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Anna von Rietz ~ Third Party Claim of Interest and Paramount Security Interest Holder Status plus more

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Third Party Claim of Interest and Paramount Security Interest Holder Status

By Anna Von Reitz

This is the actual structure in terms of organized bodies within the American Government:

The United Colonies of America gives rise to the united States of America (please note that the word "united" is used as an adjective.) --1781

The united States of America gives rise to the unincorporated business doing business as The United States of America.  -- 1787

The United States of America then delegates some of its own delegated power to the United States-- 1789, a foreign corporation chartered under our flag and seal, in order to provide stipulated services and exercise associated delegated powers.  
Because the international treasury functions were delegated, the treasury and accounts of the actual United States of America, Unincorporated, were founded in 1789 as the United States Treasury, so it remains to this day.

So now we have The United States of America, Unincorporated, in charge of all the retained and reserved powers in international jurisdiction, and we have the United States--- chartered under the auspices of The United States of America, Unincorporated---operating under contract to provide the "federal" services. 

Along comes the Great Fraud which began in earnest during the so-called Civil War--- and things get changed around. 

The United States begins operating its Territorial functions as a corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America"--- Incorporated.  This incorporated franchise of the Territorial United States is deceptively named after The United States of America, Unincorporated, but is not the same, nor even the same kind of entity at all.

Using this deceptively similar name, the perpetrators pass their incorporated Territorial impostor off as the actual government, obtain credit under conditions of fraud, and in 1907 announce to their creditors that "The United States of America"--- Incorporated, that is, is bankrupt.

The creditors leaped at the chance to secure an "apparent" claim to the land assets of the actual United States of America, Unincorporated, and acting under color of law and in collusion with the British Territorial United States Government benefiting from this fraud, seized title to our land as "surety" for the bankruptcy of their foreign Territorial corporation dba The United States of America, Inc.

In fact, The United States of America, Inc., never had any valid claim upon the land and resources of The United States of America, Unincorporated, but the people were not told a word about any of these cozy arrangements between the British Territorial United States and the colluding banks.

It was this foreign bankruptcy of a British Territorial Government under contract to provide services to our actual government that also allowed the perpetrators of this fraud to set up the "Federal Reserve System". 

Next, the Municipal United States created by the Territorial United States to govern Washington, DC and the District of Columbia, sets up yet another incorporated doppelganger calling itself "the United States of America"--- Incorporated---- note that the only change was the switch from "The" to "the". 

The Congress promptly hypothecated huge amounts of debt against this new corporate storefront "in the name of" the actual states and people, and in 1933, they bankrupted it, and again pretended that their incorporated look-alike, sound-alike governmental services corporation was the actual government owed to this country. 

Having already created a fraudulent title to and having exercised a false claim of debt against our land assets being held as a surety for the debts of their "The United States of America, Inc." franchise, they next proceeded to lay equally specious claims against our private property--- our homes, our businesses, our labor, our copyrights, our trademarks, even our given names.   And all of our property was again rolled up by the bankruptcy trustees of this foreign Third Party corporate bankruptcy, held as "surety" for its debts, and "removed" by the self-serving British Territorial United States one by one to Puerto Rico for "safekeeping". 

In fact, all of this is just bare-faced commercial fraud against their employers, the actual American states and people doing business as The United States of America, Unincorporated. 

While entrusted to perform nineteen enumerated services for us, they trespassed and usurped upon our authority, stole our identity like any credit card thief, charged our credit into the stratosphere, and then sought bankruptcy protection for themselves, leaving us indebted and putting our assets at risk to pay their debts. 

This is what has actually happened in America over the past 150 years, and now this "game" is at an end and the tables are turned, because the actual states and living people have awakened and returned to the land jurisdiction of their birth and they are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of all Municipal and Territorial corporations.  

The people slept trustingly on for another four decades, deceived by all the legal name chicanery and not aware of the difference between incorporated and unincorporated entities.

In 1953 our land was finally released from the 1907 bankruptcy.  Instead of returning it to us, and to our states, the British-controlled  perpetrators pretended that we were "absent" and that we "abandoned" our land assets.  The Trustees --the same British-backed "United States Congress" responsible for this situation in the first place, put our state land assets into land trusts, benefiting the Territorial United States and its "State of State" franchises as the presumed beneficiaries. 

How nice.  They continued to collect "property taxes" from the actual landlords under these false pretenses, and proceeded to rack up new "hypothecated debt" against our land assets--- something that they never had any valid interest in, in the first place.

When the second bankruptcy settled in 1999, they repeated this performance -- failing to mention the circumstance to the victims of these crimes, they "presumed" that we were "missing" and lost at sea, and that our ESTATES were all abandoned and chattel property belonging to the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. 

