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Steve Beckow 9-16-12… “Much Ado About NESARA: An Update”

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Steve Beckow 9-16-12… “Much Ado About NESARA: An Update”

Posted on 2012/09/15

I felt this article by Steve Beckow
was worth putting out here. I have felt all along that the so-called
Libya incident was completely manufactured (by “the cabal”) in an
attempt to delay something, cause chaos, etc., etc., etc. And that
something was likely NESARA. But the article by Steve formulates what is
going on with the prosperity programs upcoming soon, to a theater and
home near you…


Much Ado About NESARA: An Update

NESARA is ready for introduction, apparently, and is just awaiting
the right moment. At the same time, lower-level members of the cabal,
not in containment, are causing as much mayhem as they can and their
latest wrench in the works – an anti-Muslim movie – has caused a short
interruption. But we’re told matters will soon be back on track.

Perhaps you’re aware, as I’ve been, that it’s been very, very quiet
recently, aside from the outbreak of violence in the Middle East. This
may have been because we were on the verge of NESARA’s introduction.
Let’s review what has been said about NESARA recently. Obviously as much
as possible, the people readying necessary are not hanging signs out
their windows. But we have been given hints.

For instance, on Sept. 6, 2012, St. Germain delivered a message in
poetry through Valerie Donner, which in essence said that the cabal was
finished and NESARA was right in front of our eyes:

“Can’t you see their faces? We washed all the dirty laundry, and we still have a few more things to do to improve their places.

“I’m telling you now that the whole of it is right in front of us.” (1)

On Sept. 10, on An Hour with an Angel, I asked Sanat Kumara, who is the Planetary Logos, if NESARA would be announced on Sept. 11, 2012.

SB: NESARA was due to be announced on September 11th, 2001. Now, to
my way of thinking, if I were a member of the highest universal council,
I would choose September 11th, 2012 to announce NESARA. Is there any
possibility that NESARA will be announced tomorrow?

SK: There is always a possibility of that, and you know it to be true. (2)

On Sept. 14, in a personal reading, Archangel Michael revealed that
in fact NESARA “was intended to begin, as you have guessed, on 9/11. And
there has been disruption, as you know. There has been disruption with
the bombings in the Middle East [the embassy attacks]. So it is… it is a
brief interruption, not a long interruption.”

I asked him how people could be in containment and still act out and
he revealed that the disruption is coming from low levels of people not
in containment.

“The disruption is twofold. One, it is those who have not [been put
in containment] and we are talking rather low levels, actually, so do
not look for massive conspiracies. Although we do know that there are
some, even as they were not in containment, who would love to take
advantage of such chaos. But what it is doing is bringing to the
forefront the collective choice to say, ‘No more.’” (3)

Let’s have a look at what mostly SaLuSa tells us about that progress
since it’s he among our sources who reports most often on matters like

SaLuSa acknowledges the tediousness of waiting and the activity behind the scenes.

“We know that waiting for significant events that you expect any day
now can be tedious, but you will have your day of satisfaction and
excitement. You can after all see evidence around you of the changes,
and even more is going on that is not apparent.” (4)

SaLuSa said on Sept. 14 that “until the dark Ones are removed they
will still try to interfere with your progress, believing that somehow
they will still succeed. They will learn that they have little power
left and cannot return to their previous level of control.” (5) Some
time back, he assured us that “the weight of evidence against those who
have corrupted the banking system is overwhelming.” (6)

On Sept. 12, he observed that “the fact that much is happening in
your world has not gone unnoticed, and for those who are just awakening
to it, it seems that chaos reigns.”

“Your traditional trusted institutions such as your banks are being
seen for what they really are, but as yet the answers to their problems
have not surfaced. However, the plans to cover such an eventuality as
their collapse have been formulated. As with much of our allies work, it
is ready to be implemented and waiting the right opportunity to be
introduced. The old corrupt system will not be retained, and the new one
is receiving support for the far reaching changes that it will bring.”

