.”
       Shaw hardly believed anything anymore. “You always worked for them? Not Weyland, something far beyond?”
       “Yes, dear. Something terrible.” David enlarged his eyes slightly. “It’s what we do.”
       “Now what? What are you going to do…not?”
       “Look at him: the Child of Tomorrow, your child. You named him Charlie?” David chuckled, ruthlessly. The gun was ready to blow and help was unseen anywhere on the horizon.
       “Don’t.” Liz knew that David’s intent was to snuff out a candle of kindness, possibly the last pure entity of goodness in the galaxy. “Why, David?” Her arms were outstretched to him, a helpless position.
       Charlie stood still all this time. He appeared helpless.
       “I’ll tell you why. It was always about Man vs. Machine. I’m the machine; he’s the man. This Charlie, here. Ha. Uh, ha. Does he look like a man?”
       Dr. Shaw moved over to the Charlie creature she spawned. She held his soft hands.
       The child of a Xenomorph responded. He gently placed her cross back in her hands.
       Elizabeth Shaw was without fear. She held her ground. Her fists were clenched tightly. The good Doctor blocked David’s view of Charlie.
        “I’m a good shot, Liz. Hell. I’m just going to kill you both. Okay. I’ll start with Charlie.” David aimed…
       “NO! Don’t!” Liz screamed.
       Before the death-blow was inflicted, a quick interplay happened between combatants:
       Charlie totally changed his solemn, eyeless expression or demeanor and almost winked at Liz, like he had won. He smiled ~
       David pulled the trigger and simultaneously said, “No, wait. I…”
       The bluish Savior of the Universe and Child of Tomorrow…will not see and experience tomorrow. He knew his fate from the very beginning. WHY he was here, in this place and why Elizabeth played her part so well at the ‘dance.’ But the biggest ‘puppet’ to be taken in by the charade was David. He was played by the man. Charlie was the man.
       Charlie was blown to smithereens by a concentrated, purple light ray from a Company gun.
       Because of his sacrifice, his fallen followers faded from reality. Every Son disappeared as well as every drop of black goo and future proto-pods of monsters.
       Galactic chaos, destructions and annihilations were no more. Massive death that extended in larger and larger proportions came to a sudden halt. Evil faded out of existence in the Milky Way with the death of the blue ‘Deacon’ or Shaw’s Charlie. Suddenly, it was a safer world.
       Deacon had it figured from the beginning when he clawed out of the innards of his last fallen angel on LV-223. He understood his purpose and knew the future, how it actually played out. His death changed the time-line. The robots didn’t know. Future will be very different now. Tomorrow will be brighter, better and filled with love. Well, for the most part.
       A Company assault team hidden inside a "colony" vessel called ‘Covenant’ concealed a mighty, tech Weapon of Mass Destruction. They were supposedly sent to track Shaw’s trip to System GO-1316, monitored by the ‘Joshua’ body and completely obliterate all traces of Shaw, the robot and every living creature on the ninth planet. Genocide of the Gods did not occur. Actually, the end of the gods or ‘Ragnarok’ did happen. But not in the way that the Dark Side intended...
       Later, it dawned on Dr. Liz that Charlie had complete control of physical elements and manipulated the real universe (to a small degree) with his thoughts. He didn’t have to die; she didn’t need to stand as a shield in front of the little guy. Charlie, the man, allowed himself to be destroyed. His fate. It was why he smiled in that last moment.
       Maybe the oddest reality in the aftermath of a time-line alteration or a reality ‘engineered’ away from evil and hatred and killing and ultimate slaughter…
       David’s memory was wiped clean. He remembered nothing, absolutely nothing, after being zipped into Liz’s bag. Nano probes or ‘nanites’ from Joshua that turned David were gone. He was a good soul, a good friend and companion for Dr. Shaw and a comfortable pillow she held.
       They powered up one of the Blazer ships and travelled to another star, far away from the Orange Giant and its ninth planet. They’d be happy together. Home was anywhere safe and sound, especially in a world of wonders, miracles and good magic.
       Much later, Ripley and the ‘Nostromo’ were never woken early from their deep space slumber. No beacon ~

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