Via this surreptitious and criminal process of presuming the political status and condition of other people, and then also making false claims against their property assets and credit, these criminals hoped to pull off the greatest heist in human history, and lay claim to all the assets in the world for themselves--- a once and for all Grand Slam Fraud that would leave them in permanent control of the entire planet. 

However, the one thing that the perpetrators never anticipated was that the living people would wake up and claim back their purloined property, their landlord status, and their proper identities as the long-lost Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of virtually every Territorial and Municipal corporation on Earth. 

As this properly affirmed and recorded testimony concludes, the impossible has happened by the grace of God and the long-lost landlords and heirs have returned home. 

Any debts owed by any secondary and merely presumed Beneficiaries must be discharged and set aside and our material assets of all kinds, our copyrights, trademarks, land patents, and all other elements of our estates must be returned without further attempts to obfuscate this circumstance and released to the actual American states and people, dba  United States of America, Unincorporated, since 1783.

In the past the perpetrators have attempted to excuse their actions by saying that they were "at war" and that these felonious activities were excused under the "law of necessity", but upon further research and consideration, it turns out that there was no declaration of war commencing the American Civil War and no peace treaty ending it---- rendering it not a war, but an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores--- and the circumstance then shows that no body acting "as" the United States Congress since that time has had any actual ability to declare war nor even a valid state of emergency.

Their excuses are as fraudulent as their activities against their employers and the actions they have taken "in our names" against many other innocent people worldwide.

We accordingly bring this Third Party Claim against all assets belonging to the Territorial and Municipal United States, their corporations, their franchises and subsidiaries, as well as all public trusts, escrows, insurance and pension funds, stocks, bonds, accounts, derivatives, copyrights, trademarks, land titles, public buildings, public lands, and other assets entrusted to their care. 

We request that in view of the long history of deliberate and self-interested fraud against their employers, and their recent attempts to additionally put us in debt and sell off our assets for their own benefit --all actions undertaken in gross Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract--- that the corporate veil should be removed and the purloined assets together with all benefit thereof should now be transferred to the American states and people to whom these assets naturally belong.

We note that the Territorial United States recently made an additional false claim against our assets in the form of a bond issued against gold in the ground in seven western states, based on a treaty agreement to pay gold tribute to the British Monarch included in The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 and Treaty of Versailles that same year; however, the British Monarch has been operating in Breach of Trust since 1822 with respect to both of these treaties and has not, therefore, been eligible to receive such tribute ever since. 

As these bonds were issued against our assets without our knowledge or consent by a Third Party which has Dishonored its Treaties with us since 1822 and which has no valid interest in or authority over our material assets, we request that additional measures be taken to retrieve these bonds and make restitution. 

So we say and stake our claim and provide our testimony upon, by, and through the public record of the Alaska State, the World Court and the Office of the Prosecutor thereof, The United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and the International Bankruptcy Court, without the United States and under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of the United States of America, Unincorporated, we affirm this testimony is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief this _______ day of September 2017 and Witness and Affirm this Claim by our signatures, hands, and seals:


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New Assignment For the GCR Committee

By Anna Von Reitz

Having reviewed the many known evils of basing our currency systems on the value of any standard commodity, we, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Municipal and Territorial Corporation and franchise on this planet, including the UN Corporation, request that the GCR Committee come up with a Starting Total Trade Value for all known traded commodities and all labor assets as of September 1, 2017.  The purpose of this calculation is to provide a basis for issuance of a new global currency denominated as a tiny fraction of  the Total Trade Value.  This new currency based on our collective commodity and labor assets is being issued into a competitive  free market and not intended to displace any viable national currency, but merely to offer an asset-based alternative to conventional asset-based currencies which in our opinion are too subject to manipulation, scarcity, inelasticity, exclusivity, and other ills. 

Let us simply address the background for this request for the benefit of those uneducated in the subject.

Commodity markets (and commodity-based currencies) are subject to supply and demand, futures selling and trading, seasonal variations, hoarding, market speculation and manipulation, and insider trading.  Money is itself a commodity, which competes in the global marketplace, and rises or falls dependent upon ephemeral factors such as "perceived value" and "public opinion" and attacks by counterfeiters. 

Always, producers of a commodity enjoy very decided advantages over investors in commodities, as producers have a direct ability to influence supply, demand, price, and even future price offerings--- factors that consumers and non-producer investors cannot influence or profit from.  This at the very least creates a severely tilted playing field.

Also, we note that whoever has the most of "the" standard commodity in an asset-based currency system enjoys an unparalleled advantage over all others doing business within that system.  It doesn't matter if we are talking about Arabian oil or Chinese gold or American silver--- whoever owns the most of that particular commodity backing a particular currency has a decided and unfair and unassailable advantage in the marketplace.

