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Trump Weighs in on Oprah Presidential Run plus more

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Trump Weighs in on Oprah Presidential Run

By Matt | Contributor | January 9, 2018 2:12PM
Oprah’s presidential ambitions can officially be declared dead after a mere two days of life.
Perhaps “ambitions” aren’t an appropriate term, because Oprah never actually expressed any interest in running. Rather, she gave a speech on sexual harassment in Hollywood at the Golden Globe Awards (while mentioning Harvey Weinstein by name a total of zero times) that apparently was considered by the media to be presidential.
It didn’t take long for liberals to embrace a multi-billionaire TV star, eh? She’s not quite as rich as Trump, but she would be the second wealthiest president elected if she ever ran and won. Regardless, that’ll never happen, because Oprah herself said so. A source close to her had sobering news for liberals, saying, “It’s not happening. She has no intention of running.”
Even so, the media had fun discussing the possibility, and welcomed the fluff to help fill the 24/7 news cycle. And now, President Donald Trump has weighed in on the whole affair.
“Oprah would be very fun. I know her very well,” he said when asked about her running. While he indicated that he thinks he’d win a race against her, he only had positive comments. “I did one of her last shows. She had Donald Trump — this is before politics — her last week and she had Donald Trump and my family, it was very nice,” he said.
He expressed doubt that she’d run at all, though.
Interestingly enough, during an interview with Larry King in 1999, Trump said Oprah would be his first pick at a vice-president if he ever were to run. “She’s popular, she’s brilliant, she’s a wonderful woman,” he said at the time. “It would be a pretty good ticket.”

Ivanka Trump has also praised Oprah recently. Following her Golden Globes speech, Ivanka said that the speech was “empowering and inspiring.”

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For those who take, literally, anything these players say - stop and ask your self why. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever as it appears to be.


That's all we need, a fat black Democrat talk show host for president...........who believes in global warming.........but she will be the darling of those touchy feely Democrats..........who deep down........long for a Joseph Stalin type of government..........comrades in lockstep........

Sorry I just got back from 2 weeks in Costa Rica..........and I am now tanned and rested........

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