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Cindy Kay Currier - Announcing the Heirship Bank!

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Published on Jul 18, 2017
This is a Universal Public Service Announcement.

Heirship Bank:


2 What is going on with Cindy August 2017 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:20 pm


I got burned, insulted and kicked out of Naturalization after I went to the trouble of driving to Virginia. She was harsh to me, in my face, she allowed me to buy her lunch 3 times, I gave her 100.00  frns I worked hard for. She had no sympathy or compassion about my son, who was framed in this county, jailed, my Mother died as a result, we lost a whole house !  My situation, my body in extreme pain due to overwork, in fact she was nasty and curt about me even speaking about my own troubles, even though I am not being a victim, but so she would understand what the population is going through in general. When I asked about the payments which were stated by American Swiss Indo which I had signed the hard copy in June, and the Heirship bank, she cut off the conversation, basically saying no help for me.  The whole trip set me back 500.00 she said I passed her natural Law course with flying colors, yes my name is Cheryl, then renigged days later, because she didnt like the emails I sent, which were actually pleas for help, after kicking me out she said I should search my soul. As far as I am concerned she has no heart and I wonder if she has been cloned because there is no soul inside this entity. She contradicts her own statements on natural law, she eats at McDonalds, I have known since the 80's they are responsible for rainforest devastation, they also have humans in the meat. I had a health food resturant, whole foods model is based on my model. Shepard Spinal Center head nutritionist wanted me to consult to upgrade to a healthy menu for the Hospital. I am also a fine artist, a living master. A film maker and writer, poetess. I have communed with Rolling Thunder aka John Pope, Sun Bear, Roberta Black Goat, chief Jake Swamp, and many more natives who I know in astral adventures and in person real physical, since childhood. I am a mystic of the highest order and have done my discipline, I have unpacked my extra sensories beyond the 5, I see through things, I see intent and through people. At this point I would not recommend Cindy although she has done good research, but the damage she has done to me has taught me to not trust someone who is this flaky. Do at your own judgement and risk.


Welcome Wonders! Thank you for joining and sharing your story about this woman that most here agree is just another wacko scamstress. I am very sorry to hear how you were treated by her. And you are not the first to share such about her rudeness.



Well thanks for the confirmation. I really wanted to align with a group who actually cares about preservation of our planet and I felt she was aligned with that. However, after my personal experience with her, seems there is no real substance in her, too many contradictions in her behavior, or as the kids say a "poser" .The other oddity and questions I had was the UN affiliation, I know all about Agenda 21-30 I know about the genocide program, in fact today I saw a post speaking about something detrimental in India going on and the UN is involved. Cindy insisted there is a good UN, saying it was once called the League of Nations, I cannot find it nor a website and Cindy couldn't give me any real evidence of any benevolent re-purposed or reformed UN. In fact one of her videos linked to the corporatized UN and a blank page at their site. I guess the truth will reveal itself, who is who and what is going on. Many strange things, groups, players... meanwhile we the people have to unravel it and stay afloat in the current corrupted system. As Russell Means said in one of his great interviews " Welcome to the Reservation"  great video if you have the time to listen. After all Natural Law came from indigenous cultures, for me I found much sanity with these friends of mine, my adopted tribes.


Here is another poor sap that believes the Daughter of Earth lol



Good luck to this woman. Hope she has a decent income, because Cindy told me I would have to continue working for FRN's and she proposed I move to that island, then pitched me being her sales person for a newspaper she wanted to start there, she also showed me homes for sale, and a building she wanted to rent for her office, was she inferring I pay for that? IDK? Then Cindy proposed I could make a living as an artist there, well I have been in this business for 30 years, the art market is difficult, one gallery owner, said she managed to pay rent there and make a tiny profit, in a 300sq ft gallery on the Island but I guarantee she is getting a SS check because 2 or 3 sales of 150- 200 $ paintings per mo. will not keep you afloat in USA INC. Apparently she is looking for people who have money or assets, as she states do not come here unless you have money. Cindy talks about living with no money, but gets FRNs from somewhere or people who believe her? She may be living on donations, but how many families or singles could pull that off? Become homeless, starve, believe me when I lost my home in "The Big Short" < watch on Netflix, in 2008 -2011, I got to find how just how far I could get on peoples kindness. I had to sleep in my van, I have had 6 years of hell since, my business fell apart due to the Mortgage backed securities scam. I am re-building my art biz, but I have had to drop my prices by 1/6 because that's all the public can afford. I have been trading for 20 years for my art, with doctors, dentists and various people who would trade, again, nothing new here, but a feat to find and pull off for many services which cannot trade. I was even in a barter club, brilliant but after 7 or 8 years it went belly up. Now at 63 do I want to try to re-invent the wheel and get businesses to use an Heirship Bond note? OMG I dont have the time or energy ! Unless a GCR happens or a way to lift we the people up, in a real way ie; mortgages paid off, access to funds or cards which will sustain us, or collapse of the double booking banks systems I see no way to go forward at this moment. I am exploring, but Cindy did a 180 on her Heirship Bank, proposing we use water warka inventions for getting water, growing our own food, yeah that works LOL.. I am in the woods, hence I will have to kill deer for food, I don't have a gun, lol and not sure I could do that. She asked for farmers to join, wth? So we won't have food unless? I personally cannot go back to the stone age, but would like to see clean tech released. I also know we and our forefathers all generations prior to us paid for all the infrastructure of public utilities, why are we not capturing those back to the people? We the public owned the airwaves, how is it no lawyers or advocates have not stepped up and seized our airwaves back?  Oh and if anyone tries to have any type of discussion about any of these topics with Cindy she will cut you off, delete your comment or just ignore you. Cindy has some splaining to do.. as I said, the truth will come to light. I am not calling her evil, as I believe she tried with good intent, I am saying, she seems to be a mess, out of touch with reality, cold and judgmental.

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