We, Americans, (as opposed to United States Citizens with whom we are constantly confused) have always used silver as our preferred commodity to back our asset-based currency known as the United States Silver Dollar and we hereby announce our intention to continue to issue and use our traditional national silver-backed currency, however, we tire of the spectacle of what are essentially rigged storefronts and rigged markets that are designed to exclude people throughout the rest of the world who don't have gold or silver or oil in abundance from an equal participation in both trade and commerce. 

Like all non-producing investors in specific commodities markets--peas, soybeans, cotton, or whatever--- these people and their countries are crippled and dependent upon whatever winds of fortune blow upon commodities they don't possess---gold, silver, platinum, oil, etc., and can't influence and which leave no options that include them as producers.  That is, the absence of a world currency that takes into account all commodities and all labor resources means that producers of all other commodities aren't able to fully or safely participate in the world's currency markets, which then also cripples their participation in the global economy as a whole.  

Our initiative is designed to provide everyone on Earth a safe haven and means of investment in a currency based on assets they and their country produce.  The issuance of this new universal currency, called the True Value Dollar, TVM or TRU (trademarked by the unincorporated United States of America) marks the beginning of an open world economy and world market, one in which actual value is traded for actual value, and in which everyone is a producer unimpeded by any natural lack of any specific standard commodity such as oil, gold, silver, etc. 

The True Value Dollar will be issued through licensed, regulated, and bonded cryptocurrency providers, as well as being made available through our international trade and commercial banks.  We await the GCR Committee's findings and request that they carefully consider our position and our objections to returning to the same kind of corrupt 19th century commodity-backed currency system as our great-grandfathers left behind.  We object to any such unmoderated system of single asset-backed currencies, not for any lack of silver or fear for our long-established currency, but because we already know the evils and limitations of such currency markets and have no need to learn the same lessons all over again

These single asset-backed currencies and the markets dependent on them are patently unfair to over five billion people, and a full 1.2 billion of the world's poorest people are unable to thrive, compete, come to market, access banking services and have currency options that respect and reflect their status as producers. 

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Important Notice Regarding Territorial Claims

By Anna Von Reitz

What follows is a letter for public knowledge, though the name of the addressee is withheld for obvious reasons.  I wish everyone worldwide to know the content of our objections.  

Dear M ----

It is with real consternation that I have learned this day of the issuance of a $100 trillion dollar bond against assets in seven western American states, specifically gold in the ground, that the Queen's Territorial United States Government claims is theirs as a result of The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783---- and that the same parties responsible for this, have used my name in vain and claimed (falsely) that I agreed with and authorized this. 

The Queen's Government has been in breach of trust since 1822 and has never been owed a single gram of our gold, produced or in the ground, ever since. 

You are perhaps in a better position than most to understand the implications of the guile and depravity of the British Crown and the Territorial Government in making such a claim against us and against our assets. long after any such obligation on our part was severed by their own greed and Breach of Trust. 

As a matter of fact, they have not had a commercial contract of any kind with us since April 2014, and it is patently ridiculous that this claim was made by anyone or honored by anyone. 

You may share my extreme displeasure with the Pope and with other Higher Contracting Powers and be assured that the American Government has no intention of disturbing a centimeter of soil to access any such gold for HRM much less delivering it to her creditors.

To those who have funded this bond against our asset without our knowledge and permission, I say that you are guilty of fraud.  The Queen's Territorial Government is not welcome to make such claims and the consideration of all billings must be made on a case by case basis subject to fully disclosed agreement and wet-ink signatures under seal. 

At this point, the American Bar Association and its members are under a $279 trillion dollar lien for their part in British predation and inland piracy upon the trusting Americans--- all of it done under color of law and in Breach of Trust. 

I need not mention that Our Father is as intensely displeased as I am with these and other actions taken even after those responsible have confessed their guilt and pleaded for mercy and promised to reform in exchange for their lives. 

Let their reforms be genuine or their lives will be forfeit.

Night before last in Rome, twelve of the Draconian Lords met in secret and I observed their meeting.  They discussed among themselves how they have run up the stock market and the gold prices preparatory to collapsing both and leaving the world in chaos.   

Certainly you know that this is all unacceptable in the extreme, and contrary to our agreement to hold these individuals harmless in consideration of their professed reform and cooperation. It is also extremely naive and disrespectful toward me and my embassy.

These and other indications of double-dealing and Bad Faith have left me no choice but to order the activation of VAXX.  If there are any further infractions against the peace or false claims against American assets, any moves to collapse the stock market, or threats from UN Corporation troops, those responsible will be removed.  Permanently. 

[ltr]See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website[/ltr]
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Get on with the 'REMOVAL' part. It's easy enough to tell when those verman are lying, it's when their mouths are open. They've had their chance and made their choice... get it done and let's move on!!!

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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