His comment that “it is ready to be implemented and waiting the right
opportunity to be introduced” lines up with Archangel Michael’s
statement that its introduction was disturbed by the anti-Muslim actions
of Terry Jones and others and the reaction of Middle-Eastern

Sanat Kumara told us in An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 10 a
little about NESARA and India. He said that “NESARA will be coming
through the, what you think of as the, parliamentary system in India, so
that it will not cause massive dislocation.” (8) He then discussed how
NESARA was in part designed to correct instances of oppression like the
caste system. He remarks that followed were as applicable to the rest of
the world as they were to India:

“Now, you see the breaking of that wall, and if you do not, then come
with me and I will show it to you. And what you think of as NESARA, it
may not appear exactly as you think, but it will appear, and there will
be equalization. Because when you are entering into a reality — and
understand, this is one of the guideposts that is saying you are
shifting dimensions — so it is fitting, because we do not wish to create
complete breakdown and chaos, because that will result in fear, that
will result in rioting, that will result in injury. So that would simply
feed the old third.” (9)

SaLuSa tells us something very similar: that the financial wing of the cabal has fallen apart and won’t be resurrected.

“The financial wing of the cabal has … fallen apart, and it will not be
allowed to be resurrected in its old format. In fact as fast as they
plug one hole another appears elsewhere, and in the end a new system
will be the only answer. As the old one falls apart so it is revealing
the extent of malpractice and corruption that has taken place for a very
long time. So do not worry about the continuing problems, because at a
future date not so very far away it will change for the better.” (10)

He tells us that the old banking system is soon to become defunct,
giving the Earth allies the green light to introduce NESARA. We are now
very near to that point.

“The developments in the financial sector will show that whatever
they do now, they cannot return to the old ways and will have to accept
vast changes. We are at a point when the only answers are for the big
Banks to accept the new set up that is ready to be installed. There is
nowhere to go that will allow them to resurrect the old system, and it
will soon become defunct. That will effectively give our allies the
green light to go ahead and introduce the new one.” (11)

He tells us that “the Oil Industry fights against [the] introduction
[of free energy], but it is the way forward and progress cannot be
stopped. In time none of the old polluting fuels will be used, and
everyone will benefit from clean and efficient methods, that most
importantly will include new means of transportation.” (12)

He reminds any that may feel their jobs will be lost that NESARA will take care of that:

“For those presently employed in those industries we must tell you
that your future will be secure. By that time everyone will have
benefitted from the new financial systems, and the re-distribution of
wealth will ensure that the loss of jobs will not affect your position. …

“For those presently employed in those industries we must tell you
that your future will be secure. By that time everyone will have
benefitted from the new financial systems, and the re-distribution of
wealth will ensure that the loss of jobs will not affect your position.

“Indeed, re-location and help for people out of work due to any
circumstances at all, will mean an acceptable standard of life that will
cover your needs.” (13)

He points to a period of time, which will be short, that’s needed to enact all the changes.

“There is naturally a certain period of time required to carry out
all of the changes, but they will happen quite quickly. We have fully
prepared for all eventualities, and the basis for the changes has
already commenced that is establishing the right structure that will
allow us to go ahead.” (14)

He predicts the break-up of the big banks after NESARA.

“It is clear that the old system must be totally changed, and
currently the banks are far too big and powerful. Ultimately they must
be reduced in size and made more accountable to the people they serve.”

He reveals that debts will be forgiven except where money is owed for
services rendered. But even there, NESARA will provide us with the
wherewithal to pay for those services.

“By far the biggest problem is debt, and the giving of more bail-outs
only compounds the situation that now exists and threatens total
collapse. That however is a blessing in disguise, inasmuch that the
position is irretrievable and we have the solution which they will be
forced to accept. There is no other way than debt forgiveness for all of
those countries that have had to take crippling loans. It can then be
extended to many personal situations, but not where money is owed for
services rendered.” (16)

He reminds us not to jump the gun but to take matters as they come.

“We ask you to now take matters on a day to day basis, as very soon
many problems that beset you now will have been solved by the planned
changes. Abundance and prosperity will soon answer your various needs,
and eventually you shall want for absolutely nothing at all.

Much is to follow after Ascension, but equally your desperate needs
will be seen to as soon as possible We are fully aware of what we need
to do to make you happy and able to rest in peace, by knowing that we
are authorized to do so.” (17)

As with Disclosure, so with NESARA, the lower-level remnants of the
dark forces, who are not in containment, have obstructed the start-up
date. But that obstruction will only prove short-lived. Everything
needed for NESARA is, as I understand it, in place and simply awaiting
the right moment for introduction.

In the meantime, we’re encouraged to wait patiently and not to take
actions before its introduction. After we’ll have the abundance we need
to live fulfilling lives and have the freedom to prepare for Ascension,
which is now less than 100 days away.

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