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Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism

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1 Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism on Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:58 pm



Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism
Thanks to:

Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism

Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism
Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism –  autism spectrum, also known as autistic spectrum, autism spectrum, autism or the Short Name, is sequencing syndromes that have a clear common denominator with classic autism. All syndromes are called jargon too pervasive developmental disorder.

In the past, the spectrum was divided L”aotizm Classic “and various phenomena mentioned it, but now classic autism and some of those symptoms are considered L”aotizm”, while another part of the phenomena is not considered more autism. DSM before, called the DSM-IV generalized spectrum, alongside autism classic the Asperger Syndrome and disturbing the social Pervasive Developmental not associated with (PDD-NOS) “, as alongside
Tourette’s syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), despite Ssiicotn spectrum was less obvious .
Autism is not a specific disease are a number of symptoms diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. There are some doctors diagnosed ADHD syndrome Asfbrgr part of the spectrum Haotisti.aotizm overall situation is characterized by many: lack of social competence, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviors and introverted.

Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism – some types of autism are considered to be the product of a lack of protein (or too low amount) Ando Knboaidi type are naturally in our bodies and they are their equivalent plant world are the T Hitz C. and CIA me enough. This is true for a few more dances that are not related to autism. Many research institutions in place because of the relationship between material Hknboaidi we have in our body to that medical cannabis is likely to effectively treat autism resulting from this can be compensated in treating medical cannabis.
Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism -btifol through many donations of medical cannabis symptoms of autism are considered less desirable, for example: self-injury, destruction of property, panic attacks, aggression and tantrums.
A study done in 2013 on the effects of the system Hanknboaidit autism found many effects at the level of neurons leads to a reduction in behaviors unwanted described examinee. The study relies on a second study in the same year and studied the effects on different areas of the brain of the active ingredients of cannabis and how they impact positively on candidates with autism.
Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism – US research team found in 2013 the relationship between medical cannabis active ingredients for the bodies of children who are dealing with autism. Because of the known relationship between the immune system active substances of medical cannabis and the relationship of the immune system appears autism in children Ask the authors examine whether strengthening the immune system of a child is able to curb the phenomenon of autism in children diagnosed with levels Knboaidim lower body and brain (mostly). the study was done at the Department of Pharmacology at the university of Nepal described autism as a disorder neurological developmental induced genetic reasons and environmental issues that affect the body. the team explains shown autism as a lack of regulation and immune system cells in our blood Had behaving differently in children who are dealing with autism.
The researchers took a group of children who are dealing with autism and a group of children “healthy” and compared the CB2 protein count in the group with autism to that of the group “Creation” using medical marijuana.
Set investigating team would be expected due to the increase in protein associated with the regulation of this behavior can be viewed at the moment with autism and relieving treatment.
Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism – there are many studies that focus on the medicinal properties of medical cannabis in the treatment of autism. Many studies have focused on protein activity and CB2 receptors CB1 known as the effect of these proteins to the immune system and cellular activity of cells in the body.

Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism – the stories of children who struggle with autism and use medical marijuana stands out a whole story Sam boy of eight from the United States and how medical marijuana has improved his life. Lifestyle of Sam and particularly unwanted behaviors such as screaming, kicking and spitting measured to understand the change in future medical cannabis make the life of Sam. the experiment that started in 2008 brought to an end following conclusions about the life of Sam after treatment of autism with whom he deals using medical marijuana and the conclusions are: medical cannabis took a significant amount unwanted behaviors and helped Sam to raise quality his life. Sam’s parents testified that Sam seems happier before medical cannabis therapy and noted the following improvements in the three categories of great improvement, improvement of medium and little improvement.
A big improvement Sam’s parents documented: a significant decline in tears for no reason, a significant decrease in anxiety attacks, a significant drop lack of cooperation.
Moderate improvement Sam’s parents found improvement in the way Sam share this he is happy, improvement in dealing with sudden ions schedule and more.
Improving Moat- recorded Sam’s parents: better learning abilities, better social behavior towards classmates and others.
Sam’s case the trial was stopped after six years in 2014 after the parents of Sam and all the surroundings have been convinced long ago the plant’s medicinal properties of cannabis and how they helped Sam to flourish. Today Sam medical cannabis use between 4 to 6 times a week, especially in the late afternoon. Bassam treatment using medical cannabis during these six years, Sam helped build social relationships and grow a happy boy who suffers fewer unpleasant symptoms that accompany autism.
As can be seen from the case of Sam medical cannabis treatment has improved the quality of his life and his parents and helped them:

Medical Cannabis is Healing Autism – conclusion can review the information we provide and see that medical effect can be affections so much with autism, through the merits of medical marijuana and its active ingredients we can

cope with autism. Most studies have focused on receptors CB1 and CB2, the protein due to impact much on the body and in this case the immune system and the body’s nervous directly related to autism. We have also seen how the studies support the use of cannabis to treat autism or rather treat symptoms, especially unwanted behavioral autism appear. Medical cannabis has been shown to decrease aggression and anxiety in autistic and affects different social behaviors for the better.


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