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Kp Message 2-10-18

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1 Kp Message 2-10-18 on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:18 am



Kp Message 2-10-18… “The Being-ness of me is having Challenges… with 3D Earth Happenings, Disclosure, and…”

Posted on 2018/02/10 by Kauilapele
Yes, that’s right. Yes I DO post things about all those things in the title up there, but I am having some challenges with all of it.
3D Earth happenings… Just watched bits and pieces of a super long Jerome Corsi video group discussion of this memo, that memo, which leads to this and that and that and this. There was another one by Roy Potter earlier that kind of felt the same to me. There was nothing there I felt was “mine” to hear.
Disclosure… I looked at the Conscious Life Expo website (now going on in LA. 2/9 – 2/12). Tonnes of speakers, surely a lot of neat people. But no interest whatsoever in participating in any way shape or form. Yes, there’s online live streaming options (David Wilcock trilogy is “only” $144… for live streaming? Come on!!), but for some reason, this year, I feel no attraction to any of it.
I’m sure many others feel the same, I’m sure many feel differently. I do not care about that.
Is there a point to all this? Maybe yes, maybe no. I can tell you that the only way I’m really getting involved in things is if they DEEPLY resonate… within. That’s it.
Sometimes the BEingness of me wants to just “rant” a bit about all that. As I’ve realized I’m primarily here to work with energies, and Inner Guidance, all this 3D earth happenings stuff, as fascinating as it can be, means nothing to my BEingness. This “Disclosure” deal… it’s already happened for me. Disclosure is an inside job. That’s the main thing I’ve learned… for me.
I mean, so what if “Trump this, Trump that”, “Memo this, memo that”, “Pleiadeans this, Pleiadeans that”, “Blue Avians here, Blue Avians there,” “Emery dissected this little ET, Emery dissected that big ET” … I mean, come on… That’s just not such a big deal to me anymore. Not at all.
Maybe I need a vacation (really?… a vacation from Hawaii?)… Yes, that’s right. Maybe that’s the deal.
Anyway, no matter what’s going on with this post, I feel it helps to put them out there. Maybe it just helps me, maybe it helps one or two others… I don’t know. The energies overall feel very “explosive”, and perhaps I’m just “exploding” little inner things (like popping those bubble wrap bubbles right now.
That’s all for now.
Aloha all, Kp

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